English Course for Yoga Teachers

English Course for Yoga Teachers

A training designed for yoga teachers who speak English as a second language

  • Vital vocabulary required to teach Yoga in English
  • Entirely self-paced online training, available on demand
  • Internationally certified and accredited with Yoga Alliance
  • Professional video classes, presentations and guided poses
  • Build your confidence to teach yoga in English!

English is the world’s most widely spoken language, yet the vast majority of speakers are not ‘native’. Of the 1.5 billion people who speak English, less than 400 million learn it as a first language (meaning that over 1 billion people speak it as a secondary language!)


This training will allow you to confidently teach yoga in English!!


Teaching yoga can be quite intimidating! There is so much to remember and focus on, whilst ensuring you are guiding a beautiful practice and experience for your students. From offering thorough instructions, demonstrating the poses, observing the students and offering corrections and adjustments, it can really feel like there is so much pressure you, as the teacher!

The number #1 stress and anxiety most students have when completing their 200-hour yoga teacher training is “But is my English and vocabulary really good enough for me to teach yoga in English?”

It is no secret that the most important quality of a teacher is thorough, clear and concise cues. Following completion of a yoga teacher training, you need an opportunity to specifically study and focus on the key instructions to actually TEACH!

We have developed this training to help you achieve exactly this. Setting you up for success so you can build your confidence and teach any style of yoga in English.


Self-paced International Online Training

In your own time, at your own pace. Find your confidence to teach yoga in English!

Build your strength and confidence as a teacher. Plus FREE lifetime membership and bonuses for a limited time. Register to receive instant access.

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This training is perfect for all yoga teachers who want to improve their English vocabulary and speech to confidently teach yoga in English.

A 10-hour self-paced course, setting you up for success teaching yoga in English. Loka Yoga School is a trusted yoga academy, internationally certified and accredited with Yoga Alliance.

You’ll learn;

  • Key vital vocabulary for teaching a powerful and effective yoga class
    (including over 40 poses, all of the cues necessary from setting up the class, instructing movement with the breath, measurements, positioning, directions, actions and much, much more!)
  • In-depth explanation and knowledge
    (including video instruction, written manual and material and complete demonstration and guidance)
  • Discover, experience and gain knowledge on the fundamentals of teaching
    (so you can prevent facing many of the common issues other yoga teachers have when teaching yoga in English)
  • Advance your knowledge and understanding of the human body, anatomy and key body parts
    (allowing you to fully understand and communicate the benefits of yoga and help others)
  • Sequence transitions
    (12 entire video sequences, complete with the cues and guidance for each)
  • Become the teacher you want to be
    (an opportunity to obtain more opportunities teaching yoga!)

What is inside the English Course for Yoga Teachers?

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LIFETIME ACCESS to the complete English Course for Yoga Teachers program (value $399)
Filmed, produced and presented on a professional learning management system, by our internationally certified and accredited team of experts, this 8-hour training will allow you to experience the main poses, transitions, anatomy, vocabulary and vital cues as taught by native English speaking yoga teachers.

BONUS: Manual of poses (value $49)
Breakdown of each individual pose to give you the key cues, benefits, contra-indications and benefits on each. Practice in the comfort of your own home.

BONUS: Transitions (value $49)
Including written and video instructions and tutorial of 12 sequences.

BONUS: Anatomy (value $29)
Key teachings and lessons on anatomical vocabulary.

Total value $497

BLACK FRIDAY Promotion!! (until 30 November 2021)

Yoga is no longer an alternative activity or misunderstood. With hundreds of thousands of people flocking to yoga studios around the world, on a daily basis, the demand for teachers is ever-increasing.

Whether it is yoga on a yacht, in a park, on the beach, in a gym, fitness studio, yoga space, or online, millions of dollars per year are spent on yoga and most of the demand is for classes in English. Finding yoga teachers who can fluently guide a yoga class in English is extremely challenging in parts of Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Our training is designed to all you an opportunity to master the art of teaching yoga in English and support you along your journey. Breaking down the basics with vocabulary that covers setting up a class, talking to the various measurements, positioning, directions, movements, actions and transition words, before guiding you through the vital anatomy, you have an opportunity to enjoy practicing what you love and learning how to share it with others – clearly and concisely. Through careful teaching and guidance, there is no doubt this training is indeed transformational and life-changing!

Join us now and score the entire package at 1/10 of the price!

More than ever, individuals are calling out for English-speaking yoga teachers to assist with releasing tension and trauma, lowering stress levels, increasing flexibility, building strength, improving mental health and providing an opportunity to heal, experience radiance and optimal health and wellbeing through yoga. It’s not too late to polish up your language skills to make a HUGE difference to your offerings.

