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Life changing.  Through this amazing training, I have been able to break my habit of smoking AND emotional eating for the first time in my life!

After years of trying various meditation training centers and and retreats, I have now FINALLY found something that works!  With the amazing guidance, explanations, presentations and tools in this training, I feel like I am truly set for life.  My knowledge and understanding of meditation has improved more from this training than from over 2 decades of attending all the other courses and trainings combined.  Thank you for everything!  
– P. Burgess (UK)


I found this to be a very helpful course, not just for preparing to teach meditation before my yoga classes, but also for myself, to achieve a better quality of meditation.
I have always found it difficult to meditate in the group and am easily distracted by outside noises.
The combination of this being a course of study, plus using the earphones in addition to the beautiful audios accompanying each guided meditation, I have improved my meditation by 100% – such a change for me when I attend other classes and I can actually meditate rather well now.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from a meditation course, but this has definitely surpassed anything I might have imagined. A truly beautiful course that, in addition to receiving a teaching certificate, is a lovely accompaniment to any practice or on its own. I especially love the 5-minute meditations for in-between. They really make a difference in my day.
– L. Abrahams (USA)


This course exceeded my expectations.  The content and detail really is brilliant.  I loved the History of Meditation and I also loved the Changing Habits section.  I also found the ‘other meditation techniques’ section extremely useful too!
– V. Irvine (Scotland)


Self-paced international online training

Discover the Meditation style that suits YOU
and change your life!

Join our course and learn how to meditate with lifetime access to
over 25 different Meditation techniques.

Internationally accredited training.  Register to receive instant access.

This training is perfect for those wanting to learn how to meditate, those who wish to explore various meditation techniques to find one they love or those who wish to teach Meditation!

Learn over 25 different meditation styles and how to integrate meditation into your life with ease

In your own time, at your own pace.

It is so common to hear people say that they cannot meditate; it is too hard, too boring, they don’t have time, or they don’t know how.  Of course they know all about the incredible benefits of meditation, but they just can’t bring themselves to develop the habit.  

This course is an opportunity to change that.  Often, the reason people struggle with meditation is simply due to the fact they have not found the technique that is right for them, with effective guidance from a teacher!

There are many different meditation techniques to suit different people.  The problem is, each school of meditation focuses only on their own technique – and when this doesn’t reasonate with us, we give up and assume we cannot meditate!

In this course, you will learn over 25 different meditation techniques, including the most popular and well-known styles, as well as the less known techniques.  Understanding what meditation styles suit you best does take practice and you need an opportunity to explore various techniques.  We have created such personal, in-depth video presentations and lectures, full length guided meditations with lengths between 5 – 45 minutes, reading material, FAQs, Myths and a 7-week guide to quit addictions and break bad habits.

Along with a friendly and interactive support group of Meditation teachers and students, there is support and encouragement, motivation and ideas when you want it. 

Imagine being able to learn without interruption or disturbances, in your own time, at your own speed and when it suits your life. 

We wanted to make this a comprehensive, self-paced training for you so the quality and quantity of content in this training far exceeds an in-person training and you have ample opportunity to really cultivate a meditation habit and integrate meditation in to your life!

Meditation explained. Like never before!

A 10-hour internationally accredited, self-paced course, setting you up for success in mastering Meditation.  Also providing additional resources to the many who are already deep into the practice and teaching other styles!

You’ll learn;

  • Over 25 Meditation techniques
    (You are guaranteed to find a technique that suits you!)
  • A collection of guided meditations
    (available in video and audio format to practice anytime, anywhere) 
  • Gain knowledge on the history of Meditation and common myths
    (so you can prevent yourself from experiencing common issues others suffer)
  • Advance your knowledge and understanding of Meditation
    (allowing you to develop a deeper meditation practice and truly change your life!)
  • A powerful 7-week guide to changing habits
    (a step-by-step guide to quitting an addiction and breaking bad habits with meditation)
  • FAQs surrounding Meditation
    (so you can troubleshoot issues preventing you from experiencing a deeper practice)
  • Boost your meditation – or yoga – resources without breaking the bank
    (online and self-paced training saving you time and money)
  • Qualify to log an additional 10 hours training and continued education with Yoga Alliance
    (internationally accredited)

Student Testimonials

Another well crafted online training by Loka Yoga School!
This meditation course is easy to follow and navigate. It is broken down into small components; making setting the right pace for self-learning a breeze. I loved the variety of meditation practices presented, it was very informative. I loved the theory and information presented in the training too. It was very informative and was great to learn about more styles than I had previously been exposed too. It was delightful completing the practical aspects too!
Sarah Malone (Australia)


