Online Meditation Training

online meditation training
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  • Comprehensive 10 hour training
  • Expert teachers
  • Self-paced
  • Video lectures and presentations
  • Collection of guided meditations
  • A ‘Meditation Buffet’ of over 25 different techniques so you can discover what is right for you!
  • Yoga Nidra. Mindfulness. Loving Kindness. Breathwork. Visualisations. Mandala. Mantra. Mala meditations. And more!
  • Meditation community support group
  • Meditation Teacher Training guide
  • Internationally certified with Yoga Alliance

Receive a certificate as an internationally qualified Meditation Teacher!

Life changing.  Through this amazing training, I have been able to break my habit of smoking AND emotional eating for the first time in my life!
After years of trying various meditation training centers and and retreats, I have now FINALLY found something that works!  With the amazing guidance, explanations, presentations and tools in this training, I feel like I am truly set for life.  My knowledge and understanding of meditation has improved more from this training than from over 2 decades of attending all the other courses and trainings combined.  Thank you for everything!  
– P. Burgess (UK)

I found this to be a very helpful course, not just for preparing to teach meditation before my yoga classes, but also for myself, to achieve a better quality of meditation.
I have always found it difficult to meditate in the group and am easily distracted by outside noises.
The combination of this being a course of study, plus using the earphones in addition to the beautiful audios accompanying each guided meditation, I have improved my meditation by 100% – such a change for me when I attend other classes and I can actually meditate rather well now.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from a meditation course, but this has definitely surpassed anything I might have imagined. A truly beautiful course that, in addition to receiving a teaching certificate, is a lovely accompaniment to any practice or on its own. I especially love the 5-minute meditations for in-between. They really make a difference in my day.
– L. Abrahams (USA)

This course exceeded my expectations.  The content and detail really is brilliant.  I loved the History of Meditation and I also loved the Changing Habits section.  I also found the ‘other meditation techniques’ section extremely useful too!
– V. Irvine (Scotland)

Self-Paced International Online Training

Discover the meditation style that suits YOU
and change your life!

Join our course and learn how to meditate with lifetime access to
over 25 different Meditation techniques.
Internationally accredited training.  Register to receive instant access.

(until June 2, 2023)

Book an online training bundle & SAVE plus score FREE lifetime access!

This training is perfect for those wanting to learn how to meditate, those who wish to explore various meditation techniques to find one they love, or those who wish to teach Meditation!

This Meditation training far exceeded all of my expectations!  I loved it all and am happy I stumbled across it during my online search! 
It is definitely well worth every cent and an amazing experience.

– Yihalem Tekeba (USA)

Learn over 25 different meditation styles and how to integrate meditation
into your life with ease

In your own time, at your own pace.

It is so common to hear people say that they cannot meditate; it is too hard, too boring, they don’t have time, or they don’t know how.  Of course they know all about the incredible benefits of meditation, but they just can’t bring themselves to develop the habit.  

This course is an opportunity to change that.  Often, the reason people struggle with meditation is simply due to the fact they have not found the technique that is right for them, with effective guidance from a teacher!

There are many different meditation techniques to suit different people.  The problem is, each school of meditation focuses only on their own technique – and when this doesn’t resonate with us, we give up and assume we cannot meditate!

In this course, you will learn over 25 different meditation techniques, including the most popular and well-known styles, as well as the less known techniques.  Understanding what meditation styles suit you best does take practice and you need an opportunity to explore various techniques.  We have created such personal, in-depth video presentations and lectures, full length guided meditations with lengths between 5 – 45 minutes, reading material, FAQs, Myths and a 7-week guide to quit addictions and break bad habits.

Along with a friendly and interactive support group of Meditation teachers and students, there is support and encouragement, motivation and ideas when you want it. 

Imagine being able to learn without interruption or disturbances, in your own time, at your own speed and when it suits your life. 

We wanted to make this a comprehensive, self-paced training for you so the quality and quantity of content in this training far exceeds an in-person training and you have ample opportunity to really cultivate a meditation habit and integrate meditation in to your life!

Meditation explained. Like never before!

A 10-hour internationally accredited, self-paced course, setting you up for success in mastering Meditation.  Also providing additional resources to the many who are already deep into the practice and teaching other styles!

You’ll learn;

  • Over 25 Meditation techniques
    (You are guaranteed to find a technique that suits you!)
  • A collection of guided meditations
    (available in video and audio format to practice anytime, anywhere) 
  • Gain knowledge on the history of Meditation and common myths
    (so you can prevent yourself from experiencing common issues others suffer)
  • Advance your knowledge and understanding of Meditation
    (allowing you to develop a deeper meditation practice and truly change your life!)
  • A powerful 7-week guide to changing habits
    (a step-by-step guide to quitting an addiction and breaking bad habits with meditation)
  • FAQs surrounding Meditation
    (so you can troubleshoot issues preventing you from experiencing a deeper practice)
  • Boost your meditation – or yoga – resources without breaking the bank
    (online and self-paced training saving you time and money)
  • Qualify to log an additional 10 hours training and continued education with Yoga Alliance
    (internationally accredited)

What is inside the Meditation training?

LIFETIME ACCESS to the complete accredited Meditation training program (value US$ 599)
Internationally certified and accredited with Yoga Alliance, this 10-hour Meditation training will set you up for success to experience a deep and more profound meditation.

BONUS: Collection of 5-minute guided meditations (value US$ 29)
Helping you get started!  Including explanations of each technique. 

BONUS:  Yoga Nidra (value US$ 29)
The most popular yogic meditation today!  Discover why people are flocking to studios to practice this meditation technique

BONUS: Guide to Changing Habits with Meditation (value US$ 49)
Break bad habits and addictions using Meditation.  This 7-week guide could change your life!

BONUS: Release negative emotions (value US$ 19)
An opportunity to learn a new way of releasing yourself of negative emotions and handling stress to reduce stress and anxiety in your daily life.  

BONUS: Meditation Community Support group (Priceless)
You will be invited to join a network of Meditation teachers and students from around the world to share knowledge and stories, learn from one another and connect!

Total value US$ 725!

Following the initial 3-month period, a monthly subscription fee of US$ 4.99 will apply. Students may cancel anytime.


Book an online training bundle & SAVE plus score FREE lifetime access!

I highly recommend this meditation training to deepen your understanding and boosting your own meditation practice.  I loved the variety of different practical meditations; it was such a luxury to spend so much time trying different meditation techniques!  It is really so enjoyable experiencing a variety of meditation styles to find your own preferred  style.  I truly enjoyed it very much!
– Sara Stenqvist (Sweden)

I really enjoyed this self-paced meditation training course.  I enjoyed the buffet experience of every technique; I feel like it gave me the perfect insight into lots of different types of meditation following which I can explore my favourites deeper.
I also now feel equipped to add meditation to my yoga teachings and have discovered some meditation techniques to delve further into.  I really enjoyed having the different length meditations and love that we can go into the course to listen to the meditations even after completion… I loved listening to Taryn’s soothing meditation voice!
– Caroline Catline (UK)

Are you ready to change your life and mindset with Meditation?

Meditation is becoming increasingly popular worldwide and during these strange times, mastering the art of meditation and cultivating a daily practice to enjoy the healing benefits and qualities of Meditation can, without a doubt, be life-changing! 

