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Online Breathwork Teacher Training

In-depth understanding and comprehensive teachings on the most transformational breathwork techniques!

  • Become an internationally certified Breathwork Coach
  • Internationally accredited with Yoga Alliance
  • 20 hour Breathwork training
  • 22 life-changing breathing techniques
  • Self-paced
  • Expert teachers and Breathwork facilitators
  • Professional video classes, presentations and guided practices
  • Including ancient Pranayama and modern Breathwork
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase performance
  • Improve mental clarity
online breathwork training
Yoga Alliance

Receive a certificate as an internationally qualified Breathwork Teacher!

My first impression of Loka Yoga School was the professionalism showed by the instructors as well as the high quality of the site and content. The experience did not feel remote. I was engaged in the content and the delivery seemed to be seamless. Looking back, I was surprised at how much was covered in a relatively short amount of time, yet I did not feel rushed. Everything was delivered with clear, concise and positive language, which as you know, is key to making and maintaining a connection with students. I am very impressed with this organization overall and I will likely come back to take more courses. My only regret is that I don’t live in Bali to attend in person. Thank you for helping my on my journey toward good health and spiritual development.
– Timothy Michael Cart (USA)

I decided to explore Loka Yoga School’s online trainings to supplement my Hatha training.  I am particularly focused on the therapeutic aspects of yin yoga, breathwork and meditation and wanted to deepen my understanding of all practices so that I would be better able to help my students. The trainings were comprehensive, clear and great value for the investment. Taryn and Yann did an excellent job of organizing the content, and I especially appreciated the self-paced aspect of the trainings.  This was a great blend of philosophy (mantras, mudras, bandhas), anatomy, theory, poses and sequencing. Each segment includes a full class taught by Taryn, which is a wonderful way to explore the practice. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in this way, making it accessible to so many.  Loka Yoga School is also such a beautiful place and location! Namaste.
– Leslie Laiuppa (USA)

This course was excellent!  The content was so informative.  It was also great to learn all the relevant Anatomy.  I actually could not wait to do the course everyday!  I can honestly say this is one of the best courses I have done – I am sad I have finished it! I can’t wait to start a regular practice, as it’s made me so positive about the future.
– Lorraine George (Australia)

There’s a secret to accelerating profound results in Breathwork,
that most people never learn…

Online Breathwork Teacher Training Background

Transformational Breathwork Training

(until September 28, 2023)

This is a one-time fee including 3 months access. Following the initial 3-month period, a monthly subscription fee of US$ 4.99 will apply. Students may cancel anytime.

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plus score FREE lifetime access!

I’m feeling so excited, to not only expand my own practice, but to begin a deeper journey with my students too!  I have been teaching for quite some time now and I feel this online Breathwork teacher Training with Loka Yoga School has elevated my knowledge and classes.  It has given me something amazing, new and exciting to work with, develop and ultimately give back to my students. Breathwork is a beautiful offering and I feel so much gratitude to Taryn and Yann for such a beautiful, insightful training.  The course was so user-friendly and easy to navigate too.  I feel confident to begin to facilitate breathwork classes and share my new knowledge and skills.
Much gratitude and love.
– Courtney Bourke (Australia)

An opportunity to connect, feel and heal.
Discover breath empowerment.

An internationally certified self-paced online Breathwork teacher training.
Teaching all vital methods to learn the fundamentals and healing qualities of the breath, along with 22 of the most famous transformational techniques.

Stress and anxiety tend to become our default mode.  We become so used to it, we just live with it.  The results of built-up trauma have impact on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.  It impacts our lives on all levels.

The key to activating a state that we can thrive and evolve in – and sustaining this – is the breath.

Imagine a world where everyone has the awareness and knowledge to use the breath to clear anxiety and stress.  A world where human beings know how to be, without always doing.  Grounding into the truth that the body is the healer and through the power of the breath, each of us can access the flow of peace, happiness and bliss.

We have developed this breathwork facilitator training to introduce, explain, teach and practice all of the main breathwork techniques, patterns and methods available, to maximize healing and transformation. 

You will learn breathwork techniques to experience calm, relaxation and stillness.  Techniques to stimulate, energise and revitalise.  Techniques for heating or cooling the body.  Techniques to balance and connect the masculine with the feminine, the yin with the yang.  Techniques to release ‘stuck’ energy within that prevents you from living life to your highest alignment in a state of excitement, aspiration and contentment.

Here we take you on a journey.  A deep journey.  Through the ins and outs of the body, the breath, the physical and the emotional response. 
We wanted to make this a comprehensive, self-paced training for you so the quality and quantity of content in this training far exceeds an in-person training! 

All you need is right under your nose!

A 20-hour internationally certified, self-paced course, setting you up for success in Breathwork.  Also providing additional resources to the many who are already deep into the practice of a specific technique.

You’ll learn;

  • 22 Breathwork techniques
    (including all of the ancient Pranayama techniques AND the famous modern breathwork most known today)
  • In-depth explanation and knowledge 
    (including history, video instruction and full guided practice)
  • Discover, experience and gain knowledge on the fundamentals of the breath
    (so you can prevent yourself from experiencing common issues others suffer)
  • Improve and maintain your physical and mental health
    (facilitating your own personal healing, growth and transformation!)
  • Advance your knowledge and understanding of the human body and Anatomy
    (allowing you to fully understand Breathwork, the respiratory system and what you can modify accordingly)
  • Boost your health, wellness and healing resources without breaking the bank
    (online and self-paced training saving you time and money)
  • Qualify to log an additional 20 hours training and continued education with Yoga Alliance
    (internationally certified and accredited)
  • Learn what all the fuss is about! 
    (Why are so many people transforming their lives with their breath?)

What is inside the Breathwork training?

Online Breathwork Teacher Training

Complete accredited Breathwork training program (value US$ 999)
Internationally certified and accredited with Yoga Alliance, this 20-hour Breathwork training will allow you to experience the major Breathwork techniques taught around the world!

BONUS: Guided Breathwork practices (value US$ 99)
Discover why people are flocking to Breathwork classes.  Experience this transformation in the comfort of your own home. 

BONUS:  Anatomy & Physiology of the breath (value US$ 299)
The most comprehensive and in-depth guide to maximize your knowledge and understanding.  Including videos, presentations and lectures. 

BONUS: Principles of Breathwork and the Pranic Body (value US$ 19)
An opportunity to learn a new way of releasing yourself of negative emotions and controlling your breath, to reduce stress and anxiety in your daily life.  

BONUS: Breathwork Community Support group (Priceless)
You will be invited to join a network of Breathwork facilitators and students from around the world to share knowledge and stories, learn from one another and connect!

Total value US$ 1416!

(until September 28, 2023)

This is a one-time fee including 3 months access. Following the initial 3-month period, a monthly subscription fee of US$4.99 will apply. Students may cancel anytime.

Book an online training bundle & SAVE plus score FREE lifetime access!

I really enjoyed this comprehensive Breathwork course with Loka Yoga School.  The training was super informative and detailed and I learnt so much!  I initially joined as I have always wanted to learn more about Breathwork techniques and that is exactly what this breathwork certification gave me.  It was perfect and just what I wanted and need.  Thank you so much Loka Yoga School!
– Maria Hanna Fawzi Kerllos (Egypt)

Trust your knowledge and experience to be taught by Breathwork facilitators and medical professionals!

Breathwork.  It’s a buzz word.  The teachings of breathwork techniques are becoming increasingly popular worldwide.  Whether it be to relieve PTSD, reduce stress and anxiety or to energise, invigorate and illuminate, the reasons people turn to breathwork are extensive! 

Our training is designed to allow you an opportunity to master the art of breathwork in the comfort of your own home.  Experiencing the most popular modern-day techniques, as well as the fundamental exercises and all of the ancient Pranayama techniques, you have an opportunity to enjoy the healing benefits and qualities of breathwork.  Through careful teaching and guidance, there is no doubt this training is indeed transformational  and life-changing! 

Join us now and score the entire package at less than half price!

Understanding and knowledge of the various Breathwork techniques and how to practice each technique provides you with the ability to create a truly transformational experience in your life patterns. 

More than ever, individuals are calling out to Breathwork guides to assist with releasing tension and trauma, lowering stress levels,  improving mental health and providing an opportunity to heal, experience radiance and optimal health and wellbeing.  It’s not too late to make a HUGE difference to your state of mind and your life.

Welcome. We look forward to teaching you, guiding you, supporting you and being a part of your journey. 

Taryn & Yann
Directors, Loka Yoga School

More about what we do during our Breathwork Training

We need to feel to heal.  Suppressed trauma, emotions and feelings create disease.  Considering the breath is the single most fundamental and important aspect needed as a human being, it makes sense that the quality of our breath can quite literally effect the quality of our life.  Practicing Breathwork can result in the most transformational and profound experience.  You are in control and you can change your life.

This professional comprehensive online training is guided by Yann Cadic and Taryn Weggelaar.

Yann is a medical professional, Yoga Anatomy teacher and Breathwork Facilitator.  Yann’s experience working with hundreds of people all over the world, of all ages and backgrounds, allows him to approach his students and focus his teachings on being easily absorbable.  With expert knowledge on Anatomy & Physiology, Yann’s desire is to assist and serve others to understand and appreciate the benefits on a deeper level to truly transform themselves and evolve.

Taryn is well-known as an expert Yoga Alliance E-RYT teacher who has founded 2 yoga schools and studied extensively with yogis and gurus in India, as well as Australia, US, Europe and Indonesia.  She has worked professionally as a Pranayama and Breathwork Facilitator, teacher trainer, mentor and coach, as well as a Yoga and Meditation teacher trainer, specialising in these fields for over 10 years (including teaching Breathwork, Yoga and Meditation to Olympic athletes, corporate employees, senior citizens, pregnant ladies and helping those with mental health concerns and in yoga studios in various countries around the world.)

Our online Breathwork training includes;

  • Learn 22 Breathwork techniques, with step-by-step instructions detailing each technique
  • Full-length guided Breathwork sessions for you to experience and enjoy
  • You will receive exclusive access to Loka Yoga School’s online Breathwork training portal, with accessibility to all modules, workbooks, videos, audios and tutorials
  • Collection of over 20 entire Breathwork practices ready for YOU to experience!
  • No previous breathwork or yoga teaching certifications are required
  • Eligible for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance
  • FREE LIFETIME access with the combo packages!
  • Internationally certified training including the following curriculum and modules:
  • Why Breath?
  • The Pranic Body
  • Meanings of Terms
  • Breathing Fundamentals
  • Principles of Breathwork
  • Introduction to Anatomy
  • Anatomy and Physiology
    – The Respiratory System
    – Lung volumes and dead space
    – Ventilation
    – Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide transportation
    – Understanding Hyperventilation
  • Mudras
  • Bandhas
  • Pranayama
  • Pranayama Preparation
  • Fundamental Breathing Techniques
  • Pranayama Techniques
  • Advanced Modern Breathwork
  • Teaching Breathwork
    – Becoming a truthful and inspiring teacher
    – Your limitations & abilities as a teacher
    – The Teacher/ Student Relationship
    – How to create a safe and profound experience
    – Handling difficult situations
    – How to close a Breathwork Session
    – Lesson Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours is this training?

Accredited for 20 Continued Education hours, our Breathwork training combines lectures, presentations, workshops, ‘How to perform’ videos and guided practices of each technique with the expert teachers, as well as opportunity and time for personal practice.  As the course is self-paced, you may work through it at your convenience.

How long will this course take to complete?

This really depends on you!  Some of our students finish within a month, whilst others take much longer.  There are no restrictions, so you can take your time and move through the course as it suits you and your life.

Is this course internationally certified?

Yes it is!  You will immediately receive your certificate, in your Loka Yoga School account, upon completion of the training.

I have not completed any breathwork training before.  Is this course suitable for me?

Not a problem at all!  We teach you what you need to know and guide you through breathwork and each technique carefully, step-by-step.

Can I progress through the course at my own pace?

Yes, absolutely.  All of our classes, lectures, presentations, workshops, classes and guided practices are professionally recorded and presented on a learning management system that tracks your progress, allowing you to see what you’ve already completed.  You may also go back and enjoy any of the classes or content even after you have completed that section!   

Are there any assessments?

There are no assessments required for this certified Breathwork Training.  We are internationally accredited and certified with Yoga Alliance and exceed the requirements of a professional breathwork training syllabus!

Do I get a certificate at the end of this course?

Yes you do. Upon successful completion of the training, you will automatically and immediately receive a certificate from us, available to download in your account!

Why is your Breathwork Training so much cheaper than most others I have seen online?

The simple answer is; because there is a global pandemic causing much financial stress and we don’t want to add to the stress or break your bank for you to learn this valuable skill. The world would be such a better place if everyone learnt how to control their breath! We want as many people as possible to learn these life skills, improve the quality of their life and experience the freedom that breathwork provides! We are internationally certified and accredited and offer far more than most Breathwork Teacher Trainings (teaching all techniques, not just 1) and along with a super affordable price, we feel happy and grateful to have created such a wonderful, happy community of breathers!

Is the course content available as lifetime access?

Yes it is.  There are no time restrictions for you.  Take your time and enjoy.  You may go back and enjoy the teachings and guided practices even AFTER you have completed the training and received your certificate. You may also receive FREE lifetime access when you book the training in a bundle package. Otherwise, following the initial 3-month period, a monthly fee of only $4.99 applies to maintain full membership.

Do I need to be a yoga teacher to take this course?

No you do not need any prior training to complete this training. Our course is recognized and accredited with the international Yoga Alliance, so if you are a registered member then you may log the hours as Continued Education. It is NOT necessary or required to be a Yoga Alliance member in order to become certified in our Breathwork training.

I have already completed a breathwork training before. Will this benefit me?

