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Loka Yoga School
​Courses & Retreats​

Loka Yoga offers International 200-hour yoga teacher training courses, specialised Yin Yoga courses and retreats for adventure, luxury and corporate retreats. You have a unique opportunity to study and practice yoga in a setting that differentiates itself by offering not only yogic practices but also by providing the correct understanding, traditions, context and meaning of yogic science, asana and philosophy. We have a strong focus on combining the ancient knowledge of the East with the latest understandings and research coming out of the West.​
Our team is made up of practitioners completely committed to our fields of expertise. By dedicating our lives to our self practice and development, we have gained the ability to aid others take their next step on their journey. The training is designed to have a completely interactive experience, giving our students the opportunity to not only study the “map” of yogic teachings, but also explore the “territory” internally through deep practices that will be closely facilitated. The course has been created in this way to ensure the graduates will be teaching from a place of true experiential wisdom, rather than borrowed knowledge from books.​​
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Where Science meet spirituality

As Western practitioners we combine the incident knowledge of the East with the latest understandings and research coming out of the west


Our training is designed as an interactive experience. You will live and breath yoga, So the teachings become a part of your being.

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Our teacher is made of expert practitioners. By dedicating their lives to their self practice, they have gained the ability to aid others in their journey.

Change your life

Dedicate time to take good care of yourself. Experience the diverse culture and spirituality of Bali.  Dive deeper into your yoga practice as you immerse yourself in a yoga retreat or course, enhance your yoga skills and recharge in a supportive environment.  Relax amidst the vast beauty and tranquility of the ocean in beautiful Canggu, Bali.
Soak in the golden rays of the sun.  Breathe fully.

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