Join us now and score the entire package at less than half price!

Understanding and knowledge of the various Meditation techniques and how to practice each technique provides you with the ability to create a truly transformational experience in your meditation practice.  It can literally be the difference between a successful meditation practice and a giving up altogether, with an illusion that you cannot meditate. 

We have created a ‘buffet’ of meditation techniques so you can explore the selection, try each meditation technique and discover what suits YOU!

More than ever, various industries and businesses are calling out to Meditation guides to assist with lowering stress levels, tension, improving mental health and providing an opportunity to health, wellbeing and wellness activities in the workplace.  It’s not too late to make a HUGE difference.

Let’s get started!

Taryn & Yann
Directors, Loka Yoga School

This mediation training exceeded my expectations! It was very well balanced and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is looking to deepen their own meditation practice or to try out new techniques. I found the course to be really informative and enjoyable to complete. The variety of techniques and varying lengths of each practice provided an ideal opportunity to experiment with lots of different styles of meditation. Taryn’s soothing voice was the ideal guide. I especially found all of the 5 minute meditations really useful to gain exposure to an array of new techniques. It was a good amount of time to squeeze in to my morning routine. The visualisations were my favourite; I found these really calming and enjoyable to drift away somewhere nice for 20 mins! The course is really easy to follow and I now know which styles work best for me and which ones aren’t quite the right fit which I believe to be just as valuable. I will certainly return to these recordings in my daily practice and am looking forward to sharing my learnings with others! The theory lessons were very informative and not excessively lengthy. I now feel I have a good idea of what styles are out there and can delve deeper into techniques that worked best for me. Thank you Taryn for doing all the hard work for me and collating all of the materials in this easy to use platform. I have undoubtedly learnt a great deal about meditation over the past few weeks and am proud to say I have adapted a new healthy daily habit.
– Lucy-Anne O’Sullivan

More about what we do during our Meditation training

To really understand Meditation, one must experience it.

This professional comprehensive online training is guided by Taryn Weggelaar; an expert teacher who has worked professionally as a Meditation, Yoga and Pranayama teacher, specialising in these fields for over 10 years (including teaching Meditation to Olympic athletes, corporate employees, senior citizens, pregnant ladies and helping those with mental health concerns and in yoga studios in various countries around the world.)

Our online Meditation training course includes;

  • Learn over 25 Meditation techniques to start your journey as a successful meditator, with step-by-step instructions detailing each technique.  
  • Full-length guided Meditations for you to experience the styles
  • You will receive exclusive access to Loka Yoga School’s online Meditation training portal, with accessibility to all modules, workbooks, videos, audios and tutorials
  • Collection of entire Meditations ready for YOU to experience!
  • History of Meditation
  • The benefits of Meditation
  • Myths surrounding Meditation
  • Meditation FAQs
  •  Releasing negative emotions and healing through Meditation
  • The 3 secrets to a success practice
  • Breaking bad habits with Meditation
  • No previous meditation or yoga teaching certifications are required
  • Eligible for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance
  • LIFETIME access!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course self-paced or are there allocated times and completion date?

All of the online trainings with Loka Yoga School are structured as self-paced courses, so you can complete the training in your own time and when it suits YOU and YOUR life!

How long will this course take to complete?

This really depends on you! Some of our students finish it in less than a week, whilst others take over a month. There are no restrictions, so you can take your time and move through the course as it suits you and your life.

Are there any assessments?

There are no assessments required for this certified Meditation Training. We are internationally accredited and certified with Yoga Alliance and exceed the requirements of a professional meditation training syllabus!

I have not completed a Meditation or yoga teacher training course before. Is this course suitable for me?

Not a problem at all! We teach you what you need to know and guide you through each section carefully and step-by-step.

I have already completed a meditation training before. Will this benefit me?

Absolutely! We break down each meditation technique, educate and teach you the history of each, how to perform each technique, contra-indications and benefits and offer a teaching training package of scripts as well. Even if you have attended any other course such as Vipassana, Transcendental Meditation, Silent Meditation, etc upon completion of our training you will have a solid understanding of each Meditation technique, how to develop a stronger practice and you will have a collection of guided visual and audio meditations, presentations, theory and scripts ready to go! You will also be able to log an additional 10 hours Continued Education with Yoga Alliance or any other Yoga body (as Loka Yoga School is internationally certified).

Will I be certified to teach Meditation upon completion of this course?

Upon successful completion of our training you will receive a certificate, accredited with international Yoga Alliance. You will have the knowledge and tools to teach Meditation!

What if I do not have a computer; will I still be able to complete this course?

We use a professional learning management system which is recommended to be accessed via a laptop or computer for best results and ease of access. However, we have had graduates complete the entire course on their phones or tablets without issues!

Can I complete this training if I am pregnant?

Yes absolutely. This training is 100% pregnancy-safe. Taryn – the lead Meditation teacher – provides you with the required knowledge, including any contra-indications, along the way to always ensure you experience a safe practice.

Will you be releasing more online courses in the future?

Yes! Along with our famous Yin Yoga teacher training, we also have an expert and advanced Pranayama and Breathwork training AND Advanced Yoga courses on the way! As a graduate of Loka Yoga School, you will always receive exclusive discounts on all trainings.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

Upon joining the online Meditation teacher training, you will receive the direct contact details for our teachers at Loka Yoga School, who will be happy to assist or support you along the way!

Is there a community with this course?

Most definitely! You will be able to join our beautiful community of Meditation teachers and students around the world to share your stories, ideas and knowledge!

Is everything available immediately?

Yes! Everything is ready to go. As soon as you complete the registration process, you will have instant access!

Do I need to use a special program to access the materials?

No, just a standard internet browser is fine (Safari is not recommended). Our online training portal is simply accessed through the internet.

How long will I have access for?

Your initial payment of $299 provides you with a full 3-month access from the date of purchase. You will receive access as soon as your registration and payment has processed. Following the initial 3-month period, a monthly access fee of $4.99 applies to maintain access to the training and content. Students may cancel subscription anytime.

If I cancel my subscription and change my mind, can I renew it again?

No. Upon cancelling your subscription, your registration and history will be permanently deleted from the system.

Can this be accessed without the Internet?

No. Internet is required.

How much can I save?

The total value of this training is currently US$725, We maintain updated information, will keep adding new classes and content to keep it exciting!!!

Do you have students who have graduated this course and taught Meditation with success?

We are absolutely delighted to confirm that we most certainly have! Please see a few testimonials we have received from some of our graduates around the world, copied here on this page!

Why is your training so much cheaper than most others I have seen online?

Learning how to Meditate should not break the bank. There is a global pandemic causing much financial stress and we don’t intend to add to that stress. We want as many people as possible to learn these life skills, improve the quality of their life and experience the freedom that meditation provides! We are internationally certified and accredited and offer far more than most Meditation Teacher Trainings, and along with a super affordable price, we feel happy and grateful to have created such a wonderful, happy community of meditators!

meeting with the Dalai Lama

Student Testimonials​

Thank you Loka Yoga school for providing such a complete and fulfilling online course. You’ve been covering a broad spectrum on the world of meditation. I enjoyed the guided meditations and reading all about the history along with it. All this in my own pace made it my best online course experience so far! The course covered all I was looking for and even more. It was a well structured course building up from the basics with short meditations gradually evaluating in something bigger. Explaining in between made me understand the why and the how making it an overall life changing experience. I’ve been enjoying practicing at home in peace, out in nature or during a commute. It all worked so well and the website was well designed for doing the course on a computer, iPad or cellphone. The tips and tricks in the end on how to set up your own classes were a nice ‘icing on top of a well structured cake’!!
For anyone who is looking for a Meditation teacher training or course, look no further. I can also recommend doing their Breathwork course too or combining the two, making them both even more powerful enriching your everyday life!