I really enjoyed experiencing and studying the different types of meditation.  I didn’t realise there was so many different techniques of meditation!  Taryn explains what meditation is very clearly as well – it’s so good for beginners as well as advanced practitioners!
– Jackie Stewart (Scotland)


I’m so glad I jumped in and did this course. After already doing the Yin Yoga teacher training, I knew this was going to be good. I really like the way Taryn explains everything and just makes it easy to understand. I also really enjoyed her meditations throughout the course, they gave a great insight of what to expect when teaching. Who knew there were so many ways to meditate, there really is a method of meditation for everyone in this course which made it even more enjoyable and helped me feel more confident in teaching to others. The course is laid out in such a way that one part flows beautifully to the next, again helping you gain understanding of each part before moving on. Thank you so much for this experience, it has made me delve deeper into my own practice and given me the knowledge and understanding to pass this on to others…thus spreading the meditation love!
Vaila Irvine (Scotland)


Thank you so much for developing this program. The training is very easy to follow.  You can certainly tell it comes from a place of passion!
Taryn has a very nurturing and calming voice.  You can see the passion and effort that has gone into this course.
– Jay Gardam (Australia)


I absolutely LOVED the various areas the course covered.  Yoga Nidra, Finding Space (Tantric meditation), the visualisations, Trataka and Mindfulness were my favourites!
I was really able to perform a very good meditation with these guidances.
I found the segment on Changing Habits very helpful (I am still on the 7-week plan and it is interesting to watch the evolution of the bad habit and observe its changes).  
I loved all the 5-minute meditations too (“Letting Go” & “I Am” among the favorites) and have been selecting one for use before my home practices.
– Lisa A (Germany)


I loved this Meditation course, it was so good!  I enjoyed all of the course, especially the way each of the many different meditation techniques are explained and understanding each technique.  I learnt so much in the training and it was super interesting. 
– Alexandra Guelfi (Australia)


What is inside the Meditation training?

LIFETIME ACCESS to the complete accredited Meditation training program (value $499)
Internationally certified and accredited with Yoga Alliance, this 10-hour Yin Yoga teacher training will set you up for success to experience a deep and more profound meditation.

BONUS: Collection of 5-minute guided meditations (value $29)
Helping you get started!  Including explanations of each technique. 

BONUS:  Yoga Nidra (value $29)
The most popular yogic meditation today!  Discover why people are flocking to studios to practice this meditation technique

BONUS: Guide to Changing Habits with Meditation (value $49)
Break bad habits and addictions using Meditation.  This 7-week guide could change your life!

BONUS: Release negative emotions (value $19)
An opportunity to learn a new way of releasing yourself of negative emotions and handling stress to reduce stress and anxiety in your daily life.  

BONUS: Meditation Community Support group (Priceless)
You will be invited to join a network of Meditation teachers and students from around the world to share knowledge and stories, learn from one another and connect!

Total value $625!

Receive the entire package now for only $199

Are you ready to change your life and mindset with Meditation?

Meditation is becoming increasingly popular worldwide and during these strange times, mastering the art of meditation and cultivating a daily practice to enjoy the healing benefits and qualities of Meditation can, without a doubt, be life-changing! 

Join us now and score the entire package at less than half price!

Understanding and knowledge of the various Meditation techniques and how to practice each technique provides you with the ability to create a truly transformational experience in your meditation practice.  It can literally be the difference between a successful meditation practice and a giving up altogether, with an illusion that you cannot meditate. 

We have created a ‘buffet’ of meditation techniques so you can explore the selection, try each meditation technique and discover what suits YOU!

More than ever, various industries and businesses are calling out to Meditation guides to assist with lowering stress levels, tension, improving mental health and providing an opportunity to health, wellbeing and wellness activities in the workplace.  It’s not too late to make a HUGE difference.

Let’s get started!

Taryn & Yann
Directors, Loka Yoga School

More about what we do during our Meditation training

To really understand Meditation, one must experience it.

This professional comprehensive online training is guided by Taryn Weggelaar; an expert teacher who has worked professionally as  Meditation, Yoga and Pranayama teacher, specialising in these fields for over 8 years (including teaching Meditation to Olympic athletes, corporate employees, senior citizens, pregnant ladies and helping those with mental health concerns and in yoga studios in various countries around the world.)

Our online Meditation training course includes;

  • Learn over 25 Meditation techniues to start your journey as a successful meditator, with step-by-step instructions detailing each technique.  

  • Full length guided Meditations for you to experience the styles

  • You will receive exclusive access to Loka Yoga School’s online Mediation training portal, with accessibility to all modules, workbooks, videos, audios and tutorials

  • Collection of entire Meditations ready for YOU to experience!