Absolutely!  We include the breathing fundamentals, Pranayama and modern breathwork, along with extensive anatomy and physiology, taking you on a DEEP journey of transformation.  We break down each breathing technique.  With professional videos and quality sound and delivery, we educate and teach you how to perform each technique, contra-indications and benefits and a complete guided practice as well.  Even if you have attended any other breathwork course, upon completion of our training you will have a solid understanding of each breathing technique, how to develop a stronger practice and you will have a collection of guided sessions, presentations, theory and classes ready to go!  You will also be able to log an additional 40 hours Continued Education with Yoga Alliance or any other yoga body (as Loka Yoga School is internationally certified).

What if I do not have a computer; will I still be able to complete this course?

We use a professional learning management system which is recommended to be accessed via a laptop or computer for best results and ease of access. However, we have had graduates complete the entire course on their phones or tablets without issues!

Can I complete this training if I am pregnant?

Yes absolutely.  You will need to consult your medical professional to discuss certain techniques, as not every breathing technique is recommended for pregnancy.  However many techniques are highly beneficial and recommended to practice during pregnancy!

Will you be releasing more online courses in the future?

Yes!  Along with our famous Yin Yoga teacher training and Meditation training, we also have an expert and advanced Ecstatic Dance and a Kids Yoga teacher training coming soon!  As a graduate of Loka Yoga School, you will always receive exclusive discounts on all trainings.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

Upon joining the online Breathwork teacher training, you will receive the direct contact details for our teachers at Loka Yoga School, who will be happy to assist or support you along the way!

Is everything available immediately?

Yes!  Everything is ready to go.  As soon as you complete the registration process, you will have instant access!

Do I need to use a special program to access the materials?

No, just a standard internet browser is fine (Safari is not recommended).  Our online training portal is simply accessed through the internet.

How long will I have access for?

Your initial payment of $399 provides you with a full 3-month access from the date of purchase. You will receive access as soon as your registration and payment has processed. Following the initial 3-month period, a monthly access fee of $4.99 applies to maintain access to the training and content. Students may cancel subscription anytime.

If I cancel my subscription and change my mind, can I renew it again?

No. Upon cancelling your subscription, your registration and history will be permanently deleted from the system.

Can this be accessed without the Internet?

No.  Internet is required.

How much can I save?

The total value of this training is currently US$1416.  We maintain updated information, will keep adding new classes and content to keep it exciting!!!

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes! You will immediately receive your certificate available to download, within your Loka Yoga School account, upon completion of the training.

Student Testimonials

I absolutely love how thorough this Breathwork Teacher Training is. Even though I have personally been practicing and researching about breathwork daily for over 5 years, I have learned a lot from this course! I love that besides the yogic/traditional explanations, you also gave scientific ones. Also, I am very happy how detailed your explanation was of the teacher-student connection, and what to be mindful of. I am also very happy to see that you mentioned that breathholds are a key component of breathwork, and I totally agree! Especially the exhale breathhold (void retention). I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to teach breathwork, or even to just to become more familiar with it! I am even more in love with breathwork after this course! Thank you!
– Milan Vracaric (USA)

This breathcoach training with Loka Yoga School is really complete. I learnt a lot more than expected. Not only do you have a list of pranamaya techniques, ancestral and modern ones, but also scientific sources and concrete tips for teaching.
– Camille Giorgetti (France)

I had learned about pranayana techniques more briefly when studying to be a vinyasa yoga teacher. Now I got way more information and practise of it and deeper understanding. Thank you!
– Carita Ingberg (Finland)

This was a very intensive breathwork facilitator training that encompasses the anatomy, bandas, mudras as well as many different types of breathwork. I appreciated the broad view of all of the different pranayama and the very detailed anatomy modules. I appreciated learning the visually through the videos – super helpful for understanding the different techniques! Thank you to Taryn and Yann!
– Tracey Vaccarino (USA)

This is a concise foundation course in all breathwork techniques. It is very well explained and demonstrated and I learned a lot, even as a yoga teacher. It is a great stepping stone in my breathwork journey.
– Tess Whitty (USA)

My expectations were exceeded and I enjoyed all of this breath work training. A job well done! The teaching and care put into this online class was felt. I appreciate what went into this breathwork course to make it what it is, with mindfulness, warmth, and peace.
– Kari Lynn Schmaltz (USA)

I was impressed with the amount of information shared throughout this breathing course. I found the anatomy and physiology extremely beneficial as I like to know it not only for the sake of safety with my students but also to be knowledgeable when answering questions from my students. The breathwork videos were also extremely valuable as you get to see how each style is practiced and the benefits and contraindications of each. I would highly recommend this course!
– Celine Burgett (USA)

This was an awesome course.  It was an excellent balance of theory and practical application.  The instructors were excellent and explained in clear and concise terms.  There are great examples and they do an excellent job of preparing you for you own practice. 
The website itself is very user friendly and easy to navigate.  The units are organized nicely and that makes it very easy to work through.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone with a passion for breathwork.

– Daniel Chapman (Canada)

The Breathwork training was a great online program. It provided concise coursework with anatomy, physiology, philosophy, theory, and teacher instruction guidance. I feel I have all the tools necessary to guide others with their own breathwork healing practice. The instruction and simplicity of it all was great. Thank you Taryn and Yann.
– Gabriel Joseph Ynostroza (USA)

I actually feel like I understand breathwork now. I’ve been practicing for YEARS, but the depth of knowledge this course gave me has provided me with such amazing understanding. I am so excited to be able to provide my clients with a new modality that has helped me so much. I absolutely loved all of this. I am a Hormonal Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Registered Nurse. I so appreciate the holistic meets science approach as it’s what I use in my practice with my clients. THANK YOU.
– Jasmine Filiatrault (Canada)

I found this Breathwork teacher training to be a great program, it was very thorough and informative across all modules, it was very well put together and easy to follow as far as online programs go. I found it very easy to navigate, there is a good mixture of text and videos throughout the program that were easy to follow and provided a lot of great information and learnings. I found it to be clear and concise in what was being taught and well delivered all around. The Learning interface was super easy to use and navigate. Taryn and Yann are very knowledgeable in what they teach and this is clear throughout the whole breath work certification. Thank you both so much for your teachings.
– Sam Wallace (Australia)

This Breathwork Teacher Training exceeded my expectations. I especially enjoyed the sections that helped to teach how to be a teacher, like the handling difficult situations, how to create a safe and profound experience, etc. I felt like I could relate to Taryn and really liked her teachings. This course was a great overview of breathwork. I loved that it took you all the way into topics to help as a breathwork teacher instead of just giving the breathwork aspect.
– Danielle OConnor (USA)

I loved this online teacher training. It was exactly what I was looking for in terms of breathwork. I loved that it was scientifically based, and that it was really comprehensive. The explanations in the videos were great. It made everything so much easier to understand. And I loved that there were videos to learn the technique and another one for the practice. Explanation was clear and comprehensive. It was an excellent high quality breathwork facilitator training. Thank you!
– Michelle S (Netherlands)

I have been a breathwork practitioner for 2 years. Taking the step towards becoming a teacher hopefully after mastering my own experience has led me to Loka Yoga School Breathwork Training and for that I am truly grateful!! Taking this course has confirmed some of the knowledge I have as well as offering me a set of new techniques, understanding of breathwork anatomy and physiology and the tight attitude in the journey I wish to start. Thank you Yann & Taryn for sharing your knowledge and spirit with us.
– Hoda Khaled Omar (Egypt)

 I’m very happy with the Loka Yoga school breathwork training. The anatomy piece was very thorough, which I have not seen in other courses. It’s fascinating information to understand so in depth. It was also well-taught, with a very helpful visual presentation.
I also really enjoyed being able to learn the various types of yogic breath. Previously I only learned circular breath, but was looking for more options to use with clients. This Online breathwork training gave me exactly that. The best part is that it is self-paced. That is very much my style of learning, so it worked extremely well for me. I would spend time every morning working through anywhere from 1-3 lessons, and was able to integrate the knowledge and breath practice into my every day life, quite easily.

– Jamie Roth (USA)

Following completion of this course, I feel like I have a good understanding of the application and outcomes of the various techniques. I had limited breathwork experience other than yogic pranayama techniques and I wanted to get a deeper understanding of the techniques I knew, and learn others. I was completely unfamiliar with modern breathwork and wanted to become acquainted. This program gave the right amount of detail of each technique; the effects, contra-indications, and a short but informative instruction of how to perform them. I think this program is the perfect way to become aware of the techniques, and for the student to figure out which techniques work for them and can therefore do their own research on those specific practices. The entire course was simple to follow and gave a great overview of how to perform the technique and what people may experience, as well as who may want to avoid the breathing technique depending on contra-indications. The theory classes were excellent; understanding the why is just as important as learning the how! I have a degree in biology, so for me the anatomy section spoke my language. Yann was very thorough and I appreciated how detailed the lesson was. In the grand scheme of life, a few hours spent learning about respiration is beneficial for everyone.
– Rachel C Breithaupt (USA)

I have been delving into various types of breathwork for the past two years and having received so many personal benefits, I wanted to learn how to share it with others. I was looking for an Internationally recognised certification that would teach me all I needed to know in order to host breathwork sessions in a safe environment. I came across Loka Yoga School who held the International Accreditation I needed and also came at a very affordable price compared with other online programs out there. Loka Yoga School provides a comprehensive breathwork training that gives you all the information you need to bring this powerful practice to others. Excellent content overall – the high quality videos helped greatly and the structure was quite similar for each technique which made it easier to follow. If you are interested in learning to be a breathwork instructor I think this course is a great and inexpensive place to start your journey. I look forward to doing their meditation course next and I feel the instructors are passionate about sharing the powerful practices of breathwork with people in the right way.
– Cormac Noonan (Ireland)

I love the fact I could do this online Breathwork Teacher Training course in my home and in my own time. The way Taryn and Yann has put this course together is great. By being able to follow the course in different stages, it makes it easy to get back to where ever I last left it. The theory given is so good and the videos are very helpful and allows me to practice as many times as needed. This gives me an opportunity to bring closer awareness to my own body and the changes and the shifts that has taken place during this breathwork course. Its nice to get the support with suggestions and guidelines how to put together a session for the practice I like to create in the near future. I am looking forward to sharing this with friends and the wider group in my community. It feels like I am leaving with lots of knowledge from traditional pranayama breathing exercises to the new modern breathwork. Namaste!
– Sandra Anna Shamila undgren (New Zealand)

This breathwork teacher training was EXACTLY what I was looking for!  From the science to the spiritual connections I felt that I could apply this with my clients immediately. Breathwork is fundamental and when it is explained on multiple levels it is easier to explain to others. This breathwork training gave so much more on the anatomy which was a MAJOR plus!! I really liked the breakdown, it made it very easy to follow and, as a teacher, having the included lesson plans was SUPER helpful! I really liked the videos because It made it feel more intimate. The guidance was amazing – Taryn is such a light! All I want to do is go to Bali and take class with her in person! It was very well done. I’m excited to bring this to my clients and my students. I really believe in healing one’s body with the breath and now I have the education to back it up! Thank you Loka Yoga School for an amazing experience.  Along with lifetime access so I can always go back and refresh!
– Allison Noelle Megherian (USA)

After many weeks of searching online for suitable instruction, I’m very happy that I chose Loka Yoga School for my Breathwork teacher training. I appreciate the scientific and anatomy explanations for the the physiological aspects as well as the ancient pranayama and spiritual aspects in the training. I believe that one must have knowledge of both to create balance, understanding and safety for ourselves as well as future clients.  My favorite part of the breathwork teacher training was the scientific methodology of how the breath affects the physiological aspects of the mind and body and the final lesson on how to create and perform professional tactics and class formations. I felt comfortable with the information and instruction I was given to proceed forward on a professional level.
– Sondra Yvonne Bennett (Costa Rica)

The program exceeded my expectations. All of the modules were excellent and I don’t have any criticisms! The information was organized and easy to understand. The techniques were explained well and easy to implement.
– Ronald Vaught (USA)

The breathwork teacher training course was really beneficial and clear, everything was straight to the point with all the points to consider while teaching!
– Lama (Syria)

This breath coach certification exceeded expectation. Very informative course and great demonstrations. There are so many different types of Breathwork and techniques explained!
– Ellie Lapidus (USA)

Brilliant course! Content is detailed and considers ancient techniques, physiological impacts along with the modern scientific perspective on breathwork efficacy. This online breath training well exceeded my expectations and is super great value for money. The course is well structured into bite size chunks to navigate at your own pace. The anatomy component is quite detailed, even though considered relatively basic, and it was a great addition to the course, to offer the physiological and scientific aspect of breathwork efficacy. Both Taryn and Yann are knowledgeable instructors. Thank you!
– Holly Shoebridge (Australia)

I feel this online breathwork training with Taryn and Yann at Loka Yoga School has been a life changing experience. Now I have a different approach and awareness of what the breath means and how crucial it is for our wellbeing. I love how I will be able to provide this to people in need, and apply it in my life for ever. Having done many other online courses I highly enjoyed the ‘teaching’ section. I also loved the anatomy classes with Yann and learned a lot! I think is crucial if you want to be a good teacher, you have to know how everything works. The theory components makes you want learn more and become a better teacher; you need to have a deep understanding to be a complete teacher. The instructions in the practical classes and guided breathwork were very well explained and easy to follow. Taryn is a very inspirational teacher. Definitely 5 stars!
– Macarena Williamson (New Zealand)

I would recommend this Breathwork Teacher Training course to anybody who wants to dive into their breathwork journey. If you want to make a difference to the world around you, nourish those around you. Engage functionally with the infinite free prana that the world gifts us in every moment and to show others the doors to be able to do so in a way that is making the best of our potential. In this world it’s vital that we are lifting one another up, we have choices everyday, to create or to destroy. I much prefer the former in every moment possible. Thank you for this course, Loka Yoga School!
– Dylan Vincent Chester (Republic of Ireland)