– Bas Joseph Hendricus Marie Metsemakers (Switzerland)

Thank you Loka Yoga School for creating an informative and well presented course. I enrolled into this course with an open mind, so I didn’t have strong expectations as I was eager to learn any course material that was presented to me. My experience was pleasant and I thoroughly enjoyed the content, layout and presentation. I enjoyed each of the theory sections, particularly the section on why we meditate. I really enjoyed the selection of guided meditations too, they were amazing. The theory sections & videos were well laid out and the content was interesting and reader/listener friendly. I enjoyed the videos, as they were clear, concise and easy to listen to. I really liked how the online platform was presented.
– Sarah Murphy (Ireland)

This meditation training was truly everything I wanted in a short meditation course and packs so much more value beyond the price you pay and promises made! I believe I received more from this training than I could have expected and all of the information was clear and deep. I learned so much from the history of meditation, to the myths and the benefits. The material was clear and each lesson was filled with such depth. I am also so grateful for all of the guided meditation journeys, it was lovely to get to experience various meditation techniques. I feel 100% confident to continue my own meditation practice and to guide meditation to clients and groups.
– Nichole Ferro (United States of America)

This training is a very good introduction to meditation.  It is simple and easy to understand.  It provides concrete examples and many styles to explore. It makes meditation available to all providing tips to include mediation in your daily routine on a progressive manner. The course can be done on your own pace. I appreciated the simple guided meditations and it gave me a good idea of my favourite techniques.  They were easy to follow and stayed away from abstract concept such as goddess and spiritual divinities.  I really appreciated the tips to make it slowly part of routine,  so I hope it will grow on me and become easier.
– Cindy Ouellet (Saudi Arabia)

This is great online Meditation Teacher Training course to understand the different types of meditations available. My favourite topic were the Loving Kindness meditations and the tantra meditations, as well as the history of yoga was quite enjoyable..
Also all theory was really well summarized.

– Ada Garza Martinez (Canada)

A very well-structured Meditation Training. After a short introduction it gives you an overview over different meditation techniques. Practicing is a pleasure, as there are guided meditations by Taryn. She has a calm, lovely voice. I am already meditating daily but it was good to get to know other techniques which I can now add to my daily practice and I really enjoyed testing  the different styles and found new ways to improve my daily practice.
– Christine Jochum-Müller (Germany)

I enjoyed this course on Meditation and it exceeded my expectations. It opened my mind to various types of meditation. I most enjoyed experiencing each style through the guided audios and I will be returning to my favorites! I appreciated being able to complete this course in my own time and although that may have been quite a bit longer than originally anticipated, the timing was just right for what I needed.
– Lori Garner (USA)

I am inspired by the level of commitment the trainers have provided with such great content! After finishing this meditation teacher training course I feel like a better human. I can feel real change within me. As I move forward in my life’s journey, I bring a new level of confidence and positivity. As I navigate through all life brings my way, I know now I have the tools I need to not only get through it but to bring a mindful understanding to all situations that may arise. Looking forward to continuing my practices knowing that I have this meditation course to refer back to gives me all the confidence I need to reach the goals I set for my self.
– Randall Magnuski (USA)

I enjoyed the Meditation Teacher Training overall and found it quite fascinating, especially the different styles and techniques that could be utilised throughout mediation. I loved the video aspect to it as well, it made it very easy to follow and the entire training was very insightful and helpful along my journey of becoming a meditation teacher The online aspect was easy to apply and I love the fact that it’s self paced, it makes me feel like there’s no pressure and I can work through the course at my own pace. It has helped me so much and I now feel like I’ve found the confidence within myself to share this practice with the world and make an impact. I am grateful for all that I’ve learnt at Loka Yoga School.
– Tiahna J Hoko (Australia)

This training provided me with a buffet of various meditations techniques and ideas how to bring meditation to people with various preconceived notions about what meditation is and is not. I enjoyed the wide range of meditations they offered. It helped me better identify how I like to connect with my heart and body through meditation. After taking the breathwork training with Loka Yoga School, I found myself wanting to dive more into the physiological and anatomical benefits. I recommend this training to any teacher who is looking to incorporate meditation techniques into your offerings and wants to make meditation relatable for many students.
-Sarah Hutcherson (USA)

This Meditation teacher training is also a wonderful introductory course to the basics of meditation. It is so beautifully laid out on a professional platform and everything explained thoroughly, clearly and concisely. I enjoyed all of the elements of the training, but I did particularly enjoy being re-introduced to the mala meditation, which I am now enjoying all over again. This course has really helped to re-ignite my passion for meditation. Thank you.
– Julie May Henderson (Scotland)

This Meditation Facilitator Course was exactly what I needed to feel confident in guiding meditations with my clients. It included historical background, theory, access to several types of meditations to experience, and guidance on how to lead a class in meditation. I loved the access to so many types of meditation. Experiencing them all first hand gave me a better idea of the different types that I can offer to my own clients. It teaches basics and encourages you to dive deeper into certain forms of meditation, that you’re exposed to through the course, on your own. Loved it!
– Belinda McCall (USA)

Thank you for creating an accessible and safe space for meditation and learning.  The techniques in each chapter were vast and supported what I needed to feel more confident in meditation guidance and offering weekly practices in my community.  Being able to look back upon them is a beautiful gift. I truly enjoyed each and every lesson in this training.
– Brandee Walton (USA)

I would highly recommend Loka Yoga School Meditation course to anyone whom is looking to know more about meditation. My experience was wonderful, the meditation course was more than what I expected. I loved that there where video and audio only options. Loka Yoga touched on different meditations methods, and love and appreciate how they make it known that you have to find what works for the meditator.
– Jessica Jazmin Mesias (USA)

I really enjoyed this Meditation Training course. I had the opportunity to experience different kinds of meditation and to learn also the theory about that. I expected a lot of practice, and that’s exactly what this course is! With videos of how to do every technique and then a guided practice of each too. I think that in order to guide a meditation you really need to meditate yourself. You really need time to integrate, so my suggestion is don’t rush. Enjoy the guided meditation and repeat them, until it’s a habit.
– Barbara Valaguzza (Italy)

I am so thankful that I opted to take this meditation teacher training course.  I came into the course with a novice level of meditation knowledge and was a bit of a skeptic. The course really broadened my perspective and gave me a deeper understanding of the practice of meditation.  Since taking the course I have incorporated a meditation practice into my yoga practice and have found meditation to be a beneficial addition to my practice.  The skills that meditation has given me even carry into my daily life giving me a calmer, more focused approach to my days. Thank you so much Taryn and Loka Yoga School for expanding my knowledge!
– LisaMarie Smith (USA)

