The effect of yoga on your parasympathetic nervous system

The effect of yoga on your parasympathetic nervous system

The effect of yoga on your parasympathetic nervous system

Today is an excellent day to be alive and work on yourself – this is an affirmation and motivation to get out of bed every morning! Naturally, one of the best ways to remind yourself that life is something to be enjoyed each day is through the practice of yoga.

What’s even better and more beneficial for your well-being is the fact that yoga has been shown to improve the parasympathetic nervous system. This network of nerves has the role of relaxing your whole body after experiencing stress or danger. So when you practise asanas that benefit the parasympathetic nervous system, you relax your body and practise mindfulness too. For all those looking to achieve physical and emotional balance, you have come to the right place because today, we are looking into the effects of yoga on your physical and psychological well-being.

parasympathetic nervous system

The effects of stress and anxiety

In today’s world, it is increasingly more difficult to start working on yourself and on improving your parasympathetic nervous system. The reason for this is the society that we live in. It seems that stress and anxiety have become a part of our everyday lives, and to top it all off – people accept that fact! However, this is a state where nothing good can come out of it. You might start experiencing loss of sleep, loss of appetite, loss of concentration, and more.

Eventually, this will reflect on your day-to-day emotional response and overall mental well-being. In this case, instead of turning to the fight or flight response to the happenings of everyday life, you can focus on pushing the stress and anxiety away. The best way to do this is through mindfulness and yoga (breathing and meditation), so let’s dive right into it and see how you can help yourself!

vagus nerve
  • The vagus nerve

    One last stop before we proceed, there is one thing you should keep in mind at all times – the vagus nerve. This is the main nerve within your parasympathetic nervous system. The interesting thing is that it has a few core functions, including overlooking the digestion, respiratory rate, heart rate, reflex action, and immune system. So, when the body and mind are both compromised, only one thing can signal to you that something is wrong, and it is the vagus nerve.

    Even though the actions of the vagus nerve are not voluntary, and you cannot control them, you can at least do your best to focus your energy on something that can improve your overall well-being.

  • How can yoga help you?

    So, after we have established the power of yoga over the body and mind, let’s go into specifics:

    It can calm down your mind and release stress – when it comes to stress and anxiety, you may find yourself feeling them constantly at a certain point. One of the main reasons why people are turning to yoga is because it can significantly lower chronic stress. Since stress is the perfect breeding ground for various physical and psychological ailments, turning to yoga is the way to go! You get to improve your mood, control your emotions, and lower the hormone stress levels.

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  • Helps you keep your focus – you can work both on your fight or flight response and calming your body down. With the help of yoga, you can turn to maintain your mind sharp while giving yourself the relaxing deep breaths you need. Let’s just say that your stress and mindfulness levels will be in order, and the body will comply.
  • Reduce your pain levels – you might be one of those who indulge in a sedentary lifestyle or simply have a desk job requiring full attention. In any case, when the body is not active for a longer period, muscles may start getting stiff, and you might start experiencing pain. This is only one of the many pains that practising yoga can help you get rid of. Yoga has the power to keep the body active, strong, and happy, and this way, you can prevent an accident or any pain from invading your body.
  • Promote self-awareness – other than the fight or flight response; yoga can promote self-awareness and does it on the highest level. The nervous system may become overloaded as the days pass, and you might notice it when it is too late. Practising yoga regularly can help you focus on yourself and can help you build a strong sense of self too. After a while, you will start enjoying a new version of yourself – a happier one! Your brain will be thankful that you have started nurturing every aspect of your being with only one activity.
  • Overall well-being – let’s be honest – yoga makes you feel better even after only one class. The parasympathetic nervous system is an important part that you should focus on. That being said, practising yoga daily allows you to experience the happiness and strength you deserve. Once you start, you will notice how your self-confidence grows with each passing day. Enjoy your reasoning and problem-solving skills while keeping your stress and anxiety levels at a minimum.

The abundant benefits of yoga can be something you experience today – the significant benefits to the mind and the body make this an activity you should not miss. So don’t look for any excuses, include it in your daily routine now. Jump on your yoga mat and begin!

Hope you found this information insightful! We are always happy to provide you with mindful and nurturing content, dedicated to elevating your overall well-being. If you liked this article, feel free to browse through our blog.

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