This online Breathwork Teacher Training through Loka Yoga School was far more than I expected! I was able to go at my own pace, and really understand each technique thanks to their detailed explanations and videos. I also really enjoyed learning about the Mudras and Bandhas and also the anatomy & physiology; to be able to have a deeper understanding on how breath work helps the physical body! I appreciated that there were videos to show the different breathwork techniques, and it wasn’t all reading. It helped to really get a visual of what I was learning.  I was impressed by all the different breathwork techniques included, and the detailed information on what areas they assist with.
– Jessica Jazmin Mesias (Carahue, Chile)

I loved this course with Loka Yoga School. I’ve been practicing breathwork and looking into its benefits from all types or resources for the past year and a half. I finally decided to get certified to teach it, and this course hit almost every single important aspect of the breath that I have found from all those different places. Awesome course with incredibly important information packed into a digestible format. I particularly loved the knowledge provided about oxygen and the way it works in the body as well as the myriad of different techniques listed within.
– Michael Seigler (USA)

Absolutely worth every penny! I’m from Denmark, so English is not my native language, but everything was made clear and easy to understand. I like how every breathwork technique is explained in detail both in theory and in practice. The anatomy part of the course was indeed a bit heavy but it was interesting all the way through, and I think it’s nice to know exactly what happens during breathing and hyperventilation. Great addition to the course and plenty of bonus material too!
– Nicolai Thomsen (Denmark)

This was a great self-paced online course. Yann drops some deep knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of breathwork using his experience as a nurse. I loved it all, just enough theory to keep me interested while not overdoing it! I bought this course hoping to expand my understanding and practice of breathwork. This did not disappoint, it meshed the technical left brained information with just enough of the yogic terminology and spirituality to make it easy to understand. There was a tremendous amount of knowledge presented and I loved Yann’s perspective, since he was a nurse for so long.  I completely understand the need for the depth because this is profound work and if a person is going to teach breathwork they need to know as much as possible. Taryn made all the Yogic terms easy to understand and her videos where very thorough.
– Matthew Stewart (USA)

I have a long list of certifications… some I have enjoyed more then others and some I have learned more. This online Breathwork Teacher Training was a very thorough certification and had the perfect mix of science and application. I definitely took my time completing this and started implementing what I have learned into my current sessions as well as my personal practice. I am a small business owner and a workaholic, I started practicing Breathwork as a coping skill to help throughout my day. It became such an important practice for myself and my mental health. I am so happy I decided to complete this certification and am excited for my next course – Meditation Training – with Loka Yoga School!!
– Sara (USA)

The Breathwork Teacher Training course was in-depth and very easy to follow. The Anatomy section was very interesting which I feel will be very beneficial in answers questions on what’s actually happening. The Breathwork Theory and Guided Classes was crucial and extremely helpful. I enjoyed learning on the inner workings of the body and learning scientifically what is actually happening. I enjoyed all of it and, of course I plan to go back right away and study the entire course again and again! I will be taking the other trainings with them as well. I’m very pleased and impressed. Thank you!!
– James N Price Jr (USA)

Thank you so much for putting this course together. It gave me a wonderful overview of the breathing techniques and practice time.
It was also great to see that I was very familiar with the terminology as I have been going through my spiritual phase and this put it all together nicely. The material was very easy to relate to.

– Ada Sarai Garza Martinez (Canada)

This breathwork teacher training course was amazing, thorough and easily digestible! I loved that they broke down each of the techniques so that you can really grasp all the different styles. I loved that there was an entire section at the end dedicated to the teacher side of things and what you will come in contact with! It was a great course and I highly recommend it!
– Danielle O’Connor (USA)

I truly enjoyed this Breathwork course and it exceeded my expectations! I enjoyed all aspects but particularly the different techniques. I loved the detailed content about the background, techniques, anatomy, contraindications, and application. The anatomy instructor (Yann Cadic) did an excellent job of breaking down the content; I thought I had knowledge of the anatomy until this course!  I love Taryn’s passion for what she does – it illuminates! I enjoyed that so many techniques were covered with the available option to revisit and explore the techniques for longer time periods. I am completing this course with a feeling of empowerment that I have practical knowledge and skills that I can utilize to help others on their journeys. Thank you!
– Jennifer G Johnson (USA)

A very detailed training with clear information and practical exercises. I loved gaining an earlier understanding of the anatomy as this laid a good foundation to the practical experiences for each technique. I really liked the combination of reading material and video content. Always a high quality resource for teachers looking to expand and find depth in areas of interest beyond foundation teacher training.
– Sarah Ann Malone (Australia)

I am already certified in Breathwork from another course with someone else, but this course with Loka Yoga School and their way of explaining the process is something else; it’s so informative and well explained throughout. This breathwork teacher training has such profound anatomy and physiology knowledge. The various pranayamas and modern breathwork techniques are very well explained and demonstrated in the video lessons. The lessons, plans and contra-indications for teaching breathwork is clear and tidy. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in teaching breathwork and/or needs a boost of knowledge in their teaching practice. I absolutely love it. Thank you!
– Ingvild (Norway)

I highly recommend the Loka Yoga School online breathwork course to everyone who wants to get a better understanding of anatomy of our lungs, the breathwork techniques and to practice live, along with the clear instruction. The instructions are very clear and easy to complete. I feel much reassured that I am more knowledgeable now to start teaching and always feel free to return to my lessons for a brush up and repeat of the material. Thank you Loka Yoga School for the instruction and your hard work. Namaste.
– Polina Moiseeva (United States of America)

Following completion of this course, I feel I have learned a lot more about breathwork and how it impacts. How important it is for us to learn to breath properly. I know that before taking this course I had little understanding of the proper way to breathe. I’m excited to continue to practice all of these methods and also show others how to use breathwork to amplify their well being. I feel prepared to show others how breathwork can be used to help us with all of our emotional, mental and physical distresses. That’s the main reason I wanted to take this course because breathwork has helped me personally and I wish to help others in a similar way it has helped me. Very grateful for Loka Yoga School and all the material provided!
– Masha Wagner (USA)

This breathwork training was one of a kind. I LOVED how they incorporated the ancient  yogic practices as well as the more modern day style techniques. The lectures were interesting, fun and easy to follow. I learned so much about the power of the breath and all of the benefits for each breathing practice. I was very pleased with everything I learned and I am excited to bring this wisdom into my classes and one on one sessions with clients. I feel 100% confident in sharing the wisdom of the breath with others! Thank you so much for offering this training online! It was perfect for me!
– Nichole Anne Ferro (USA)

 What an amazing experience! The training was thorough, especially providing the differences between breathwork instructor and other professions.  Everything was explained so well and demonstrated even better! I am a completely satisfied student and highly recommend this training with Loka Yoga School.
– Edna Victoria Nichols (USA)

I really enjoyed this Breathwork Teacher Training course! Amazing job Loka Yoga, I loved all of the journeys I went on and the self development I did throughout the videos! It was very inspiring, I felt engaged and excited to see what each lesson was about because each lesson brought me on a new journey of self development. My favorite video was during the circular breathing training with the inspirational video. It felt so inspiring and i have already rewatched it a few times! I also really enjoyed the Anatomy section, even though I’ve.taken 5 years of college courses for my bachelors degree, I enjoyed how the material was all put together here and I think of the lessons often during my own breathwork practices. I learned a lot and will be using so much from this course in my everyday life, to pass on to my children and to teach others. Many blessings and much love to you all!
Rachele Kaske (USA)

This Breathwork Teacher Training was excellent, especially for a 20-hour training – there is a lot of information provided! I think Taryn & Yann did a good job in a short amount of time. Anatomy is a huge topic to cover, but they highlighted what was most important. Learning the theory of breathwork is so interesting. There was a lot to take in, but again they highlighted what was necessary. Each technique was well explained and demonstrated. I will be going through the course again in the future to refresh my knowledge!
– Athena Siganakis (Canada)

I loved the Breathwork Training course! I loved all the demonstrative practice videos, they were very helpful. The anatomy and physiology component had all of the vital and necessary information. It is a hard topic to teach online but I thought Yann did a good job! There were great practice videos and explanations and I enjoyed the material and lectures. This Breathwork Teacher Training was exactly what I had hoped for and more! Thank you!
– Joanne Hanckowiak (USA)

I really enjoyed the Breathwork teacher training course with Loka Yoga School. It was very well laid out and it was a nice mixture of reading, lectures and watching videos. It gives you a good basic understanding of all of the different types of Pranayamas and Breathwork, and the anatomy, the why and how things work. Also a really lovely opportunity to try them all out yourself, and revisit at anytime.
– Melanie H Coombs (Germany)

I was blown away by the Breathwork training from Loka Yoga School. Taryn and Yann’s professionalism is impeccable. The teachings are powerful. The construction of the formation is perfect. I loved that there are subtitles on the videos. I loved that for each technique a real lesson is given at the end to practice immediately. The part on anatomy is incredibly rich and much needed. And finally, the part on how to teach Breathwork is very intelligent and very correct. I emerge grown from this training. Transformed. I really have the feeling of having been accompanied, step by step, and that I still am even after the end of the training. Taryn and Yann are benevolent, and pass on their passion and their experiences with great humility which serves as an example. Thank you very much for bringing this technique so powerfully into my life.
– Nawal Bouzenad (France)

J’ai été bluffée par la formation Breathwork de Loka Yoga School. Le professionalisme de Taryn et Yann est impeccable. Les enseignements sont puissants. La construction de la formation est parfaite. J’ai adoré le fait qu’il y ait des sous-titres sur les vidéos. J’ai adoré que pour chaque technique un vrai cours soit donné à la fin pour mettre en pratique immédiatement. La partie sur l’anatomie est d’une richesse incroyable et si nécessaire. Et pour finir, la partie sur comment enseigner le Breathwork est d’une grande intelligence et d’une grande justesse. Je ressors grandie de cette formation. Transformée. J’ai vraiment le sentiment d’avoir été accompagnée, pas à pas, et de l’être encore même après la fin de la formation. Taryn et Yann sont bienveillants, et transmettent leur passion, leurs expériences avec une grande humilité qui nous sert d’exemple. Merci infiniment d’avoir apporté avec tant de puissance cette technique dans ma vie.
– Nawal Bouzenad (France)

This breathwork training was a quality investment of my money. The return was a thorough understanding of anatomy & physiology along with a precise list of pranayama techniques detailed and explained clearly that I will be practicing for the rest of my life. This was definitely a training that helped deepen my personal connection to the breath and authentically hold space for my own breathwork journey. I am grateful for this training and the teachers I learned from. Thank you.
– Elizabeth Hoffman (USA)

Thank you so much Loka Yoga School, the lessons, techniques, and explanations were great. This course was very informative down to the anatomy, safety and purpose of each breathing technique, mudras, bandhas and on how to properly facilitate a class depending on the experience of the students and time of day, or reason for taking class. I look forward to adding this breathwork training to my skills and practice for personal development and to also teach others how they can learn to do the same while on their healing journey. I first hand experienced an improvement in my breathing patterns and also learned which exercises fit my needs at certain times when needed. I’m currently a reiki master and I do believe that reiki and breathwork go hand-in-hand; I’m excited to be able to share this the collective.
– Maira Lorena Moreno (USA)

The breathwork training from Loka Yoga School was exactly what I was looking for in furthering my own practice to a degree where I could be confident in sharing with others.  I learned so much about the history, theory and practice of breathwork, along with a wide range of techniques and modern practices.  I will be revisiting the material often as I grow my own practice, and am so grateful for the experience!
– Severn Eaton (United States)

I loved  this training overall. As a trauma therapist and yoga instructor, I utilize breathwork in counseling sessions to decrease symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, OCD, substance abuse, and ADHD. I was looking for further science related breathwork and more techniques to use in therapy and during state level presentations or workshops that I give. This course gave me all of that and more. It well and truly exceeded my expectations. Namaste and Blessings.
– Dana Shepard Cardwell (Texas, USA)

Beautiful course. Course includes actual science behind Breathwork. Pranayama techniques are shown clearly, demonstrated and or written. Benefits of each type of breathing technique is given. Website is easy to navigate. Very good course to get started on your Breathwork journey as a teacher. Videos are clear and sharp and well as explanations.  Actually practicing and experiencing the effects of the pranayamas is amazing. Following and doing the instructions found in this course is great, especially when you know and experience the benefits of each technique. Great resource that will definitely bring great benefits to ourselves and our students. Anyone looking to take a step into Breathwork as teacher should definitely complete this course, which is highly recommended as one of the best online Breathwork Facilitator certification courses.
– Nicholas Carrera (USA)

I thought I knew a bit about Breathwork before, but this was course took it to a whole new level! It was so informative and interesting, I love the way Taryn and Yann explain things, such easy to understand great detail. The course was so, so informative and included things I’d never even thought of. Everything just seemed to make sense. This Breathwork Teacher training is excellent and they manage to cover everything, I’m never left unsure of anything! I loved learning all of the various breathing techniques; some of which I was familiar with, but some is never heard of. They were explained really well and helped me understand them all. My own personal breathwork practice has come on leaps and bounds since starting this course and, as I learnt from this class, it’s so important to have a good practice yourself to enable you to share your knowledge with others.
Vaila Irvine (UK)

Loved the online breathwork training course offered by Loka Yoga School! The self-paced structure and platform fit with my schedule and I was able to complete it at my own pace. The courses were well thought out and fun! I thought the Anatomy component was well organized and explained for an online course. It’s a lot of information to digest but Yann did well to explain the different parts of the body methodically. I loved the theory – the lectures themselves were actually my favorite part! The practical component, guidance of each technique and full length practices were spot on training by Taryn; I looked forward to actually practicing each breath and there were so many. Thank you Yann and Taryn for putting this together. I truly enjoyed it very much! 
– Luis DAgostino (USA)