This online Meditation course with Loka Yoga School has helped me find ways to explain meditation to other people in a better way than before. As a yoga teacher, I love the transmission of mantra meditation to my students, but since it is not something that people are used to, it’s also nice to have different types of meditation to offer to students. The content of the course is of very good quality and is very well structured. It provides a great understanding of meditation. When learning each meditation technique, we are offered an opportunity to practice it and are given a thorough description of how it works. Finally I would say that with this course, I’m confident enough to build a workshop about meditation as well as offer regular classes to my students. It will also give me the possibility to explore news ways to meditate daily.
– Christine Hoareau (France)

Based on the website and what the course promised to offer, I had high expectations… my experience was absolutely wonderful and my expectations were far exceeded! This mediation course was perfect!  It was incredibly effective at providing me with a thorough history of mediation but also providing practical exposure to many different styles of meditation. I really enjoyed the section explaining how Meditation can help you break bad habits and the guide to allow me to do so. I also really enjoyed learning about the history of Meditation and all of the short 5 minute meditations, as well as the long sessions. Yoga Nidra was incredible!!
– Beth Cooper (USA)

The meditation teacher training course with Loka Yoga School was phenomenal. It is the second training of 4 courses I’m planning to take with them! I am learning a lot through the teachers here and this journey. Thank you for all your time and efforts Taryn, Yann and the Loka Yoga School team!
Zuher Somji (Canada)

I’ve now taken two different teacher training courses with Loka Yoga School and I’ve learned so much! I really enjoyed the whole series. You get to learn about so many different modalities. I really enjoyed the format and being able to pace myself. I couldn’t recommend this course more!
– Elira Rodriguez (USA)

This meditation course was well structured and ran.  Good choice of meditations and nice that we had an audio file as well as a video to watch. 
Clear communication throughout the videos and audio.

– Pauline Cawley (UK)

I’ve taken a few yoga-based courses online since covid. Although there is nothing like the face-to-face experience, Loka Yoga School have a great online program and platform that is clear and concise and easy to follow. The teachings are thorough. I feel equipped to move forward with my meditation classes and teachings.
– Sherry Vigliotti (USA)

This experience exceeded my expectations. I did not realize that there were so many styles/types of mediation and I love that there were a variety of guided meditations to experience and mirror as I begin to develop my own classes and offerings for my clients. The mindfulness meditations are something that I truly enjoyed along with Yoga Nidra and the history of meditation as presented here. After practicing meditation with just the assistance of apps and YouTube, I felt it was time to take my education of the practice and styles to the next level. Meditation has helped my tremendously with my own mindset over the last few years and I have been advising my clients to make it a part of their daily practice. Now, thanks to this teacher training with Loka Yoga School, I have the tools I need to teach them to do so and most importantly, help them to find the style of meditation that fits their needs best!
– Nicole Hynes (USA)

I thoroughly enjoyed this Meditation teacher training course. It does a great job of informing one on meditation and the many iterations, whether you are a beginner or come already with considerable amounts of knowledge about it. The teaching provides great examples and information about many areas of meditation that will leave you with wisdom moving forward.
Mason James Steffen (USA)

I really liked this course, it is very informative. It’s simple and gives the idea what meditation is and that it actually is a very simple practice and everyone can do this. I really enjoyed all of the 5 min meditations very much, and I will use them in my daily practice with my online students too. I already lead meditation for groups and individuals, but this course has given me extra ideas and knowledge to include!
– Magdalena Lewandowska (Poland)

It was great to have an online teacher training course to gain certification in Meditation over the lockdown! This course is very well put together and super easy to follow. Thank you Loka Yoga School!
– Caitlin Hunt (Australia)

I enjoyed this Meditation Teacher Training with Loka Yoga School very much and I appreciated how it was broken down into different segments. What I most like about this training is how I will utilize the training as a resource for my own teachings and have it for life. I found it to be informative and inspiring and Taryn’s calm voice really contributed to the peacefulness I achieved during the guided meditations. From the guided meditations to guided visualizations to other meditation techniques, these teachings will allow me to offer a vast range of mindfulness exercises to my clients. Different exercises resonate with different people so having such a broad range of information will help me help my clients. Thank you so much for such a valuable training Loka Yoga School!
– Sara Green (USA)

I loved this Meditation training with Loka Yoga School. It gives a great understanding of what is meditation, its origins and benefits, and explores many different techniques. It is respectful from the traditional aspect yet adapted to nowadays challenges, which makes it relatable, practical and inspiring.
The training is motivating, qualitative, and has a great balance between theory and practice. I feel that it gives all the tools to have a
sustainable meditation practice, and I feel ready to incorporate meditation in my trainings, workshops and coaching sessions. Thank you so much!
– Johanna Melchiorre (France)

The entire journey and teacher training was perfect and exceeded all of my expectations! I particularly enjoyed the meditation guides. Thank you for the clear and awesome materials.
– Gabriela González Segura (South Africa)

For an online training course, I was pleasantly surprised with the format and how they thoughtfully balanced the training with video, reading material and audio in this Meditation Teacher Training.  This made for easy and better engagement throughout the entire training. The 5-minute meditations were my favorite because it was just enough to engage me but also made me want to integrate more into the specific practices.  I also thought the ‘Getting Started’ section was very informative.
– April Misenas (USA)

Thank you for this course! I thoroughly enjoyed this training and it well exceeded all expectations.
– Anya Zahner (Switzerland)

Loka Yoga School have done a phenomenal job of creating a teacher training with an abundance of information. This course guided me through more meditation practices than I knew were available. I now have a daily meditation practice each morning and I’m excited each evening when I go to bed at the prospect of the morning’s meditation. Thanks Taryn!
– Louiza Romane (Australia)

It was refreshing to see there are multiple ways to meditate… I enjoyed the range of meditation techniques offered, as it isn’t a one size fits all scenario! This Meditation training with Loka Yoga School has allowed me to feel more confident teaching meditation after completing this course, with such a diverse range of meditation techniques covered in the course. I will be incorporating the different styles into my sessions, depending on the theme of the week. It is certainly value for money and offers more than you would expect from a 10 hour training. It definitely exceeds my expectations!
– Melanie Davidson (New Zealand)

A great course with far more information than I expected! Who knew there were so many different types of meditation. The course included not only explanation, but also practical information, on how to incorporate these techniques into your life or to work towards specific personal goals. Really useful.
– Lindsey Parry (from UK but living in Abu Dhabi)

This is a fantastic Meditation course to take and exceeded my expectations. I have learned so much. I love the different Meditations and my favorite is Yoga Nidra! I have also completed the incredible Breathwork Teacher Training and I just thank you, Loka Yoga School, for this experience!
– Mala Vora (USA)

I came into the training a little nervous and uncertain if I would be able to fully immerse and learn the content in an online structured course. It delivered beyond my expectations and I am so excited to continue into another training course as well!
Bakhtawar Mehdi (USA)

Thank you very much for the opportunity to take this Meditation Teacher Training course with the teachers at Loka Yoga School. After completing the online Yin Yoga teacher training course I took the opportunity, although I had not originally intended to do the Meditation course. I found it was very informative, useful for those who want to lead meditation and also very useful for those who simply want to learn more about meditation and apply it themselves. It helps us to understand the essence of meditation, dispels misconceptions or foggy ideas about meditation and gives us a great tool to move forward with. Really appreciated!!
– Andrea Szilágyi (France)