  • History of Meditation

  • The benefits of Meditation

  • Myths surrounding Meditation

  • Meditation FAQs

  •  Releasing negative emotions and healing through Meditation

  • The 3 secrets to a success practice

  • Breaking bad habits with Meditation

  • No previous meditation or yoga teaching certifications are required

  • Eligible for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance

  • LIFETIME access!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course self-paced or are there allocated times and completion date?
All of the online trainings with Loka Yoga School are structured as self-paced courses, so you can complete the training in your own time and when it suits YOU and YOUR life! 

How long will this course take to complete?
This really depends on you!  Some of our students finish it in less than a week, whilst others take over a month.  There are no restrictions, so you can take your time and move through the course as it suits you and your life.

Are there any assessments?
There are no assessments reuqired for certified Meditation Training.  We are internationally accredited and certified with Yoga Alliance and exceed the requirements of a professional meditation training syllabus!

I have not completed a Meditation or yoga teacher training course before.  Is this course suitable for me?
Not a problem at all!  We teach you what you need to know and guide you through the each section carefully and step-by-step.

I have already completed a meditation training before.  Will this benefit me?
Absolutely!  We break down each meditation technique, educate and teach you the history of each, how to perform each technique, contra-indications and benefits and offer a teaching training package of scripts as well.  Even if you have attended any other course such as Vipassana, Transcendental Meditation, Silent Meditation, etc upon completion of our training you will have a solid understanding of each Meditation technique, how to develop a stronger practice and you will have a collection of guided visual and audio meditations, presentations, theory and scripts ready to go!  You will also be able to log an additional 10 hours Continued Education with Yoga Alliance or any other Yoga body (as Loka Yoga School is internationally certified).

Will I be certified to teach Meditation upon completion of this course?
Upon successful completion of our training you will receive a certificate, accredited with international Yoga Alliance.  You will have the knowledge and tools to teach Meditation!

What if I do not have a computer; will I still be able to complete this course?
We use a professional learning management system which is recommended to be accessed via a laptop or computer for best results and ease of access.  However, we have had graduates complete the entire course on their phones or tablets without issues!

Can I complete this training if I am pregnant?
Yes absolutely.  This training is 100% pregnancy-safe. Taryn – the lead Meditation teacher – provides you with the required knowledge, including any contra-indications, along the way to always ensure you experience a safe practice.

Will you be releasing more online courses in the future?
Yes!  Along with our famous Yin Yoga teacher training, we also have an expert and advanced Pranayama and Breathwork training AND Advanced Yoga courses on the way!  As a graduate of Loka Yoga School, you will always receive exclusive discounts on all trainings.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?
Upon joining the online Meditation teacher training, you will receive the direct contact details for our teachers at Loka Yoga School, who will be happy to assist or support you along the way!

Is there a community with this course?
Most definitely!  You will be able to join our beautiful community of Meditation teachers and students around the world to share your stories, ideas and knowledge!

Is everything available immediately?
Yes!  Everything is ready to go.  As soon as you complete the registration process, you will have instant access!

Do I need to use a special program to access the materials?
No, just a standard internet browser is fine (Safari is not recommended).  Our online training portal is simply accessed through the internet.

How long will I have access for?
You will be granted with lifetime access to the course content and tools.

Can this be accessed without the Internet?
No.  Internet is required.

How much can I save?
The total value of this training is currently US$625,  We maintain updated information, will keep adding new classes and content to keep it exciting!!!

Do you have students who have graduated this course and taught Meditation with success?
We are absolutely delighted to confirm that we most certainly have!  Please see a few testimonials we have received from some of our graduates around the world, copied here on this page!

Yoga Alliance accredited Online Meditation Training

LIFETIME ACCESS to the complete accredited Meditation training program (value $499)
BONUS:Collection of 5-minute guided meditations (value $29)
BONUS:Yoga Nidra (value $29)
BONUS:Guide to Changing Habits with Meditation (value $49)
BONUS:Release negative emotions (value $19)
BONUS:Meditation Community Support group (Priceless)
Total value $625!

Receive the entire package now for only $199


YACEP - Yoga Alliance Certification

The Meditation training offered by Loka Yoga School includes 10 hours Continued Education with Yoga Alliance.  Whether you have knowledge of Meditation or you are just a beginner; here at Loka Yoga you will be able to develop your understanding of meditation to such an extent that you may in turn be able to teach meditation professionally. Our graduates can log additional hours with Yoga Alliance if required.

Refund Policy for Online Meditation training

If we do not hear from you within 7 days of purchase, the purchase of this course is non-refundable.  Full payment is required to provide you with access to our online portal.  Once your payment is made, you will have access to all modules, tools, videos and course content.