This Breathwork course was extremely informative for a 20 hour teacher training and so valuable for the price! I really enjoyed and appreciated both the recorded teaching of the different breathwork techniques, written material and the practice videos where we could join in and experience it ourselves. The anatomy component was very informative and in-depth. Some parts I will need to revise before I am fully confident in my knowledge on them but that is to be expected and a bonus of having this online and always available. The theory of Breathwork classes were very clear and easy to understand. I feel that more learning is always needed to become fully trained and confident in facilitating breathwork classes myself, and I am open to that being a life-long journey of learning!
– Mary O Donovan (Ireland)

I really enjoyed this breathwork teacher training. It’s well organized and the teachers are clear and concise. I liked the possibility to practice different breathwork techniques, the various pranayamas and having clear pros and cons of each type of breathwork. The anatomical and physiological part is well taught and interesting, even for people that already know the topic. It exceeded my expectations to learn from the anatomical/physiological point of view and from the “yogic” point of view. I feel that I can integrate what I have learned into my personal practice and I feel ready to introduce these practices to my students too. Thank you!
– Barbara Valaguzza (Italy)

I love the depth of understanding that was offered in this Breathwork Teacher Training, so that as we build our knowledge we can deepen our own practice and provide a more meaningful experience to our students. I have previously studied with Judith Miller who teaches Holotropic Breathing and studied with more Advanced Modern Breathwork teachers who introduced me to the Circular Breathing, 4-7-8 breathing developed by Dr. Weil and the 4-count box breathing. This training with Loka Yoga School is absolutely amazing! Each technique has one shorter video of the breathwork technique slowly explained and demonstrated, which was perfect because as I was learning it I could just focus on that video and not have to search through a longer one. Then I loved having an opportunity to actually practice with the longer videos to really have it come together as I practice and sometime it was interesting just to see how well I could keep up. I loved the Pranayamas, preparation and many beautiful sounding breathing exercises, I only hope I can pronounce them as beautifully as Taryn and Yann and do them justice! The anatomy component with Yann was so awesome! I did not expect such a detailed course and while admittedly there were parts that were somewhat over my head, there were others that allowed me to have that wonderful “ah-ha!” moment which is always the best indicator for me of the instructor’s expertise and my good fortune to be learning from them. To me, it was worth watching every single bit of it, so I cannot think what could even be improved.
I love the fact that this training was so comprehensive! I’d heard wonderful things about your course and am so glad to have experienced it. I was challenged and amazed at the depth of the anatomy and physiology in this breathwork course and delighted by your expertise in preparing for Pranayama. Once we completed the Advance Modern Breathwork, including Circular Breathing, Holotropic Breathing, even Rebirthing we were finally ready for the nuts and bolts on the actual teaching of breathwork. To me that’s when the real gems came out -as you generously provided your insights, wisdom and years of experience. Many thanks!

– Jacqueline Davis (United States)

I came to the course with a minimal Breathwork background, but already feel like I have a great basis for starting my Breathwork journey. The information provided was clear, concise and thorough, and gave me ample opportunity to participate as I was learning. The videos were all great. Not too long, but had clear explanations. Text was great, so much learning was included!
– Rachael Elizabeth Kedey (Australia)

To me, this training was perfect and I I absolutely loved it all. The pranayama & the modern breathwork were incredible, I love how it is demonstrated & how it is really broken down and explained. I feel like it is an ocean full of surprises & I need to dive deeper. Loka Yoga School, you enlighten me & show me the way which I’m really grateful for.
– Ahmed Tareq Elfeqy (Egypt)

I heard the call to lean into Breathwork and found my way to Loka Yoga School.  Every word I read resonated so I signed up.  Intentional, full of integrity.  I appreciate the ancient teachings and the modern.  I was pleasantly surprised at the time given to acknowledge the importance of anatomy, science and being a responsible, accountable guide. Each Breathwork lesson was delightful and potent. I am left feeling confident in my practice and grateful for the experience…prepared to share with others.
– Brandee Walton (USA)

The breathwork course was wonderful!  It started by introducing applicable anatomy and physiology information. It was quite a bit of information but it was presented in a very digestible way.  Then it moved into such interesting history regarding the ancient pranayama examples and then to modern breath work examples.  The course wrapped-up with very useful tips about teaching breathwork.  I left the course with a confidence that I certainly didn’t have going in.
– Beth Cooper (USA)

This Breathwork Teacher Training was an amazing experience in itself. Pairing this training with the meditation course was a great option. I feel comfortable in my practices and exploring new practices. I am glad that this course went into depth about breathing at the anatomical level. It was very informative and educational. This course covered all introductory bases and when paired with the meditation course, I came out very informed. I especially appreciated the features of each practice with the listed benefits, especially the clinical benefits. The Breathwork & Meditation trainings at Loka Yoga School have helped me gain a very solid introductory understanding to both subjects of meditation and breathwork.
Taylor Heeney (USA)

Thank you so much for an incredible training experience. I am so grateful I found this training. My intention for joining was to gain a deeper understanding of breathwork and this training delivered this and so much more. I loved learning all of the different breathing techniques and incorporating new ones into my practice. I cannot recommend this enough and thank you so much for this beautiful journey!
Sarah Lewis (Switzerland living in Dubai, UAE)

I learned much more than I expected – I am so grateful! I understand that this is a start and that there is much to learn through practice and experience. I look forward to deepen my knowledge through my own practice to further on share this practice with others. The practical components are clear and easy to follow. You really learn how to perform the different techniques. I find anatomy and physiology very interesting in general (and have previous training), so I really appreciated this part and to deepen my knowledge in the function of the respiratory system. The Breathwork theory classes are very good and necessary to know the theoric basis! I think the whole training, with all the included parts, gives a great ground to be able to share breathwork in a safe and “professional” way. Thank you!
– Marit Eriksson (Sverige)

This training is clear, concise, effective & run with integrity. Very professional. The anatomy sessions were so helpful and the Breathwork tutorials and practices were calm clear & concise, really good. LI loved the relevance & visuals in the Anatomy classes too, very helpful. The entire course is obviously taught through experience & heart-centered. Thank you Taryn & Yann!
– Catherine Jane Dodd (England)

Learning breathwork with Loka Yoga School was uplifting and super easy to follow! Great information about pranayama and the breathwork techniques and how to facilitate as a breath worker.
– Selina Ailini Scott (New Zealand)

To deepen my knowledge I decided to take part in the Loka Yoga School breathwork training. I especially appreciated the self-paced aspect. The training contains a lot of important contents like anatomy, theory, the different breathworking techniques and tips for teaching. Each technique includes a full class taught by Taryn, which is a wonderful way to get a deeper understanding of the practice. Thank you very much for the experiences I made during the course. I‘m happy to include them in my daily practice and to share them with my pupils.
– Christine Jochum-Müller (Germany)

I highly recommend the Loka Yoga School Breathwork Teacher Training for those who want to understand the origin of breathing techniques and the anatomy as well as physiology behind breathwork. I came into this course as a way to take my first step into breathing facilitation to complement my personal daily practice. I walk away very content, because this experience has provided me with more tools to begin to incorporate breathwork techniques into my offerings. My favorite section was the anatomy & physiology section – I really appreciated the emphasis on anatomy and why we feel what we feel when participating in pranayama and breathwork. I enjoyed learning about how oxygen & carbon dioxide move throughout the body, which is what leads to some of the sensations in the body.  I also enjoyed the mudras and bandhas section as I have now incorporated these into my own pranayama practice. I enjoyed learning about how circular breathing can be good for certain bodies but not for others. I also enjoyed learning the origins of holotropic breathwork and rebirthing. This is a great course for anyone who is looking to dig into the how and why behind different pranayama techniques.
– Sarah Hutcherson (USA)

This breathwork training was a great way to accumulate and increase my knowledge about breath. Breath is life, breath is energy and often times we are unaware of how and why we are breathing. This is reflected in our life as often we operate unconsciously through habitual programs, taking conscious control of our breath is a gateway to take back conscious control of our lives and Taryn and Yann do a great job of guiding you through the process as well as educating you on how to share your newfound knowledge and experience. Enjoyed this course and recommend it to anyone looking to further their knowledge on all things breathing!
– Mason James Steffen (USA)

The online Breathwork teacher training program offered by Loka Yoga School is well organised, beautifully presented and very easy to navigate. I was particularly pleasantly surprised by how in-depth the anatomy part of the training program was, without it becoming to complex or too technical. I had not expected this part of the training to be so interesting, or to be so extensive and well-presented! Thank you to Yann for being able to communicate such complex processes so clearly, and for explaining the link between the physical processes that take place during Breathwork and the psychological effects it has. The Breathwork techniques are divided into traditional pranayama techniques, and more modern forms of Breathwork. Each technique is explained, with each explanation including uses and contraindications, and is then beautifully demonstrated by Taryn. I will definitely continue to revisit sections of the training program, both to benefit my personal Breathwork practice, and as a tool to assist me in bringing this practice to the clients at my yoga studio. Well done Taryn and Yann!
– Natascha Pereira (Australia)

Very interesting teacher training! Loved the ability to ‘go at your own pace’! Much appreciated!
– Lindsay Brook Bodin (USA)

Loved this training! I expected to learn breathwork techniques and how to instruct… my expectations were exceeded! The anatomy was taught in a way that was digestible and not too overwhelming. The techniques of breathwork explained wonderfully and how to instruct. Learning each of the breathwork techniques and how to instruct is priceless and I’m so excited to help others! Very thankful for this and I’m very excited to help others.
– Lindsay Brook Bodin (USA)

This entire training was just excellent. It far exceeded my expectations. The videos were clear and the practices too. I don’t feel there is anything that can be improved and it is certainly a bargain for the price.
Gabriela González Segura (South Africa)

This Breathwork course was wonderful! The science background was very insightful and helpful. The breathwork techniques, theory and anatomy were amazing! I have enjoyed practicing all of the breathing techniques. It has been a wonderful journey and I look forward to sharing what I have learned with others.
– Erin Cato (USA)

I actually already teach meditation and found this course a super helpful and practical way to learn different breathwork techniques to add to my classes as a pre-cursor to a meditation. The instructions are clear and background information thorough – I feel fully equipped to teach a breathwork session with confidence.
– Rebecca Kilvington (UK)

What a fantastic Breathwork Teacher Training course this was to navigate! I delighted in every component, as it allowed me to learn how I can enhance the health and wellbeing of those I support, whilst also learning to nurture myself. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire training, as I felt it was a fantastic balance of everything, both written, videographic and length wise. I particurly enjoyed learning about Prana and all of the Pranayama and Breathwork techniques, both traditional and modern, as it enhanced my knowledge beautifully! I am elated that I pursued this journey, not only to benefit my own health and well-being, but all who I engage with in a professional sense. The entire course was so thorough and articulated wonderfully! It has been an absolute gift to myself. I am blessed with the abundance of knowledge I know have and can share, so in turn to gift others!
– Maddie Schipper (New Zealand)

I absolutely loved this online Breathwork teacher training! Thank you for thoroughly going through the science and the ancient traditions of each technique. Each of the videos are always clear and easy to understand and I enjoyed the pace and the instructional videos. Thank you for taking me a little further in my step making and offering me this certified Breathwork course!
– Samantha Haines (Australia)

Loka Yoga School did a wonderful job taking a lot of information and providing information to us in palatable pieces. From learning about the pranic body, benefits, making sure we know of the contra-indications, learning about the respiratory system + understand how our breath impacts our lungs, mudras, basics of breath and more advanced Breathwork. You can tell a lot of time and effort went into this training and I will be accessing it A LOT as it has so many great nuggets of information!
– Brittni Bonville (USA)

I love this school. The courses are easy to follow and the information is relevant. I’ve found this experience to be empowering and I’m glad I decided to start this journey.
– Tapainga Scott (USA)

Loka Yoga School did a fantastic job instructing me on the many breathwork techniques there are and the benefits to breathwork.  It exceeded my expectations. The layout and structure was exactly what I needed.  I loved that it was self-paced and I could watch the videos over and over until I was comfortable. I found the Anatomy component just enough to be able to explain the science but not too much where I felt overwhelmed. I began my practice just for myself but as a high school teacher teaching during the pandemic, I found it helpful to bring in short breathwork sessions with my students.  I wouldn’t feel as confident if it were not for this course.  Thank you!
– Kristie Opaleski (USA)

I would like to start off by saying I was not sure what to expect when signing up for the online Breathwork Teacher Training with Loka Yoga School. There were many options online and picking the right school was quite difficult. I immediately went to the Loka Yoga School’s Instagram and the presence and energy I received from afar was enough to pull me in. I could tell the teachers were passionate and knowledgeable. The training was broken down so that myself and other students can really take something valuable from this course. We went over the mudras, many pranayama techniques, anatomy, advanced modern techniques and becoming a breathwork teacher. They exceeded my expectations and really made me feel comfortable doing 1 on 1 sessions after completing the training.  I have practice to do and will be sure to practice every day, however thanks to the teachings of Loka Yoga School I now have the confidence to teach others and help all heal!
– Asia Marie Hayes (USA)

I really enjoyed the Breathwork teacher training with Loka Yoga School. It helped me deepen my understanding of how breathing works and why Breathwork is so beneficial for our overall well-being. I also liked learning about so many different techniques in more detail and practice each of them in turn. The teaching style of both Yann and Taryn made it easy to follow and it was a lot of fun to go through the course materials. I liked the structure of the practical Breathwork instructions. Having a separate section for each technique made it easy to guide through it and spend enough time with every technique. The videos and explanations were well structured and easy to follow. Thank you! 🙂
– Lisa Marie Oehm (Germany)

I really appreciate and value the anatomy section of the online Breathwork training with Loka Yoga School. I feel like it’s information every breathwork practitioner should be aware of.  I really enjoyed the way the training progressed by first learning the anatomy, the mudras/bandhas, and then the techniques! And all the pranayama and modern breathwork techniques shared were taught in a way that’s truly digestible and understandable. I’ll be revisiting them all often. I am excited to practice on my own and extend this practice to others as I continue to hone this gift!
– Jocelyn Valencia (USA)