The meditation teacher training course with Loka Yoga School was thorough and informative. It exceeded expectations!
– Gayle Hurlburt (United States)

This training is very well organized, informative and exciting. I have been able to add so much information to my knowledge bank.
– Edna Victoria Nichols (USA)

The online Meditation teacher training with Loka Yoga School was a wonderful journey into understanding the benefits of meditation and the importance of performing meditation daily. The meditations that were presented are wonderful and I found many to be very soothing and relaxing. This course provides meditations that can fit anyone seeking to calm the mind and find inner peace. I have greatly enjoyed this course, it exceeded my expectations and I am excited to practice meditation daily!
– Erin Cato (USA)

The Meditation Teacher Training with Loka Yoga School was great! I particularly enjoyed the different types of mediations being so varied and all of the guided meditations provided too!
– Cherine Haynes (UK)

This course was essential in my training to becoming certified in meditation. There was so much information and practice time to utilize all of the material first hand, it really helped me get a better understanding of what meditation is about and where it comes from. Loka Yoga School offers many different types of meditations to learn about and offers great tips on how to use them in your own meditation practices. The information provided was helpful and concise and I took many valuable tips with me that I will implement in my own practice. So grateful I found this course and highly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their meditation practice further! Thank you Loka Yoga School!
– Napualani Hall (United States)

This Meditation course is really enjoyable, very comprehensive & truly gets you viewing meditation for yourself & any clients you wish to teach in a real life way. The training is laid out in an easy-to-follow manner & is high quality. Really enjoyed the meditations being offered in both a video and audio format; I loved watching the soothing movement. Really enjoyed cementing the benefits of meditation in my mind & the many different varieties of meditation making them suitable & creative for so many people. A thoroughly enjoyable experience.
Catherine Dodd (United Kingdom)

I am not a stranger to meditation at all, and yet I still learned so many new things through Loka Yoga School’s online Meditation Teacher Training! I really enjoyed this course, the various techniques and guided meditations and would highly recommend.
Danielle Montejo (USA)

I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation teacher training. For an online course it was extremely helpful and intuitive as well as practical. I’ve practice meditation for years and truly find that you can never stop learning. This is a great example of that. I look forward to continuing my training in the yoga of meditation and practicing daily.  Thank you for providing such a seamless and universal platform and for helping me expand my knowledge in the practice of meditation. Namaste!
-Louis DAgostino (USA)

This course was a great deep dive for beginning and intermediate meditators to deepen their practice and better understand the history and philosophies of meditation. Some beautiful insights to be gained from much of the course content. There are tons of meditations to work from and use for future teachings. I completed this course 7 months pregnant and feel grateful to have more meditation techniques and tools to use in my own life and in teaching in the future.
– Kristina Carson (USA)

This online Meditation teacher training course was very thorough. The theoretical part was very easy to follow and the guided meditations were great examples for the different meditation techniques. I especially enjoyed the large collection of guided meditations!
– Raia Mihaylova (Bulgaria)

I am relatively new to the practice of meditation. I work in the mental health field, specifically the substance abuse rehabilitation field. I found this online Meditation teacher training to be extremely informative, interactive, and thought-provoking as I begin my meditation journey. This training has increased my knowledge significantly, it also serves as a great first-exposure learning experience and has only increased my hunger to learn more about the practice. I am continuing to go back and enjoy all of the guided meditations/visualizations provided in this training, as well, to incorporate Meditation into my life daily. I am currently enrolled in the breathwork course, as well. These two courses paired together beautifully and have helped me gain a better understanding on the importance of our breath.
– Taylor Heeney (USA)

I thoroughly delighted in completing the meditation course as it allowed my mind to become opened to the realm of relaxation, focus, awareness and serenity. The means in which the course was presented was seamless to follow, understand and embrace. The theory and meditations provided have proven insightful and empowering so to not only support myself but others on their holistic wellbeing journey. Thank you for this phenomenal experience, to immerse oneself in the understanding, journey and bliss that is meditation. I am beyond grateful for the time, energy, experience, sagacity and love that you have poured into this course for us all to be gifted with. It has been a profound experience. One which has enriched, invigorated and empowered me along my holistic healing and wellbeing journey. Thank you Loka Yoga School for everything you have supported us all with.
– Maddie Schipper (New Zealand)

My wife and I own a Wellness Studio in which we provide nutrition guidance, exercise (group and one on one), yoga, and Tai Chi. The lessons learned via the Loka Yoga School Meditation Training course were outstanding in their clarity and guidance. We will be able to provide the wonderful benefits of meditation to our clients whether as stand alone experiences or as an additional to our existing sessions.
What will be absolutely beneficial for our clients are the quantity and quality of experiences unique for each person. Specifically, I now have a meditation product for all of my clients in my toolbox. If I need short add on meditations, I have 5 and 10 minute experiences and if I need a full experience, I have that too in sessions such as the Yoga Nidra technique, or the visualization techniques. The way in which Taryn organizes and presents her video presentations are clear and easy to follow. I am very thankful for this course and look forward to taking several more. I’ve already signed up for Loka Yoga School’s Breathwork Teacher Training course!

– Kerry Ruiz (USA)

I have to thank you for putting together such a thorough, easy-to-follow Meditation course that broadened my outlook on meditation, pushed me outside of my comfort zone and detail a rich history of the practice. This training with Loka Yoga School exceeded my expectations because it was very well outlined in the description, prior to commencing. I really liked that the course was able to provide a breakdown of the many different meditation styles and also understand how best they might fit into my routine. The calm, informative delivery style was consistent throughout. I also really enjoyed learning about the history of meditation and where its different style originated in the wider yogic world. The idea that we might have a style that best suits our personality or physiology e.g. Mind-, body-, heart-centric meditation. Also, the separation between those styles that are internal- and external-focussing was eye-opening. It’s great to be able to apply this language when describing meditation practices in a professional manner to people! Not only has my own practice developed into a tool of self-improvement now, but I feel confident enough to pass on the methodology and techniques I have learnt through this training course!
– James Powles (UK)

This meditation training course provides a vast array of meditation styles to choose from, with practical audios video tutorials, full length practices and materials to use that teachers can use for their classes with students. Would highly recommend to practitioners and teachers who are seeking to experience creative meditation styles for themselves in their own practice and also to implement in their classes for their students.
– Hendrix Taylor (USA)

Thank you so much! I booked the Breathwork + Meditation package and I found these particular online trainings super helpful when getting into teaching both subjects online. Having lifetime access is super helpful to have in the back pocket when creating new lessons and self practices. I look forward to investing more time into  my own practice and creating flow with breath and meditation. Much gratitude.
– Nicole Hammond (USA)

I hadn’t intended to do a Meditation Training course, but since the opportunity arose after the amazing online Yin Yoga teacher training course with Loka Yoga School, I took it…. I’m very glad I did.  I’ve cleared up my foggy ideas about proper meditation and although I’ve been practicing it before, now that I have a comprehensive and clear understanding of meditation, I will be more confident in my practice. Thank you so much for this valuable resource!
– Andrea Szilágyi (France)