Welcome. We look forward to teaching you, guiding you, supporting you and being a part of your journey.


What inspired our English Course for Yoga Teachers

This professional comprehensive online training is guided by Chiara Janssen, filmed, edited and directed by Loka Yoga School.

Chiara is a very passionate yoga instructor with teaching experience in different settings around the world. Her key strengths lie in her adaptability, personal attention, passion and patience to mentor others. Following completion of her 200 hour YTT, Chiara taught for a studio in the Netherlands, teaching her classes in both Dutch and English. Slowly getting used to an international audience and understanding the importance of the English language to teach yoga internationally in-person, as well as online.

Chiara’s then moved to Bali, assisting on yoga teacher training courses. Following a more international Yoga path, Chiara understood the necessity of a broad English vocabulary in Yoga to provide (international) students with clear, safe and simple cueing. She also understood that most YTT graduates (on a global scale) are not native in English and often lack the confidence to teach and adjust their students in English. Chiara realised how helpful it would be to have a training specifically focused on teaching yoga in English. Her love of perfecting the English language herself led Chiara to join Loka Yoga School in creating a comprehensive yoga vocabulary in English, as well as extensive and specific video content, to help international teachers find their voice in English, build safe and strong sequences, and gain confidence teaching in a language that is not their own mother-tongue.

Join Chiara at Loka Yoga School as she helps mentor you through the process and make your path towards an international yoga career smooth and enjoyable!

Our online English Course for Yoga Teachers includes;

  • Key vital vocabulary for teaching a yoga class
  • Learn the language for over 40 poses, with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials detailing each
  • Discover 12 entire video sequence transitions
  • Including all of the cues necessary from setting up the class, instructing movement with the breath, measurements, positioning, directions, actions and more!
  • You will receive exclusive access to Loka Yoga School’s online English Course training portal, with accessibility to all modules, workbooks, videos, audios and tutorials
  • In-depth explanation and knowledge
  • Professionally filmed videos and presentations
  • Downloadable course manual and material
  • The fundamentals of teaching
  • Advance your knowledge and understanding of the human body, anatomy and key body parts
  • Become the teacher you want to be
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours is this training?

We predict the entire course will take most people approximately 10 hours to complete.

How long will this course take to complete?

As the course is self-paced, you may work through it at your convenience. Some finish the course within a couple of days, and some take a few months to really implement the lessons into their teachings and practice each teaching. It is up to you!

Will I receive a certificate at the end of this course?

Yes you will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course!

I have not completed any yoga teacher trainings before. Is this course suitable for me?

This course is designed for people who are already certified yoga teachers. Whilst beginners are welcome to join the training for their own knowledge and experience, the course is aimed specifically at yoga teachers and offering them the language to teach yoga in English.

Is there a deadline that I must finish the course by?

No, you may progress through the course at your own pace. There are no scheduled calls or deadlines. At the moment we are also offering free lifetime access.

Are there any assessments? Are there any assessments?

We have included some light, fun quizzes throughout the training to help keep you on track! There is no final exam or assessment.

Do I need to be a yoga teacher to take this course?

This course is designed for people who are already certified yoga teachers. Whilst beginners are welcome to join the training for their own knowledge and experience, the course is aimed specifically at yoga teachers and offering them the language to teach yoga in English.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

Upon joining the online English Course for Yoga Teachers, you will receive the direct contact details for our teachers at Loka Yoga School, who will be happy to assist or support you along the way!

Is everything available immediately?

Yes! Everything is ready to go. As soon as you complete the registration process, you will have instant access!

Do I need to use a special program to access the materials?

No, just a standard internet browser is fine (Safari is not recommended). Our online training portal is simply acessed through the internet.

Can this be accessed without the Internet?

No. Internet is required.

How much can I save?

The total value of this training is currently US$497. We maintain updated information, will keep adding new classes and content to keep it exciting!

Is the course content available as lifetime access?

Yes it currently is. There are no time restrictions for you. Take your time and enjoy. You may go back and enjoy the teachings and guided practices even AFTER you have completed the training and received your certificate.

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Online English Course for Yoga Teachers

LIFETIME ACCESS to the complete English Course for Yoga Teachers program (value $399)
BONUS: Manual of poses (value $49)
BONUS: Transitions (value $49)
BONUS: Anatomy (value $29)
Total value $497


Upon completion of registration and payment to any of our online trainings and packages, students immediately and automatically receive full access to all purchased trainings and associated course materials, group forums and teacher’s contact details. For the protection and security of Loka Yoga School, a no-refund policy applies.