I really enjoyed this breathwork training. It was highly informative and well structured, and thorough on all aspects of breathwork. My favorite lessons were those on the pranayama techniques, I had never studied those before. I found them to be extremely thorough and helpful.  Taryn’s teachings are great and she is a thorough teacher. I especially liked where she separated the lessons into two parts, breaking down how to perform each technique then offering a full practice.
– Elizabeth Eaves (US)

This was a really great course that built my knowledge and confidence. It was something I looked forward to doing for myself every week at a pace that worked well for my current lifestyle. I am inspired and confident to continue my breathwork journey.
– Molly McWhirter (USA)

I loved how the training was organized in this Breathwork Teacher Training. Topics were clearly explained and things made sense. The course exceeded my expectations; I wanted actual techniques to use and this had them all! Also, they were explained very clearly and concisely.
– Jenny Shroyer (USA)

This self paced training is exactly what I needed as I am a visual learner. Having full length videos, as well as having it written out like a text book and video examples and presentations throughout is what made me so successful. I really enjoyed practicing the techniques; how fun to experience the different benefits of each one. It helps me through everyday life. I was very pleased to learn more about the Anatomy & Physiology too, as I have a very special someone who’s in a field like this and I found this helps me better understand him and his work as now it is part of mine. I enjoyed the explanation and techniques and how they tie in together. I found myself smiling as things were clicking. I will continue to review the content throughout the training to better myself and my practice. I also enjoyed the detailed videos of each technique. Taryn’s voice is easy to understand and soothing and she took her time to carefully explain everything. I am looking forward to leading others through some of the few experiences that I have had and many more. If you’re not sure about whether to purchase this course, the answer is YES, at least for yourself.
Carley Perry (USA)

I feel like this Breathwork Teacher Training was a jam packed training with invaluable information that I’ve already started to incorporate for myself and will be sharing with others. It was more than I expected but, in a good way lots of techniques, demonstrations and practice audio or sessions were also unexpected but very helpful. If you are interested in learning or even an experienced teacher I believe that there is something that can be learned by everyone in this training and can have a long lasting impact.
Richard Pimentel (USA)

Finally a science based approach on ancient breathwork techniques and modern breathwork as well. It covers pretty much all the basic pranayama, modern and relating benefits and contraindications. I really loved the practice session that demonstrates the breathing technique. Absolutely love the science behind each techniques. I think it is very important to know and understand what is happening in our body when we practice and teach breathwork. It helps me to give clear images to my clients when they need to understand more. It also make it feel more real and less like something weird and out of reach. We feel that Yann and Taryn are experimented and qualified teachers.
– Geneviève Masse (Canada)

Loved it. Exceeded expectations!
– Ewelina Nowikowska (United Kingdom)

 This course of amazing. I learned so much. I love the techniques they go over and you really tell they are teaching from love. The energy is very apparent in the lessons.
– Mala Vora (USA)

I had no idea there were so many breathwork techniques possible! There was excellent detail and very pertinent. There are way more breathwork techniques than I ever knew and realised and the Breathwork theory classes were a good combo with the practical side too. I have learnt a lot from this Breathwork Teacher Training, and will now spend some time focusing on incorporating the techniques into my life, so I can then teach them to others. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.
Melanie Davidson (New Zealand)

This was a great breathwork training! So in-depth! There is so much information that I will be able to go back through the material and learn even more and more every time I go through it, with each technique and as well as the anatomy and physiology portion. All-in-all a great training with extensive information and practical knowledge! The value far exceeds the price paid, without any doubt. I would recommend this breathwork teacher training to anyone seeking to deepen their practice or teach breathwork.
– David Stott (USA)

I have many years of breathwork experience, and yet I still learned a lot in this teacher training!
– Emily Steines (USA)

I’ve actually already been practicing Breathwork for years but this course introduced me to new techniques and their benefits. I now feel empowered to deepen my own practice and explore coming up with my own style to teach others too!
Amber Morgan (USA)

Great Breathwork Teacher Training, very comprehensive and concise. I really enjoyed and learned a great deal in all of the lessons. The Anatomy and Physiology was challenging and so valuable with a lot of information. The content exceeded my expectations.
– Inna Polk (USA)

Excellent course. Although i have been teaching meditation and breathwork techniques for many years i still learnt a lot of new things. The videos were beautiful and exercises were very well explained. There were many different techniques that were explained, those relating to ancient traditions and also modern breathwork techniques. It also included anatomy and physiology, which was useful, even though it is not my favourite subject. All in all the course was very informative, very well explained, and included video, audio and written notes. Well worth the cost.
– Kay Milton (UK)

This training was such an incredible learning experience. It is clear that the teachers at Loka Yoga School are truly passionate about teaching others and is committed to ensuring instructors will be adequately prepared! Wonderful!!
Bridget Foust (USA)

I really enjoyed learning the different types of pranayama and breathwork techniques. I can integrate them into my coaching practice!
– Nikki Kett (USA)

The detailed explanations of how each technique technique is performed along with Is an actual practice of the technique is of the technique made learning not only enjoyable but very easy to follow.
– Eric J Pimm (USA)

This training deepened my understanding of breathwork and opened me up to new elements of the practice I hadn’t considered or was previously unaware of. I think this class is especially helpful to complement another teaching modality like yoga or meditation, or both, as you see and experience what a missing link breathwork can be between the two. I also am proud to share that I finished this training at 7 months pregnant and felt safe in exploring as far as I wanted, but was able to back off when needed.
Kristina Carson (USA)

Totally awesome Teacher Training for Breathwork. Easy to follow and explanations are clear and concise. Self-paced works amazing for people that live busy lives, such as myself. Anatomy and Physiology was an amazing eye opener for me as I have practiced daily breathwork for many years but wasn’t aware of the abundance of benefits to our everyday existence. Using the Mudras I noticed a subtle change and more intense changes in some areas of the body and mind by being more conscious and noticing, not just focusing on the breathing. The Pranayama Techniques practice sessions were an eye opener for me as on my journey of daily breathing I wasn’t aware of the different styles and benefits of breathing. The modules around teaching breathwork have given me great knowledge and confidence to teach others in group and one on one settings. This amazing course well and truly exceeded all of my expetations and I highly recommend this training to anyone that would love to become a Breathwork Teacher or learn more for their own self benefits and transformation.
Judy-Anne Freeman (Australia)

This Breathwork Training online course exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about breathwork or become a breathwork instructor. This class covers both the anatomy and physiology of the body and lungs plus practical demonstrations of the various breathwork techniques. It also covers useful information about being a breathwork instructor and handling classroom situations. The classes are well organized and utilize a combination of text, graphics or visual aids, and videos to convey the breathwork information. Being an online class, students progress at their own speed and can review the lessons or material to ensure a through understanding. Proper breathwork can be a useful practice to any person who seeks to improve their health and wellbeing and this course offers an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge of breathwork. An increased understanding of proper breathwork will certainly help me with yoga and meditation sessions. Thanks Taryn and Yann for sharing your breathwork knowledge and experience with us!
James Gaston (USA)

Very informative! I enjoyed the details on the physical aspects and anatomy, and I enjoyed the practice sessions of each breath. I feel much more confident not only in my own practice and understanding of the different methods of breathwork, but in offering it to others now as well.
– Jennifer Lappe (USA)

Very nice and interesting course, a lot of useful information, a lot of different styles of Breathwork. The anatomy and physiology lectures are excellent with great explanation, everything is given in the best manner to understand. I am so happy I took this course and I think it will be useful for my students too. Breathwork is not only useful, it is a MUST today, because it helps to solve physical health problems and psychological or emotional problems too. This training allowed me to understand how Breathwork can be useful when working with fear, anxiety and so on. Fantastic!
Nomeda Cerniauskaite (Lithuania)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I came to this course a complete novice in breathwork. I had heard of it but never really understood it. I joked and told my friends I was learning to breathe! This Breathwork Teacher Training with Loka Yoga School is really excellent for taking me through to get a solid grounding and understanding in breathwork. It is thoughtfully designed and exceptionally well executed. It keeps the participant engaged, even through the hard topics like the anatomy. It all comes together well and the student gains a walk through the concept of breathwork, to the practice and eventually through to how to share their learning with others. If interested in breathwork I would thoroughly recommend this course. You simple can’t go wrong with it. A very enjoyable learning experience that leaves you wanting more. Thank you!
– Lorna Prince (United Kingdom)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Great course. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire training and loved all classes. Highly recommend!
– Gabriel Simmons Franklin (USA)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This course exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed my healing journey through the course, and I feel safe practicing the techniques. I appreciated the guidance from Taryn if I had any questions while studying. I thought that the content was extremely detailed. I am familiar with virtual learning environments, and I really enjoyed the videos that allowed me to apply and practice what I read. I also enjoyed learning at my own pace. Not having “exams” allowed me as the student to focus more on absorbing the techniques and education vs strictly memorization. I work in the heath administrative and holistic field and I am so excited to share my journey.
– Autumn Wert (United States of America)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am so happy I decided to go with this Breathwork Training course! It has been stress-free and very informative. I have interacted with the Loka Yoga School teachers in person via my instagram and I can see and feel the passion they both have for yoga and pranayama. I still have to integrate the sanskrit and work on my pronunciation in regards to breathwork, but I have been practicing and touch on it while I teach a yoga class. This course has brought it all together for me and allowed me to integrate my personal practice so I can now go and teach a more knowledgeable practice.
– Laura La-roque (UK)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is by and far the most economical breathwork teacher training available anywhere. It’s comprehensive, offers exceptional value, and is a great point of departure on your journey to becoming a certified breathwork instructor. The course flows logically from theory to practice and offers great insight on class planning and student support. Taryn and Yann are knowledgeable and passionate about breathwork and they share their expertise generously and from the heart throughout. This breathwork course has helped me deepen and expand my own breathwork practice, and I look forward to incorporating these skills and techniques into the classes I offer as well.
– Morgana Braveraven (Canada)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

An excellent introduction and experience of a Breathwork Training. Upon completion I have the confidence needed to lead my own classes and share the benefits of breathwork with others. Great historical framework and understanding of the ancient techniques used for centuries and a brief introduction to the more modern techniques. More practice, learning and training will be required on my part, but this course gives you the proper tools to send you on your way.
– Bob Shindelar (USA)

I would highly recommend the Breathwork teacher training with Loka Yoga School to anyone who loves practicing Breathwork and would like to build the confidence and knowledge to share the wonderful world of breathing with friends and colleagues. I really enjoyed every element of the training, particularly as they built the knowledge base as I flowed through the building blocks and Breathwork techniques. I also appreciate the detail and demonstrations for each technique and then how each technique followed with a practice that allowed me to experience the full effect of the Breathwork. All areas were exceptionally informative and well presented by both Taryn and Yann. Having practiced Breathwork for the past 3 years I now feel confident to take my experience to a wider group of people – huge love and gratitude.
– David Rees (UK)

Loka Yoga School offered a great way for me to expand my current practice and education of Breathwork with their self-paced training.  This program allowed me to learn at my own pace and was convenient as I work full time and have other responsibilities that limit my availability for the typical breathwork training. I really enjoyed the lessons and felt very confident after each chapter in understanding the different elements of each practice.  I enjoyed how thorough each lesson was and I am a hands on learner, so the videos that allowed me to experience each part of the practice were extremely fundamental for me. My level of understanding of the practice of pranayama and breathwork overall has increased dramatically and I enjoyed the thoroughness and detail of each portion of instruction.
Blair Engberg (USA)

The online Breathwork Teacher Training with Loka Yoga School is a really great course and an amazing experience which I would highly recommend to those wishing to teach, strengthen their self practice and knowledge and discover new aspects of themselves! It was a truly great experience, each class and topic was thoroughly explained so it was easy to understand with complete explanation.. This course has all the basic knowledge too and is perfect for people who want to know all about this subject. There was also excellent guided practices for every technique which I loved! I’m glad I chose this online course to learn and practice this amazing tool. I decided to take this Breathwork course because I noticed I wasn’t breathing properly, my lack of knowledge about this subject took me to do my research about how I could improve it and how important it is to our quality of life. The information about how our respiratory system works is a key to understand how the breathing techniques work and the great benefits we can have from them. Also how breathwork can change our life! Each breathing technique has great benefits that can improve our mental. emotional and physical health but also be aware that not all the techniques could be good for us if we have a pre-existing condition, ill, injury, etc. It is important to know what and what doesn’t work for us because we all have different health conditions and all of this information is explained in-depth throughout the training and for each technique. Breathwork is a great tool to connect to our inner self; when we focus on our breathing we disconnect from the external world and it gives us the opportunity to connect and discover our feelings and emotions. Additionally, and beside the spiritual benefits, all our systems, organs have an optimum work when we realize the importance of breathwork and practicing on a regular basis. Becoming a habit and part of our life will be the best gift we can give to ourselves.
A special thank you to the incredible instructors; you’re doing an excellent job!
– Yulitza Aldana (Canada)

I truly enjoyed my learning experience in this online Breathwork Teacher Training and found the entire course truly fascinating!  It covers all of the facets one must know to be able to teach others.   If you are not already well practiced and skilled in the various pranayamas taught in this course, practice is KEY to being able to teach them so you can understand what each student is experiencing in the learning process.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to teach breathwork to others!
Jennifer Passavant (USA)

Breathwork has changed me in so many ways… I have experienced a huge emotional and physical transformation throughout this training with Loka Yoga School! This course is well planned in detail, from anatomy of breathing, to theory, and then practical. I didn’t realize before just how many different techniques there are of breathing!
Breathing has helped me with my chronic illness and now when I’m in a state of anxiety/stress/overload, I often get reminded by my partner to BREATHE! “Sama Vritti”
This is one of those times when I just say to anyone… do it!! You will shock yourself how deep we carry things and how this will help you unload and release stuff you thought you had handled. This is the real deal. It sounds like I may be
overselling it, but I promise you I am not. Go love yourself and just do it!
– Shahyda Mahomed (Malawi)