I think Loka Yoga School did a great job in explaining the history of Meditation in this teacher training. For me it has always been a lacking point, from my YTT but also from personal research; it can be really overwhelming when looking online or reading some books. I appreciated the effort they made to deliver a clear timeline of meditation practices and how the philosophy was explained. It was easy for us to grasp all we need and to actually remember it. Thank you for giving me what I was missing. I feel I can dive deeper into my meditation practice and I feel confident in teaching it to others.
Sabrina Gasperetti (Italy)

I am completely blown away by Loka Yoga School’s online Meditation Teacher Training. This online course is filled with so much knowledge, to help set you up for success. I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 and my Yin Yoga certification in 2020 with Loka Yoga School. Here I am one year later continuing my education with the team, once again. Taryn is such a beautiful person inside and out and her teachings are contagious. This Meditation Training was such a transformative course. I can’t wait to share my teachings with others.
Much love to you all!
Danielle Trzebiatowski (USA)

I’m so glad I took this Meditation Teacher Training course with Loka Yoga School! I have gained new knowledge about Meditation and how our minds work when we sit in silence and meditate. The training is so thorough and interesting. I can now enjoy a deeper self-practice as well as guide my students through a Meditation class in a safe and enjoyable way.
– Natascha Schelle (Denmark)

This online meditation course is highly recommended and exceeded my expectations. It covers an extensive range of topics with practical and useful information and examples. The online method allows students to proceed at their own pace and review material as needed to gather a full comprehension of the topics. This course would benefit both novice and one with experience in meditation. The various topics include both text readings and audio clips. Both guided meditations and guided visualizations are included in the course. I certainly learned a lot about a variety of meditation techniques and also the history of meditation. Thank you Taryn and Loka Yoga School for all you do to help others learn about meditation.
– James Gaston (USA)

My expectations were far exceeded!  This course has greatly increased my understanding, and has made it fuller and deeper, although it has also taught me there is more for me to learn.  It has given me the tools I need to strengthen my personal practice, and introduce others to solid meditative techniques. I enjoyed learning about the 5 meditation superpowers and the many tips for creating a consistent practice. I also enjoyed learning about some of the more unusual (at least for me) meditation techniques.  I have been able to use all of these tips to establish a good personal practice. I also enjoyed the discussion of the history of meditation and its larger context.  Thank you for such a wonderful online course!
– Scott Mack (USA)

WOW! Often when you embark on completing a course, you are concerned – is this course exactly what I am after? Will it help me? Will it allow me to help others? I am pleased to say, I didn’t need to be concerned at all and it well and truly EXCEEDED all expectations I had. Simple but effective, this is a knowledgeable and informative Meditation Teacher training that is so professional and valuable. I highly recommend it. It was relaxed, thorough, professional and enjoyable.
– Renee Milton (Australia)

I loved all the different kinds of meditations and techniques in this Meditation Teacher Training. Such an elaborate offer! Thanks for helping me to establish my own daily meditation practice!
– Chiara Janssen (Netherlands)

Excellent Meditation training! I have really enjoyed all trainings I have taken with Loka Yoga School (I have now enjoyed completing their Yin Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation trainings online).  This training was very direct, and suffused with solid knowledge. I thought the training was comprehensive, clear and good value for the investment. Loka Yoga School did an excellent job of organizing the content, laying out a firm foundation for anyone interested in the art of meditation.  And I especially appreciated the self-paced aspect of the training!
– Jacqui Maxfield (Australia)

This course is fantastic. It gives an excellent overview of the history of meditation and it’s evolution through cultures over time. I took a lot of Buddhism classes as part of my religious studies undergrad work and in this training, they did a really fantastic job of giving an overview for beginners too! The meditations themselves were varied and gave an excellent trial of different types. This really helped me define my own style and understand which meditations I am most in alignment with.
– R K Flynn (Canada)

This training was amazing!  I really enjoyed every single moment I spent learning from this course. I learnt so much!  I highly recommend this specific training course especially for busy people who don’t have specific time in the day to attend in-person trainings.  Thank you Loka Yoga School.  Much love to you!
Maria Hanna (Egypt)

I have been teaching Meditation for several months now and was really looking forward to expanding my knowledge with this training.  It absolutely exceeded my expectations!  I particularly enjoyed the variety of meditation types utilized in the training and found the examples super helpful.
– Sarah Beach (USA)

This Meditation teacher training is excellent! Taryn is very knowledgeable and I am very confident now to lead a meditation practice. I appreciated bringing all the knowledge together and everything I needed to know was in the one place together and easy to understand and compare. I love doing her meditation practices and she is very calming. I enjoyed learning the history of where meditation originated from too! Highly recommend.
Alexandra Scott (Australia)

The online Meditation training with Loka Yoga School was a very enjoyable, interesting and extremely informative course.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, as it was all very well presented and easy to follow, with great explanations.  I particularly enjoyed listening to the meditations and found Taryn to have a very nice voice to listen to throughout the guided practices!  It far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it.
– Leisa Tibbetts (Australia)

This is an excellent course to introduce meditation and also provide many different meditation techniques. It provides the frame work to break bad habits and to replace with good habit. Also, it provides the benefit for meditation on daily basis. It provides many different type of meditation techniques for students to explore and choose the ones suitable for themselves.  Also, it provide tips for teaching meditation classes.   I learned Yin Yoga through Loka Yoga School and was extremely satisfied as I received so much knowledge about Yin Yoga and felt that I was fully equipped to teach others.  Now I  feel that I am confident to use what I have learned from both courses to apply to my yoga and meditation teachings!
– Fang Xin Xu (Canada)

I am deeply grateful for this Meditation training (I booked the combo with Yin Yoga!)  I didn’t know what to expect, but I really wanted to learn more about meditation and expand my overall knowledge – this training well exceeded that!  I was also inspired by the offer of meditation and yin yoga together.
I would like to thank the entire Loka Yoga School team for this online teacher training. It gave me a lot of pleasure and it was also very pleasant to work at my pace.
– Diana Pavic (Krotatia)

I loved this Meditation training.  Very thoughtful instruction and a great variety in learning experiences.  The meditation practice along with learning the history of Meditation were my favourite topics and I was most fond of the format and structure of the training. Taryn also sent us Meditation scripts to assist when teaching our own classes!  Thank you.
– Angela Hernandez (USA) 

Another well crafted online training by Loka Yoga School!
This meditation course is easy to follow and navigate. It is broken down into small components; making setting the right pace for self-learning a breeze. I loved the variety of meditation practices presented, it was very informative. I loved the theory and information presented in the training too. It was very informative and was great to learn about more styles than I had previously been exposed too. It was delightful completing the practical aspects too!
– Sarah Malone (Australia)

I really enjoyed this Meditation Training!  Especially the variety of the different techniques and the opportunity to try all of them.  I also love the online platform used and that the training is self-paced so I can work on it whenever I want.
I’m still struggling sometimes with meditating first thing in the morning and I’m grateful for the guided meditations because I feel more comfortable with them instead of meditating on my own.  This training was the perfect overview of all Meditation techniques, the history and background!
– Jana Fuchs (Switzerland)

I really enjoyed the Meditation course from Loka Yoga School. Taryn is a dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate teacher. The course has already greatly enhanced my own practice and knowledge of meditation and I am looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned with others!
– Lehshel Kolter (USA)

