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An internationally accredited and certified Yoga Teacher Training School

Who We Are

Loka Yoga School is an international yoga teacher training school offering Level 1 (200 hour) teacher training, Yin Yoga teacher training, Teacher Refresher courses and retreats, as well as Continuing Education courses (YACEP) accredited courses with Yoga Alliance International.

Our courses have been running in Bali and India since 2016 and we are in the process of expanding.

We believe that learning the art of teaching yoga should be taught in stunning natural environments, in turn nourishing the soul.
Be sure to leave having experienced a transformation of a life time.

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Loka: 'World', 'Universe', 'Plane', 'Realm'. Loka can also mean 'a state of light', 'heaven' or 'the ascension of the soul'.

Indian culture traditionally holds that there are seven planes or plateaus of the Universe, built by the Supreme Being to represent the heavens, light and becoming.
These seven planes are;
the material world (bhurloka)
the world of becoming (bhuvarloka)
the world of light (svarloka)
the infinite world (maharloka)
the world of joy of spiritual living (janaloka)
the world of will or conscious force (taparloka)
the world of the highest truth of being (satyaloka)
In the human body, these Loka are said to exist in the feet, genitals, navel, heart, throat, third eye and crown of the head.

Setting you up for Success

Loka Yoga holds firm in the belief that it’s only when we have developed a true understanding of the potent effects of the practice of yoga on the body, mind and spirit, that we can then effectively share these practices with others. ​​​​​

Until we have cultivated an understanding of the inner self, we are not equipped to be a catalyst in the transformation of our students.
Loka Yoga offers a comprehensive practical Yoga training program in how to teach yoga. These courses are suitable for experienced practitioners who would like to teach yoga in the future and also those who would simply like to deepen their own yoga practice.

RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Course

The RYT 200 Yoga teacher trainer course is available to practioners with 6+ months yoga experience (this will be individually assessed).
Included in this yoga training course is a mixture of Hatha yoga where we incorporate styles such as Vinyasa and Yin. We will learn how to combine a variety of postures (asana) into a creative, well-rounded and intelligently sequenced flow, with specific focus on principles of alignment.

“Loka Yoga has transformed my relationship with yoga -providing me with not only an outlet to escape everyday stresses of life through my new well developed practice, but also an entire new yogi family and community. I am forever grateful for the experience provided to me”
-Loka Yoga graduate

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