I really enjoyed this journey of exploring the depths of Breathwork. The combination of science, structure and ancient practices in this breathwork teacher training were really powerful to learn together and I enjoyed having a deeper understanding of how breathwork affects the mind, body, emotional state and energy bodies. I enjoyed the layered approach in teaching each part; to understand it’s core, why it is helpful, potential issues and how it can be used. I also really enjoyed the practical side. I’ve loved immersing myself into my own practice during this training and experiencing such different things with each pranayama and breathing technique. I’m really looking forward to weaving this practice further into my own world, and into the women’s circles I run already.
– Katy Baynes (New Zealand)

This breathwork training exceeded my expectations.  The instructors were knowledgeable, easy to understand and follow.  I was really impressed with the anatomy portion explaining the process of the gas exchange in the lungs tying proper breathwork in with a balanced healthy lifestyle.  Each section of the course was explained and practiced so that the student fully understands what is expected of the breathwork practice. I am excited to continue my practice and share all I have learned with my students.   Thank you Loka Yoga School
Karen Anne Fasulo (Canada)

Oh WOW! This training with Loka Yoga School was more than I expected. I am so happy there are online courses, being so far away. I am hooked! The breathwork practices were my favorite. I really enjoy learning the breathwork technique then having a separate video for a practice. I LOVED the information on anatomy too. The biology is so important, even though it can be complex sometimes. Yann is amazing and so knowledgeable. Thank you so much for all the added content. I really feel the entire experience and cannot wait to keep going on this journey to help others get into their breath too! Thank you so much!!
– Nicole Hammond (USA)

I loved this course so much. It was everything I hoped for and more! Every technique is explained, demonstrated and then has an entire practice, which I loved. The course is extremely detailed, in-depth and comprehensive with absolutely everything I feel I needed.
Sophie Schuller (Netherlands)

Taryn and Yann are incredibly knowledgeable on the subject, and provide insight from their personal and professional experience.  I appreciate the availability of the instructors for any questions as well! I didn’t realize how rigorous the breath work practice would be, but it forced me to go through the challenges and benefits which were amazing. My favorite features was noting importance of self care and my own breathwork practice; remaining humble and informed; the compassion from instructors; guided breath work videos from instructors.
– Anonymous (Delaware, US)

This is a great online Breathwork course. It covers theory practice and instruction. After practicing for a year on my own, I feel more confident and have a deeper understanding of my practice now. Thank you Loka Yoga School!
Lindsey Meredith (USA)

I thoroughly enjoyed this Breathwork Training. All of the lectures and videos were easy to understand and I look forward to implementing my learnings. I retain information easily by reading so I enjoyed all theory work and was grateful there was written content and subtitles too. Yann offers a lot of information on Anatomy & Physiology of the breath. There is a lot to take in so I’m glad I have lifetime access. Taryn has a really wonderful presence and is a great Breathwork teacher.
– Renee Milton (Australia)

This online training is so well presented, personal and has really given me the necessary knowledge to go about teaching Breathwork. I have been looking into breathwork on my own for about a year now and when I came across this training, I knew it was what I needed to expand with this practice. It exceeded all expectations and is definitely rated 5 stars! I would highly recommend Loka Yoga School to anyone.
Justine Marie Joseph (USA)

I felt that the online Breathwork Teacher Training program with Loka Yoga School was extremely in-depth. I was not familiar with Breathwork prior to taking the course and I feel like I have a solid foundation to start my own Breathwork practice, also in hopes of sharing breathwork with others. The videos were professional and very helpful – as I am a visual learner. Learning the science behind breathing was complex and actually gave me more appreciation for breathing. The platform Loka Yoga School use is very easy to navigate, tracks your progress and will be easy to go back to for reference. I am also signed up for their online Yin Yoga and Mediation training and following this training, I am super excited to see what I learn!
– Holly Louise Kane (America)

Overall, I was very satisfied with the teaching in the Loka Yoga School Breathwork Teacher Training course. I had very little knowledge prior to taking the course. I was glad to see that there was a blend of both ancient and modern breathwork. In addition to that, it was good to see the relevant parts of anatomy and physiology covered so there was an understanding of what was happening when breathwork was taking place. I was also very happy to see great advice and direction being given regarding when you start to teach. It was the most inspiring part of the whole course. I liked the hierarchy that was built in the actual breathwork section of the course. Starting with fundamental breathing techniques and then moving on to ancient pranayama techniques and then modern breathwork techniques was well put together. The bulk of the course was the pranayama techniques. All of the information that was given was concise and comprehensive.
– Matthew Brady (USA)

I loved this course so much! Breathwork has been something that has my interest and I wanted to learn more about it; this course allowed me to explore different parts of breathwork, the anatomy, and ways to teach Breathwork. I loved learning about the different types and it’s meaning behind it, and why we do them. I loved the different graphics that were used as well, as I am a visual learner. It was super easy to follow along, the anatomy components were all completely relevant and fascinating and overall, it has well exceeded my expectations! I wouldn’t change a thing!
– Daziah Green (USA)

This Breathwork Teacher Training course has been great and far exceeded my expectations! It has a lot of variety on different types of Breathwork and will have a suitable style of breathing for everyone. I feel my understanding of Breathwork has greatly improved after finishing this course. I didn’t actually realise how many different types of breathwork there actually is out there, so it has been great to learn about the various types.  The practical videos were great; they show everything you need to know to learn the techniques correctly and include full-length practices as well. There was also a nice balance of theory, anatomy and understanding. This training has really shown me how beneficial controlled breathing techniques can be and allowed me to appreciate all various techniques.
– William Stonehouse (Australia)

I thoroughly enjoyed this Breathwork teacher training course. It was informative, interactive and practical. I feel like I have a much better understanding of the importance of breathwork as a whole and have been exposed to a broad range of techniques that I did not know existed until now. The practical element of the course ensured that I left with a deeper and more personal understanding of how each breathing technique affects the body and mind. Taryn was a fantastic guide throughout the course. Her calming voice was an ideal way to walk us through each new technique. This is an easy to use resource that I’m sure I will return to time and time again for my personal practice. As a healthcare professional, I really appreciated the detail that Yann provided in the anatomy and physiology lectures. In my opinion, these were vital to ensure a full understanding of breathwork, along with its benefits and contraindications. I would highly recommend this course to everyone!
– Lucy-Anne O’Sullivan (Ireland)

This self-paced online Breathwork course was so detailed and full of knowledge! It was professionally laid out, easy to follow and so enjoyable. The lessons were so in-depth and so full of knowledge, I am grateful to be able to go back and rewatch the videos to really understand and absorb all of the content – the benefits and bonus of an online, self-paced training!! As I don’t have a background in human biology or anatomy, I personally find this subject more difficult to remember and retain the info.
I am grateful to Taryn and Yann for all the effort they put into the course and I am 100% confident to go into the world now and practice myself and guide others.
Alexandra Mae Scott (Australia)

This training had a great mixture of anatomy and physiology of the breath, pranayama practices and the modern circular, holotropic and rebirthing breathwork practices. I really liked how there was a detailed description with every type of breath, instruction and the added practice video. This helped me make sure I was doing it right and to see what it’s like actually practiced. The anatomy teachings are very valuable to students that do not have this background. Very helpful to know what is happening in the body and how to breathe properly. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to develop a daily breathing practice or sharpen their tools to facilitate for others!
– Broc Sheets (America)

Thank you so much to the teachers at Loka Yoga School for your energy and sharing your knowledge throughout your online Breathwork Teacher Training! I really enjoy taking this course at my own pace. The anatomy and physiology as it relates to Breathwork is brilliant; I like that you bring to awareness the importance of knowing the anatomy & physiology. Taryn’s teachings of each technique is wonderful, I love her magnetic energy and I really enjoyed the guided practice videos… I’m still watching the videos daily as my part of my morning practice! It is such a bonus in comparison to an in-person training where you don’t have the ongoing classes once it’s all over.
Overall this training has allowed me to realise that I LOVE Breathwork! This course has definitely improved my understanding and practice. I loved every practice, class and lecture and I’m so happy and proud to be able to experience this teaching, a valuable key to my spiritual journey. I am now aware and conscious about my breath and may share the teachings with others.

– Eva Angelica Brambila (USA)

This Breathwork course is perfect for people who would like to explore the various Breathwork techniques and want to introduce this amazing subject to others. The instructions of this course are well-prepared and a great structure. I enjoyed learning with Loka Yoga School very much and the training exceeded my expectations. It teaches the foundations of breathwork and significant breathwork techniques that will boost energy and assist many people, in terms of health benefits. This course is easy to understand, never boring, and perfect preparation for starting to be Breathwork Facilitator.  I particularly loved the Circular Breathing session the most; it gave me a clear understanding about teaching breathwork and made me feel excited to use the tips in my teaching practice too. The music is amazing and powerful. Overall, this is an amazing & impressive breathwork course, with excellent value for money, compared with other breathwork courses and institutions!
Jitrinee Ratchataroj (Thailand)

Excellent, self-paced training. It was a great experience that well exceeded my expectations and I learnt so much. I love that the videos included subtitles too, so I could read along with everything being said. Extremely professional online Breathwork Teacher Training!
Kimberley Lauren Lewis Albright (USA)

This Breathwork course was amazing! Taking a deeper dive in to all of the various breathwork practices, not just the modern day umbrella “Breathwork”. I was super impressed. Taryn is extremely knowledgeable and breaks down all of the different sections in easy to understand ways. Yann offers anatomy and physiology of the breath taking us on a deeper journey of understanding. The whole Breathwork teacher training was extremely very informative and I can’t wait to dive deeper in to my own practice!
Devin Flynn (USA)

The Breathwork course with Loka Yoga School was much more than I expected!  It went really in-depth with the science behind breathing to start with. Then it continued to go into depth with the types and benefits of the various types of breathing. It was really helpful to have someone first show how it was done in a dramatic manner, then to walk me through the actual practice of it. I enjoyed learning about the science behind everything too, as it connected the spiritual with the science for me. I would definitely recommend this school for learning Breathwork!
– Joline Spencer (USA)

Many thanks to the entire Loka Yoga School team for this great comprehensive Breathwork teacher training!  I am so grateful for discovering this training and learning all of the breathing techniques that I was not familiar with before!  For me, this training was super comprehensive and clearly structured and of great value.
I thank you for the mixture of philosophy (mantras, mudras, bandhas), anatomy, theory, poses and sequencing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge as the Loka Yoga School team, and for passing it on to everyone interested in the world of breathwork.
– Diana Pavic (Croatia)

 I was pleasantly surprised by this Breathwork Teacher Training with Loka Yoga School, being that is was online/ virtual. The instructors took the time to ensure that all material was complete and easy to understand with a combination of videos. workshops and written material. I expected some of the techniques to be confusing and uncomfortable, but didn’t experience this at all. After going through the full training, I realized that there are gentle breathwork techniques as well as more intense ones and that the modern techniques are not the only Breathwork skills required. I am very much looking forward to incorporating this modality into my practice.
Cynthia Cleveland (USA)

A super well-organized and very well explained course, I am so delighted I chose to do this online Breathwork Teacher Training with Loka Yoga School. I have only ever taught Ujjaii breathing in my classes before, so I now have a collection to offer! I really enjoyed the detailed Anatomy of the breath too. I highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone. It has benefited my personal practice as well as my teaching toolkit.
– Marie Louise Fiedler (Puerto Rico)

I did not expect this course to be as engaging as it was!  I was really interested in the different types of breathwork techniques and how they impact the mind and body.  And, there were so many techniques included too! The “How to Perform” videos were a perfect length; short, thorough and to the point.  This was an exceptional Breathwork training for learning basic breathwork skills for everyday health and well being, as well as teaching and guiding Breathwork.  The videos are enjoyable to watch and not too lengthy.  The presenters, Taryn and Yann, are clear in their message and offer much insight to the foundation of breath.  A wonderful course with impactful follow along videos.  I can highly recommend this program for one who wants to explore breath and practice in their own time.
– Tamee Knox (USA)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This training was just amazing. It not only deepened my knowledge and personal practice of breathwork, it also taught me a lot about the anatomy of breathwork and advice on how to teach a class. I loved the practice videos with Taryn; each breathing technique was demonstrated so well and explained in a clear, calm and concise way that I wasn’t feeling rushed about. The theoretical information was very thorough and I enjoyed learning properly about all the different mudras too! And the anatomy classes with Yann was excellent. I love the diagrams and it was broken down in easy bite-sized chunks, which made it easy to understand. The whole experience was wonderful.
– Gillian Allison (UK)

I am so glad to have found a Breathwork Training course that is interesting as well as comprehensive.  As a professional yoga teacher, I think it is important to have a better understanding of Breathwork too, as it is an integral part of the yoga practice and should not be treated lightly.  I am grateful to have this further understanding for my personal practice and my teachings!
– Lisa Abrahams (Germany)

I am very happy and satisfied with the Breathwork Teacher Training course Loka Yoga School have created. Taryn and Yann are both so knowledgeable and enjoyable to learn from. I took the course because I wanted to deepen my understanding of the breathwork practices so that I would be better able to help my students. This teacher training is a really easy-to-understand and in-depth course. I now feel comfortable guiding my students in Breathwork! Great training and I am very glad I took it; it has certainly helped me a lot on my own personal journey and made me a better yoga teacher!
– Natascha Schelle (Denmark)

This Breathwork Training was a pleasant surprise. I have been skeptical about my continuing education done in a virtual world, but this was amazing. The literature was thorough. The anatomical explanation Yann provided in the beginning was most helpful in visualizing the process of the respiratory system and I really appreciated the additional presentations, lectures, work and effort.  The videos included with Taryn showing the methods was great to follow along with to become better acquainted with the breath method taught. Taryn and Yann did such a wonderful job.  I feel confident in the information presented and most certainly more knowledgeable of the plethora forms of Pranayama and modern Breathwork taught to me. I am excited to put my learning into action and integrate them into my yoga classes too. Thank you!
– Erina Justine Wells (USA)