This course is designed passionately and gracefully, with plenty of knowledge and wisdom shared!
Have the opportunity to complete a Meditation training online with Loka Yoga School during the COVID pandemic was wonderful (following completion of their other amazing trainings!) I was ready to go further in my personal inner journey and to find the inner peace and I also wanted to learn more about different meditation techniques.  Now, after gaining so much knowledge and insight, I want to share my experience and help many other souls with this pure magic medicine! I know the benefits through personal experience and, after doing the course, I can confidently guide people using different techniques.
The guided meditations and scripts with Taryn definitely help for sharing the practice with others!
This course embodies all that meditation is about.
I have gained deep knowledge in this subject and would recommend this to anyone looking to learn or teach meditation course.
– Shahyda Mahomed (Malawi)

Another AMAZING training with Loka Yoga School. I have joined all of the courses and loved this self-paced training. I particularly love Taryn’s teaching style as well. Thank you for this great online Meditation Teacher Training!
– Caroline Catline (Australia)

I really enjoyed experiencing and studying the different types of meditation.  I didn’t realise there was so many different techniques of meditation!  Taryn explains what meditation is very clearly as well – it’s so good for beginners as well as advanced practitioners!
– Jackie Stewart (Scotland)

I’ve always practiced meditation, but I’ve never felt that I’ve truly understood it, until completing this Meditation training. This course was packed with so much lovely information that I can’t wait to share and apply to my own practice. The videos were well recorded, and all of the information given was interesting and easy to digest. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in teaching Meditation or simply deepening your own practice.
– Diane Hicks (USA)

I’m so glad I jumped in and did this course. After already doing the Yin Yoga teacher training, I knew this was going to be good. I really like the way Taryn explains everything and just makes it easy to understand. I also really enjoyed her meditations throughout the course, they gave a great insight of what to expect when teaching. Who knew there were so many ways to meditate, there really is a method of meditation for everyone in this course which made it even more enjoyable and helped me feel more confident in teaching to others. The course is laid out in such a way that one part flows beautifully to the next, again helping you gain understanding of each part before moving on. Thank you so much for this experience, it has made me delve deeper into my own practice and given me the knowledge and understanding to pass this on to others…thus spreading the meditation love!
– Vaila Irvine (Scotland)

Thank you so much for developing this program. The training is very easy to follow.  You can certainly tell it comes from a place of passion!
Taryn has a very nurturing and calming voice.  You can see the passion and effort that has gone into this course.
– Jay Gardam (Australia)

I absolutely LOVED the various areas the course covered.  Yoga Nidra, Finding Space (Tantric meditation), the visualisations, Trataka and Mindfulness were my favourites!
I was really able to perform a very good meditation with these guidances.
I found the segment on Changing Habits very helpful (I am still on the 7-week plan and it is interesting to watch the evolution of the bad habit and observe its changes).  
I loved all the 5-minute meditations too (“Letting Go” & “I Am” among the favorites) and have been selecting one for use before my home practices.
– Lisa A (Germany)

I loved this Meditation course, it was so good!  I enjoyed all of the course, especially the way each of the many different meditation techniques are explained and understanding each technique.  I learnt so much in the training and it was super interesting. 
– Alexandra Guelfi (Australia)

This Meditation training far exceeded all of my expectations!  I loved it all and am happy I stumbled across it during my online search! 
It is definitely well worth every cent and an amazing experience.

– Yihalem Tekeba (USA)

I liked the flow of this Meditation course, especially being my first online training!  I liked the meditations and teachings of them; I have been teaching meditation for a few years now and found it was nice to hear fresh ideas, new knowledge, skills and perspectives.  This Meditation training contained great substance, and Taryn’s knowledge of teaching is amazing.  She has a very kind way of speaking and its easy to follow while listening to the guided meditations and classes. I will certainly look into coming to Loka Yoga School when I can come to Bali!
 Miranda Cossuta (Canada)

What a magical journey! I am so grateful I did this Meditation training with Loka Yoga School!  I learnt so much and feel so ready to add more in-depth meditations to my yoga classes as well. Looking forward to guiding meditation-only classes too now. Thanks so much!
– Michelle Jacques (Australia)

This mediation training was very well balanced and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is looking to deepen their own meditation practice or to try out new techniques. I found the course to be really informative and enjoyable to complete. The variety of techniques and varying lengths of each practice provided an ideal opportunity to experiment with lots of different styles of meditation. Taryn’s soothing voice was the ideal guide. The course is really easy to follow and I now know which styles work best for me and which ones aren’t quite the right fit which I believe to be just as valuable. I will certainly return to these recordings in my daily practice and am looking forward to sharing my learnings with others! Thank you Taryn for doing all the hard work for me and collating all of the materials in this easy to use platform. I have undoubtedly learnt a great deal about meditation over the past few weeks and am proud to say I have adapted a new healthy daily habit.
– Lucy-Anne O’Sullivan

This is a great and complete meditation course!  I especially appreciated the various meditation techniques and in-depth teachings.  I highly recommend this training to anyone wanting to learn, or deepen their understanding of, Meditation.
– Ashri Annisa Padmawidjaja (Indonesia)

I enjoyed all of the meditation practices. It really offered a wide variety of different techniques, this meditation course really gave me a very good overview of the different meditation and visualization techniques. I very much enjoyed all the trainings and loved the tips for teaching. I think this will be really helpful in the future.
– Alexa Haskins-Holzbrecher (Germany)

Given my experience with other Loka Yoga School online courses, I expected to learn a lot and enjoy this course, which is exactly what I received. While I’ve experienced the many benefits of meditation for years, I’ve not been able to effectively describe the process, techniques and benefits to others. The content in this course has provided me with better ways to communicate this information to others.
This course is a great resource not only in the various types of meditations, but also in how to present the benefits to others. Particularly helpful for me was the information on helping to troubleshoot why one’s meditation practice may not be progressing as expected.

– Lori Ouellette (Germany)

I walked away from Loka Yoga School’s meditation course with a deeper understanding of how to meditate daily, which in turn has helped me guide students through meditation. This course is a great way to explore which meditation techniques work best for you and why certain techniques are hard to incorporate. By strengthening my meditation practice, I am a better guide!
– Sarah Hutcherson (USA)

This was an awesome course that I thoroughly enjoyed.  The ideas are explained in clearly and in detail.  There are many examples provided.  The 5 minute meditations are great and provide a variety in order to see what meditations I preferred personally.   The coloring meditation templates are awesome and will definitely be used.  overall a great course that I would absolutely recommend!
– Daniel Chapman (Canada)

I was pleasantly surprised! The course was delicious! As an experienced meditator, I found the information valuable.
The history included the diversity I crave. The different types of meditations taught were enjoyable, very enlightening, and gave more clarity.  The videos and sound recordings were well done and concise. The course was drawing me back to completion because I was receiving so much joy from expanding my practice.  I plan to come back to revisit even though it is finished. A package of two courses were purchased: Breathing and Meditation. I will be looking into the other classes you offer. It was fun, educational, complete, and a great resource to have all in one place. Well worth the money, well done!