Even though I already practice and teach some pranayama techniques, I experienced in this course a lot of new information and techniques!  Also really interesting from an anatomical and physiological point of view – I especially found the Hyperventilation presentation really interesting.  I really look forward to joining Loka Yoga School in Bali to meet these amazing teachers!
– Federica Costa (Italy)

This Breathwork Training definitely deserves 5 stars! The Breathwork classes were great and I got a lot out of them!  As a yoga teacher for high school students, I am super interested in all of the pranayama practices. The advanced breathwork techniques in this course were a bit beyond my level now and what I will be teaching, but I liked how each technique was broken down into different sections and highlighted the advanced practices. The tutorial and practice videos were excellent.  First, understanding how to perform the technique and then having time to practice them properly was fantastic.
Julie Fifield (USA)

Excellent Breathwork Teacher Training! I loved the modules on how to become a better teacher too. Very powerful. I also really loved that this training includes both Breathwork tools and the ancient Pranayama techniques. Very well-rounded course.
– Adrienne Rivera (USA)

As always with Loka Yoga School, so much amazing work has gone into this Breathwork Training.  This course certainly demonstrates passion and has everything you need to learn, understand, practice and teach Breathwork.  A HUGE “thank you” to Loka Yoga School in assisting me with pushing my awareness and skillset further.  This was my first time delving into breathwork so deeply and I found it absolutely amazing and transformational.
– Jay Gardam (Peak Physique, Australia)

I did not know what to expect of a Breathwork Training, however I was pleasantly surprised at the depth and knowledge of this course!  
I love learning about the anatomy associated with Breathwork. Knowledge is power! Yann’s explanation regarding the movement of oxygen coming in and out of the body was fantastic.  The presentation slides were super helpful in understanding some complicated concepts.  Honestly, there was so much information, all super!  I am happy I have lifetime access to I can go back and re-watch the videos too.
The theory lectures and material in the training was explained so well, in conjunction with the videos.
It was awesome how Taryn demonstrates each breathing technique first in a separate video, and then we enjoy the full-length practice. Taryn is an excellent presenter and demonstrator!  Her  instructions are clear and so easy to understand.  The guided classes cemented each technique and were so beautifully filmed in various settings in Bali.  Again, I am so happy to be able to practice them time and time again and will continue to challenge myself with the harder techniques over time. 
Thank you Taryn, Yann and Loka Yoga School for a brilliant Breathwork training!
– Bev Suszek (USA)

Fantastic Breathwork training covering all key aspects of anatomy, theory on the breathwork and teaching practice.  I enjoyed the huge variety of different techniques offered and also loved the more modern techniques taught too!  The teaching was very clear and easy to understand.
I have learned a lot from this course with Loka Yoga School and it is something that I will continue to include in my practice. I would recommend this course to anyone, my expectations were exceeded. Thank you for putting together such an interesting and informative course!
– Rebecca Beale (Scotland)

I’m feeling so excited, to not only expand my own practice, but to begin a deeper journey with my students too!  I have been teaching for quite some time now and I feel this Breathwork Training with Loka Yoga School has elevated my knowledge and classes.  It has given me something amazing, new and exciting to work with, develop and ultimately give back to my students. Breathwork is a beautiful offering and I feel so much gratitude to Taryn and Yann for such a beautiful, insightful training.  The course was so user-friendly and easy to navigate too.  I feel confident to begin to facilitate breathwork classes and share my new knowledge and skills.
Much gratitude and love.
– Courtney Bourke (Australia)

There is a great deal to learn about Breathwork and I enjoyed learning about where traditional breath wisdom connects with modern breathwork practices. This is just the beginning for me, and it was a great beginning!!
– Anthony Lamport (Canada)

I signed up for this online Breathwork course to boost my own understanding of various techniques and to understand their physiological impact. I teach yoga but have not previously placed much emphasis on pranayama.  I really wasn’t expecting such a comprehensive guide to the various breathing techniques and it was lovely to learn new ones I haven’t come across before. The Anatomy & Physiology component is so detailed and interesting. I love having the science back up. It makes me think more fully about breathing. Having completed the course, breathwork will definitely play a more prominent part in the practice I follow.  The entire training and all of the classes and knowledge shared are just amazing. I feel I have gained so much, thank you.
– Sarita Bansal (UK)

This Breathwork Training course has given me a solid foundation in breathwork, and the confidence to incorporate some of the techniques into my practice.  The descriptions of the techniques were very good, the settings were really nice too.  The theory was great and provided an excellent foundation for the learning and I found the Anatomy teachings super detailed and beneficial to the training, offering extensive knowledge and understanding.  I was not sure what to expect from a Breathwork Training, but any expectations were exceeded and I am really happy I completed this course with Loka Yoga School!
– Scott Mack (USA)

If you are looking to dive deeper into Breathwork, then look no further. Loka Yoga School offer a very comprehensive training covering all aspects of Breathwork including theory, anatomy, classes and teaching.
I signed up for this training to deepen my understanding for my own personal practice and for teaching and I am glad I did.  Taryn and Yann have a fantastic teaching style and make the learning process a delight.
– Rebecca Beale (Scotland)

I loved this course, I enjoyed learning more about the practical implications of anatomy to Breathwork and the classes with Taryn are always amazing!  Taryn and Yann are very experienced and knowledgeable experts.
This course is comprehensive and clearly guided.
Thank you so much Taryn and Yann.
– Margherita Peruzzo (Italy)

Excellent program!  I have now taken 3 separate trainings with Loka Yoga School and all have been absolutely wonderful!  I highly recommend this school.  They are professional, knowledgeable experts, and answer questions right away.  All teachers have such in-depth knowledge which they share clearly in their teachings, in an easy and absorbable way.  Best trainings and courses ever!
 Jacqui Maxfield (USA)

I really enjoyed this comprehensive Breathwork Training with Loka Yoga School.  The training was super informative and detailed and I learnt so much!  I initially joined as I have always wanted to learn more about Breathwork techniques and that is exactly what this training gave me.  It was perfect and just what I wanted and need.  Thank you so much Loka Yoga School!
– Maria Hanna Fawzi Kerllos (Egypt)

This Breathwork training far exceeded my expectations!  I have only ever experienced a few Pranayama techniques during yoga classes, and this training opened my mind and awareness to all the techniques available depending on my goal and purpose!  I also loved the Circular Breathing and introduction to Holotropic breathwork and Rebirthing.  So powerful!  Thank you Loka Yoga School, for yet another amazing course!

This course was excellent!  The content was so informative.  It was also great to learn all the relevant Anatomy.  I actually could not wait to do the course everyday!  I can honestly say this is one of the best courses I have done – I am sad I have finished it! I can’t wait to start a regular practice, as it’s made me so positive about the future.
– Lorraine George (Australia)

The online Breathwork Training with Loka Yoga School is an excellent course that exceeded my expectations. The anatomy, theory and practical components were all super helpful, knowledgeable and relevant. Definitely great value for money. It is very thorough, detailed and taught at a great pace.
– Satvinder Kaur Gill (United Kingdom)

I found this training course very thorough and detailed, and I could see that Yann and Taryn have taken a lot of time and effort in making things as interesting and clear as possible. To be honest, I actually didn’t expect this course to be so good as it is online and in-person trainings are always better, but with all the detailed information, videos, quizzes and breakdowns provided, it well and truly exceeded my expectations.  It was interesting and exciting and contained far more than I could have hoped for. I feel a lot more confident in my knowledge of anatomy and around the philosophy and approach of breathwork.
– Sati Gill (UK)

This Breathwork Teacher Training exceeded my expectations! The combination of techniques and profound physiological and anatomical knowledge. along with the theory classes offered valuable knowledge and information. There is so much more information offered in this training that all of the breathing techniques!
– Jeanette Heimerdinger (Germany)

The Loka Yoga School online Breathwork Teacher Training course allowed me to understand the physiology, history of breath, and dozens of breathing techniques and tools. I now feel confident, and excited, to teach and lead others through this powerful, ancient practice! I had an expectation that most of the course would be “modern breathwork” and the “holotropic” breathing technique. Now I understand the difference and just how many different breathwork techniques there actually are! Most places only teach 1! I loved the course! You’re both phenomenal teachers.
– Olivia Mansion (USA)

This is a great comprehensive Breathwork Teacher Training course. It is perfect in itself or as a jumping-off point if you want to dive deeper into breathwork. I loved learning the difference between pranayama and modern breathwork. I will be using these various breathing techniques all the time.
Dani Gohier (USA)

There is so much to learn and practice in Breathwork and this online training with Loka Yoga School was the perfect stimulus to keep exploring breathwork! The theory classes and presentations were super interesting – I could have listened and read more and more as each lesson brought about more wonderings! I particularly enjoyed the history and specific types of practices explained and I never thought I would learn so much online. I really liked the structure and how each breathing technique was broken down, then practiced in a complete session.
– Dr Angela Hernandez (USA)

 Loka Yoga School Breathwork training surpassed my expectations! I have been working with  different Breath work practices for over 20 years, and I was blown away by the information, and the presentation of the info. Excellent class, and highly recommend! The anatomy part of the course, and the way it was presented, and built upon, was one of my favorites parts of the course. I was also struck by the integrity of the facilitators, teachers, and information was presented. this class is sure to prepare anyone with a want to cultivate a practice, to be  beyond able to share that information and practices with their students. I also loved the focus and emphasis on actually cultivating a practice, and beginning there. My own love and cultivation of  a Breathwork practice has changed my life in ways I never could have expected, and I am grateful to have had this training so that I feel able to bring that love, to the next level by facilitating others practice for their own healing!
– Audrey B. Tanner (USA)

This course exceeded my expectations! Very thorough! The various types of breath and the Sanskrit was such a great foundation.
The anatomy was great to have as a foundational item!
Loved the breathwork instruction and the practice videos at each one! The theory behind the different breathwork was great and an easy to understand breakdown ! The breathwork classes in the training were wonderful! Easy to understand.  I enjoyed that it was separated into separate items – first the instruction, then the practice video! Very impressed with the quality of the information, how it was delivered, and thoroughness of the instruction to have your students be competent facilitators!

– Chelsea Powell (Canada)

I have been doing breathwork for many years. I was nice to revisit, relearn, and refresh my practice I enjoyed the videos of the explanation of the different breaths.
The beginning with the tutorial of the anatomy was nice to bring attention
to the physical aspects of the breath. In the years that I have been practicing breathwork, I have come to realize the incredible value of the practice. It was a pleasure to be instructed on all aspects of the breath. Now that I have completed the course, I feel refreshed. I feel your course was a value: allowing me to study at my own pace, add to my continued education hours withYoga Alliance, and being able to have this information in my library to revisit.

– Nina Larkins (USA)

I loved this training and have already recommended it to others! I loved being able to learn both ancient and modern Breathwork techniques. I did a lot of searching and glad I found this program that taught both! I have taken formal anatomy and physiology courses and the video was even better and more descriptive than my in person courses! Well done.
– Naomi Olmstead (USA)

There was MUCH more content than I expected. I LOVED that everything came with practices after learning the techniques.  I am definitely going to be practicing more prior to training others.  Breathwork Theory classes were absolutely fantastic.  I loved that everything came with actual practice sessions! This course was much more extensive than I had expected, especially for such an affordable price.  Everything was explained beautifully to set the student up for success in teaching Breathwork after the course.  Each module came with a practice session which was a great feature to not only practice but gain mastery in each technique.  I highly recommend for anyone looking to add to their own practice or teach others!
– Ashley Eve (Canada)

 I enjoyed the thorough explanations of each breath-work practice. Even though they were not ALL for me I could see how others would benefit. The anatomy teachings were on point.  I thought this course was very useful. I didn’t know much about pranayama breathing until this course. It’s nice to have a softer side of breathwork in the tool bag. The videos were very well done so I could understand the breathing techniques for every exercise. The teaching of the anatomy of the body and how it all relates was pretty cool. Also knowing the health risks from modern-day breathwork was important. I’m a healthy 44 yr old, so I wouldn’t have considered all of the risks that come with intense breathwork. It was really nice to be able to go back to the videos over and over and also go at my own pace. I have 4 kids so getting privacy can be extremely challenging. I enjoyed being able to take notes effectively for each practice.
– Andrew Berard (USA)

 This training is an excellent addition to my conscious relationship coaching business. I was amazed at how easy it was to learn and embody the different practices for clarity and healing. This training was clear, easy to follow, and succinct. I am excited to share elements of my new practices with my mentorship clients, thank you.
– Leisse Wilcox (Canada)

This breathwork training provided a rich curriculum with great practice videos. I enjoyed learning about my lungs and the breathing process, and loved all of the practice videos. I thought that the intro videos were really dynamic, I felt immediately engaged with the content and excited to learn! I honestly enjoyed all of the training though.  Taryn is awesome and has great energy, even through a computer screen! Each lesson was easy to understand, well explained and easy to follow along. Visually simple and practical which was perfect. I really hope to make it to Bali for a YTT, you are both great teachers who seem to embody the content well!
 I completely and thoroughly enjoyed my breathwork training through Loka Yoga School! I am so grateful to have lifetime access to the content as I will be using it forever! Information was interesting, engaging and absorbable. Taryn and Yann are very knowledgeable and have great teaching styles. I enjoyed every bit of the course, especially working through the various breathing techniques and feeling the effects differently from each one. I am committed to a personal practice for a while before I consider teaching, but feel confident with the content of this course that I will be guiding other people soon! Will be working towards attending a YTT in Bali at Loka Yoga School, it sounds amazing! And so glad I signed up for the breathwork/ meditation combo package as now I have the meditation course to work on 🙂

– Ryan Forestall (USA)