Thank you.
– Nina Larkins (USA)

There was more content than I expected going into this course! I loved learning about Buddhist philosophy surrounding meditation, as well as the elements of letting go manifesting as allowing to be rather than to get rid of. This was truly a great course with in-depth philosophy and explanations surrounding meditation and the techniques/tools needed to be successful in leading your own practice as well as guiding others.
– Jack Cummings (USA)

I loved this meditation course! Great content, engaging yet easy to understand and follow. I loved all of the guided meditations and visualizations. I felt like I gained a thorough understanding of meditation and its benefits. I will strive to continue a daily practice. I love to close my eyes and tune out the world and tune in to my self. Thank you again! I have also done the breathwork training through Loka Yoga and have loved both experiences. Much love!
– Ryan Forestall (USA)

Loka Yoga is great for anyone looking for a self-paced journey to mind-body connection. I did the Meditation Training for personal development and growth, and now it’s inspired me to share that with others. Great insight, easy to follow, and lots of resources.
– Siobhan Llewellyn (Canada)

I enjoyed the Music meditation and Coloring Meditation. I use both of those for myself.
I enjoyed all of the information. I got more than I thought I would. Many things to take into my practice and to share in my class. There was nothing that I didn’t like. Excellent Meditation Teacher training, tons of information to fully understand the reasons and practice of Mindful Meditation. I received way more information than I thought I would get. Very happy.

– Bridgette Strong (USA)

I’m very happy I decided to add the Meditation course to my Yin course with Loka Yoga School. I have been teaching a guided meditation with coworkers for over a year and sometimes felt stuck or unsure if I was teaching correctly. Through the guided/recorded meditation and tip for teaching, I feel confident in my teaching of guided meditation. Thank you! – Stephanie
– Stephanie Lannon (Canada)

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and am really looking forward to putting what I’ve learned into practice! The lessons throughout are really thorough, well-explained and insightful, and include a great range of knowledge to help to better understand meditation itself and to cultivate a consistent practice in it. I love the vast variety of meditations available to practice and the assistance in making a lasting habit of it. Taking this course has not only given me the confidence to share and teach this practice, but it’s also connected me to meditation more deeply as a daily practice, and reconnect to the power of it for my own benefit.
– Yvonne Doherty (Ireland)

This is a top notch course. As an experienced meditator, it has helped me to expand further into my own practice and has really provided me a great opportunity to channel this information to other people so that it’s actually practical and realistic for the average person or even more experienced people. I feel a lot more confident about my ability to teach it to others. You won’t find yourself running out of places to get a great perspective on the philosophy and practicality for the practice of meditation.
– Jake Pirsch (USA)

This meditation course provides  comprehensive information on history of meditation, how to implement meditation into our daily lives and how to deal with any difficulties in practice. It showcases variety of meditations and encourages to experiment and find our own own of meditating. One can go back and practice all meditations with scripts. A very good intro to the world of meditation!
– Margo Gladys (USA)

This meditation course gave me a deeper understanding of the history, theory and practice of meditation. The lessons covered a variety of topics some of which I was already familiar with and others that were new concepts. Completing the course has given me the confidence to use what I’ve learned to help others on the healing journey using meditation.The knowledge gained is well worth the commitment it takes to succeed.
The Loka Yoga school meditation course will inspire you to use different types of meditation practices to reach different groups instead of just the typical version most of us have been exposed to. It will open up your personal practice in ways that are unexpected and filled with growth.
– Stacie Seidl (USA)

This online meditation course gives a well rounded comprehensive overview over the basics of this topic. Especially, the theoretical background helps a lot to start understanding what meditation actually is. In combination with the quite extensive library of different kinds of meditation which can all be experienced and practiced whenever one can make time for it, it is a great starting point to dive deeper into ones self-practice and maybe even teaching. For the first time I feel that I could explain the benefits of meditation to a sceptic person 🙂 Since all the modules can be used freely without having to stick to a certain order, this course is easy to use and can simply be integrated into every – even very busy- schedule. I learnt a lot about meditation even though I had a consistent meditation practice for over two years before I took this course. Thank you for this great course!
– Olga Czyzak (Japan)

The Loka Yoga Meditation course is a fantastic way of broadening your techniques and provides a fantastic insight into the world of meditation.  What surprised me most, was that I approached this course from more of a scientific point of view, looking to understand the physical and psychological benefits, however as I progressed through the course, I very quickly became drawn towards the spiritual aspects too.  Now having experienced all of the varying techniques and understanding both the scientific and spiritual aspects, I feel I know have a greater connection with my practice, in turn providing me with an improved ability to connect with my future students and classes.  I cannot thank you guys enough for what this course has done for me, I feel able to better control my thoughts, moods and behaviours through following your practices, and can now integrate them into my every day life.  I have already passed on some of my knowledge to people who I know suffer from anxiety and stress, which is a fantastic thing to be able to do, and just builds my commitment and confidence to help others on their journey and improve their way of life.  Thank you so much!
– Samuel Brooks (UK)

I am so excited to share what I have learned in this Meditation Course by Loka Yoga School.  All of the lessons I learned in this Meditation Teacher Training will not only help me, but all of my clients as well.  As a believer in meditation, this course has strengthened my knowledge in meditation.  I am so pleased with this meditation course, and I know it will help me to be as helpful as I can to others seeking meditation instruction.  I am forever grateful for this amazing Course and will recommend to anyone who is interested in Meditation.  Meditation is an amazing tool to help with self love and inner guidance, I really enjoyed the loving kindness meditation it was amazing and all of the guided meditations were extremely helpful.   I loved the visualization meditations as well and will definitely use these techniques in my practice.  Thank you so much for an amazing meditation course!
– Alana Tracy (USA)

Although I have had a personal meditation practice for a year, I wanted to learn more about different techniques. I wanted to be prepared for what preconceptions, misconceptions, and myths might come up once I start teaching meditation classes with my yoga classes. This course was exactly what I needed! I learned so much and took several pages of notes! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on the wonderful practice of meditation!
– Melissa Whalen (USA)

The meditation course gives practical application to so many forms of meditation while also providing the history and intent of each technique covered. As someone who only practices one style of meditation (awareness of breath), I enjoyed learning about others that haven’t been offered or discussed in other trainings I have completed. The course uses simple language to describe the techniques so anyone can follow along with ease, and allows for practice through guided sessions. The entire course is well planned, beautifully narrated, and informative.
– Rachel C Breithaupt (USA)

Yoga Alliance accredited Online Meditation Training

LIFETIME ACCESS to the complete accredited Meditation training program (value US$ 599)
BONUS:Collection of 5-minute guided meditations (value US$ 29)
Yoga Nidra (value US$ 29)
Guide to Changing Habits with Meditation (value US$ 49)
BONUS:Release negative emotions (value US$ 19)
Meditation Community Support group (Priceless)
Total value US$

Receive the entire package now for only US$ 299

Following the initial 3-month period, a monthly subscription fee of US$ 4.99 will apply. Students may cancel anytime.


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YACEP – Yoga Alliance Certification

The Meditation training offered by Loka Yoga School includes 10 hours Continued Education with Yoga Alliance.  Whether you have knowledge of Meditation or you are just a beginner; here at Loka Yoga you will be able to develop your understanding of meditation to such an extent that you may in turn be able to teach meditation professionally. Our graduates can log additional hours with Yoga Alliance if required.


Upon completion of registration and payment to any of our online trainings and packages, students immediately and automatically receive full access to all purchased trainings and associated course materials, group forums and teacher’s contact details. For the protection and security of Loka Yoga School, a no-refund policy applies.  

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