I really enjoyed the Breathwork Training I followed. It was the perfect mix I was looking for; it had covered a lot of information about the ancient yogic Pranayama knowledge but also the modern breathwork practices. What made the real difference for me was the clear anatomy explanation about the breath and effects of it, something which is often forgotten or ‘raced through’. It is nice to be able to work at my own pace.  I found the practical instructions very clear and easy to follow. The anatomy and physiology part was my favorite, very very helpful and interesting. Also the ‘yogic anatomy’ including the Mudras and Bandhas was great.
– Marcello Verkerk (Netherlands)

This was a great breathwork training. While you can’t have the one on one experience and guidance with an online self-paced course it was still very insightful and you are able to practice along with the video instruction. This is an affordable and time efficient setup for those that have a busy lifestyle and can do what you can when you can. It was clear that much thought and intention went into the course design and I would recommend to a friend that was looking to expand their knowledge and potentially teach to others.
– Brittney Burke (USA)

I wasn’t expecting much from an online course but it was great to be able to go back to the lessons as many times as needed and with the self-paced program I was able to spend time with each breath before moving on to the next. The breathwork course exceeded the expectations I had for an online program. I started it thinking I would deepen my own breathwork practice, but have been incorporating breathwork with other modalities with my clients as it is such a powerful method of healing. I recommend this course to anyone who is curious, wants to deepen their own practice, or want to teach it to others.
– Mia Fallon (USA)

I find the demonstrated exercises and videos very well done. I also found the guidance through the breathing exercises very professional and good. I find the circular breathing very good and will use it more often in the future. This training was one of the best experiences. I was able to manage my own time and progress as quickly or slowly as it suited me. My questions were answered quite quickly and in detail. I am very satisfied and can only recommend it.
– Sogol Agha Rafiei (Switzerland)

I did not have strong expectations of the training coming into it and was pleased with the content and format of the training. I feel like I gained a very thorough and well-rounded understanding of both the theory and practice of breath work. This training makes learning how to teach breath work understandable and accessible.
– Sarah Parks-Pittman (USA)

Great information and clear instruction how to perform breathwork. This course requires self discipline and patience but provides a student with necessary info on pranayama and breathwork, advantages of each exercises and risks associated with pranayama. A lot of info is provided on our pulmonary system. I enjoyed learning all techniques and exploring how they impact my body and mind. Look forward to continuing this journey.
– Malgorzata Gladys (USA)

I enjoyed being able to learn how breathwork actually works. Breathing is such a natural thing that we almost take it for granted. It was nice to be able to see the benefits and the contradictions to breathwork as well as how our body really works when we’re breathing. This program was truly amazing! There was so much information, but it was easy to take in and really grasp. The lectures and videos really go into a lot of detail which makes it easy this program great for beginners to those who are more advanced. The videos were a great way to show how each technique is done and what it looks like and sounds like. There are so many techniques that I never even knew existed and I’m excited to be able to start really putting them together. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is looking for a deep dive into breathwork.
– Britney Behenna (USA)

I have only ever recieved one breathwork session and it blew my mind.  I had such an emotional release and I wanted to learn more about this therapy. This breathwork course taught me everything I wanted to know about this powerful modality.  All of the exercises and techniques were explained very well and easy to follow.  If I had any questions I used the chat box on the site and got replies almost instantly from Taryn herself.  The course is set out in a very easy to follow and useful manner and it has all the info you need to begin your journey with breathwork.
– Mark James (Canada)

I was concerned that an online class would not be as beneficial as an in-person class but the teaching was so well organized and taught. I don’t feel I have missed out on anything. This was a wonderful introduction to Breathwork. The Anatomy and Physiology behind the practice was clearly taught with visuals that helped me understand how breath impacts the practitioner. Learning the ancient techniques and the types of the mudras and pranayama’s was a wonderful foundation. The hour long circular breathing exercise gave me opportunity to experience first hand the cathartic effect of Breathwork. The teaching on how to interact with students, and plan a session was priceless. Looking forward to learning even more as I continue my own journey. Thank you!
– Lynne Olmstead (USA)

 Thank you Taryn & Yann for letting me dive into the world of breathwork together with you. The Breathwork Training at the Loka Yoga School covers a very divers approach to different kind of techniques practiced all over the world.
The Breathwork Training is well thought through, and well build. The mix of theory & guided practice is very well balanced out. Adding up to this, that you can do the Breathwork Training on your own pace makes sure you have the time to `master` all the breathing techniques before you`re rushing into the next one.
At the end of the Breathwork training Taryn & Yann also got you covered with advice how to build up your own Breathing sessions and how to become an inspiring Breathwork Teacher.
This Breathwork Training at Loka Yoga school goes above and beyond and give you a broad base so you can discover all kinds of breathwork for different situations and `problems`.

– Bas Joseph Hendricus Marie Metsemakers (Switzerland)


This is a very thorough breathwork course. I enjoyed the anatomy part at the beginning where you learn ALL the science behind breathing. Thank you for all the visuals, it was very useful! Great idea to put this at the start because once you get to the breathing techniques, you know exactly what is happening in your body! The breathing techniques videos were good quality and easy to follow. I did not expect to learn that many pranayamas so thank you for offering so much. I also enjoyed the subtitles throughout the course. I am a visual person so it helped with my understanding. I feel very confident getting into my breathwork journey as a facilitator. I gained so much knowledge now it’s time to put everything into practice! Thank you!
– Juliane Lacroix (Canada)

 I thoroughly enjoyed this Breathwork training in it’s entirety. The theory and practical components were comprehensive and detailed, yet simple and easy to understand. I have practiced many forms of breathwork online and have never once been advised of the contraindications prior to the session.  My own research unearthed some of these contraindications, and this was the catalyst for me seeking to undertake training with a registered provider.  I was impressed with the information that Loka Yoga School provided in relation to the safety and duty of care aspects of Breathwork. I now feel that I have gained a strong foundational understanding to uplevel my own breathwork practice and look forward to expanding my experience to enable me to teach and share with others from an embodied heartspace.
– Carolyn Sandeman (Australia)

This training was nothing short of amazing. I feel very informed of the different breathing techniques and I love that they also incorporated on how to practice these for self and as a “teacher”. I also feel it is great that they incorporate the science and anatomy behind why this breath work can be life changing and how it can affect everyone differently. I highly recommend this school and hope to visit in person some day!
– Kelly McDonald (USA)

 I’m so happy I took this course.  It’s given me the feeling of excitement, of having something that I want to share with other people.  I’ve taken a handful of courses lately, searching for that spark of excitement.  Learning the different techniques has given me a new perspective on navigation myself physically and emotionally. I really appreciated the flow of the class, beginning with anatomy of breath, moving through ancient knowledge and then into modern use.  I feel very confident in what I’ve learned and now the challenge of building my consistent practice begins.
– Melinda Adams (USA)

 If you want a thorough and high quality course that will give you a complete understanding of not only the breathwork itself but the anatomy of the body during breathwork and how to properly implement these skills as a teacher and student, this is for you. I am much more confident to apply this in my own life and begin teaching it to others knowing exactly how it’s working. The instructors are fantastic as well. Authentic people who walk the talk!
– Jake Pirsch (USA)

I came into this course not knowing what to expect exactly.  My goal as a psychotherapist is to incorporate breathwork into my practice with clients one on one and in group. I think this course provided a lot of throughout information into the science, art, and practice of all types of breathing techniques.  I was more interested in modern techniques but I like having a tool kit of shorter breathing techniques as well as a understanding of what they are used for. The pranayama techniques can be used in shorter sessions with clients which is good.  I also valued the focus on the practitioner teaching from a place of knowing the work virus just learning about the work.  I think being able to embody this practice is what makes you a god teacher.  Taryn’s videos were clear and effective. Overall I feel that this course will enhance my personal practice and has given me the tools to start working with others.
– Saudia Turney (USA)

 This breathwork training exceeded my expectations.  The instructors were knowledgeable, easy to understand and follow.  I was really impressed with the anatomy portion explaining the process of the gas exchange in the lungs tying proper breathwork in with a balanced healthy lifestyle.  Each section of the course was explained and practiced so that the student fully understands what is expected of the breathwork practice.  I am excited to continue my practice and share all I have learned with my students.   Thank you Loka Yoga School
– Karen Fasulo (Canada)

 I quite enjoyed the course and had no idea how much there is to learn. It is definitely more than just breathing. I fully appreciated the biology and science behind it. The demonstrations were easy to follow. I see that I still have lots to learn and look forward to developing a breath work practice of my own and doing it daily to then move on to teach my clients. It’s something everyone needs to know and should practice. Maybe some day I’ll get to Bali and be able to take a course in person!
– Bobbi Gorsalitz (Canada)

 Breath is such an important part of life and our yoga practice. The emotions and release and changes that breathing can induce in the body is dynamic. I learned so much about the body and breath in terms of anatomy and physiology and also how deeply our breath can change a situation or state of being. My own practice of breathing and meditation has changed dramatically from taking this class and I’m excited to share it with my yoga students. Well Done
– Dannielle Oestreich (USA)

 I thought the breathwork training was filled with very informative information. I loved how there was not only written content on how to perform different breathwork techniques, but also videos demonstrating how to practice each technique as well. Learning about the anatomy of breathwork was super helpful, especially from a facilitator perspective. The different lesson plans that were provided as samples are very useful when building out classroom content as well.
– Kristina Andersen (USA)

 Excellent training for overview on Breathwork Foundations. It requires the student to commit to the practice, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The benefits of breathwork are so incredible, but you can’t experience them without trying. Certainly we can’t teach without the practice, so I really appreciate the ongoing encouragement to maintain the regular practice before and during teaching breath work. I am a mental health clinician and have already implemented many of the techniques from this training into my therapy practice, to the great benefit of my clients. Thank you Loka!
– Melissa Yost (USA)

 The breathwork training provided by Loka Yoga School was both eye opening and inspiring.  I have been practicing breathwork for approximately 2 years, limiting my practice to just a couple of methods.  This training course has helped me to expand my knowledge of different practices, allowing me to find techniques that I was unaware of previously, and allowing me to put these into practice in my every day life, in all kinds of situations, which wasn’t practicable with the previous techniques I was familiar with. I have already found myself generating much interest from others, as I speak passionately about my experiences through the teachings of this course, which has led me to share practices with others, and on occasions receiving the fantastic gift of motivational feedback.  The last few sections have really provided me with reminders on best teaching practices, I am a coach in my managerial career, but sometimes we need reminding of techniques and behaviors which these sections did really well for me, and at the same time provided me with new behaviors to adopt suited to teaching or guiding breathwork in particular.  The lesson plan examples provided at the end are really helpful, I have a corporate health & wellbeing event planned next week, exploring nutrition, meditation and cold exposure and I will certainly now be including some simple breathwork practices that are suitable for my audience using the half hour lesson plan.  Thank you Taryn & Yann for putting this course together, and I really wish you the best of luck for your futures.  Who knows maybe one day I will get to come and see you guys in Bali. Namaste
– Samuel Brooks (United Kingdom)

 I found the online Breathwork teacher training to be extremely informative and enjoyable. Both Taryn & Yann did an amazing job as educators sharing such an enormous amount of knowledge in a such a concise way. I’m excited to dive deeper into my own practice and to share my new tools with others. Much love and gratitude.
– Madeline Rees (Australia)

  I found the program, modules and approach very complete and varied. I really appreciated all the tools, indications and support you put into the course. The structure is very compelling and the instructions of high quality and a level of detail that gives a fantastic overview as much as an in-depth understanding of the theory of breathwork, how the body works and how to be an inspiring teacher. I can only recommend this course!
– Johanna Melchiorre (France)

  If you want a thorough and high quality course that will give you a complete understanding of not only the breathwork itself but the anatomy of the body during breathwork and how to properly implement these skills as a teacher and student, this is for you. I am much more confident to apply this in my own life and begin teaching it to others knowing exactly how it’s working. The instructors are fantastic as well. Authentic people who walk the talk!
– Jake Pirsch (USA)

  I’m so happy I took this course.  It’s given me the feeling of excitement, of having something that I want to share with other people.  I’ve taken a handful of courses lately, searching for that spark of excitement.  Learning the different techniques has given me a new perspective on navigation myself physically and emotionally. I really appreciated the flow of the class, beginning with anatomy of breath, moving through ancient knowledge and then into modern use.  I feel very confident in what I’ve learned and now the challenge of building my consistent practice begins.
– Melinda Adams (USA)

 This training was nothing short of amazing. I feel very informed of the different breathing techniques and I love that they also incorporated on how to practice these for self and as a “teacher”. I also feel it is great that they incorporate the science and anatomy behind why this breath work can be life changing and how it can affect everyone differently. I highly recommend this school and hope to visit in person some day!
– Kelly McDonald (USA)

meeting with the Dalai Lama
meeting with the Dalai Lama
meeting with the Dalai Lama

Internationally certified Online Breathwork Training

LIFETIME ACCESS to the complete accredited Breathwork training program (value US$ 999)
BONUS: Guided Breathwork practices (value US$ 99)
BONUS: Anatomy & Physiology of the breath (value US$ 299)
BONUS: Principles of Breathwork and the Pranic Body (value US$ 19)
BONUS: Breathwork Community Support group (Priceless)
Total value US$ 1416!

Online Breathwork Training

Following the initial 3-month period, a monthly subscription fee of US$ 4.99 will apply. Students may cancel anytime.

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YACEP – Yoga Alliance Certification

The Breathwork training offered by Loka Yoga School includes 20 hours Continued Education with Yoga Alliance.  Whether you have knowledge of Breathwork or you are just a beginner; here at Loka Yoga you will be able to develop your understanding of Breathwork to such an extent that you may in turn be able to teach breathing techniques professionally. Our graduates can log additional hours with Yoga Alliance if required.


Upon completion of registration and payment to any of our online trainings and packages, students immediately and automatically receive full access to all purchased trainings and associated course materials, group forums and teacher’s contact details. For the protection and security of Loka Yoga School, a no-refund policy applies.


Breathwork is not suitable for everyone. We recommend consulting with your primary healthcare/ medical professional before engaging in Breathwork.

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