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Benefits of choosing Loka Yoga:

  • Internationally certified with Yoga Alliance
  • Self-paced
  • Comprehensive 50 hour training
  • Expert teachers
  • Video lectures and presentations
  • Full length Yin Yoga classes
  • Manual of 64 Yin poses
  • Class sequences prepared for YOU to teach
  • Teaching toolkit
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Fun quiz assessments and activities
  • Yin Yoga support group & community

Self-paced International Online Training

In your own time, at your own pace.
Discover the yogi with Yin!

Join our training and become a certified Yin yoga teacher.  Plus a whole host of bonuses for a limited time!  Get instant access below.

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This training is perfect for all yoga teachers who want to learn how to teach Yin Yoga or for those wanting to learn the fundamentals and healing qualities of this style of yoga
to benefit themselves and others.

Learn the secrets to become an AMAZING
Yin Yoga teacher

In your own time, at your own pace.

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Many Yin yoga teachers do not have a strong understanding of the human body or the fundamentals of Yin yoga.  They struggle with identifying the key differences between tension and compression, stressing and stretching, pain and discomfort.  This can lead to causing physical harm or causing additional injury to a person.

Here we share the knowledge and key secrets that set you up for success as a Yin yoga teacher.  These are the tools we used to teach Olympic champion athletes, leading fitness professionals, people working with injuries or disabilities, senior citizens, pregnant ladies, in yoga studios, fitness centers, workplaces and clinics!  In just 50 hours, you will be able to develop your own practice, learn what works for YOU and YOUR body, share your passion and be helping others! 

Maybe you feel like an online training isn’t for you and you feel that you would learn more in person?  We understand.  We have created such personal, in-depth video presentations and lectures, full length classes and reading material, along with a friendly and interactive support group of Yin Yoga teachers.  Imagine being able to learn without interruption or disturbances, in your own time, at your own speed and when it suits your life. 

We wanted to make this a comprehensive, self-paced training for you so the quality and quantity of content in this training far exceeds an in-person training!

This training is actually much better than any in-person and onsite training, as you can take your own time to study.  The content and yoga practice far exceed its value!   This course makes me more fond of Yin Yoga and now I want to learn more.
I feel lucky I found this online Yin Yoga teacher training, I LOVED it!

– Ling Yan Chang (Taiwan)


Earn the key and unlock the secrets to success

A 50-hour internationally certified, self-paced course, setting you up for success as a Yin Yoga teacher.  Also providing additional resources to the many who are already deep into the practice and teaching other styles!

You’ll learn how to;

  • Teach Yin Yoga safely and effectively to all ages and capabilities
    (learning how to use yoga to release tension, stress, alleviate pain, prevent injury and promote recovery)
  • Gain knowledge on the fundamentals of Yin yoga
    (so you can help athletes, senior citizens, office employees and anyone who has a human body)
  • Advance your knowledge and understanding of the human body and Anatomy
    (allowing you to stand out as a teacher and truly understand other’s physical concerns!)
  • Create transformational Yin Yoga classes that deliver a beautiful experience
    (without fear of wondering if your students will be able to do the poses)
  • Build a creative and effective Yin Yoga sequence with options and variations
    (so you can teach and cater to a wider audience)
  • Boost your yoga resources without breaking the bank
    (online and self-paced training saving you time and money)
  • Qualify to log an additional 50 hours training and continued education with Yoga Alliance
    (internationally certified and accredited)
  • Teach the style of yoga that is taking the world by storm!
    (increasing your Yoga repertoire)

Words from a few of our graduates...

I received my yoga teacher training in Bali from Loka Yoga School back in 2019. It was such an amazing experience all around that it was a no brainer when looking into schools to get my continued education, that I would go with Loka Yoga School. Yann and Taryn are two of the most beautiful souls that I have ever met. They truly put their heart and soul into everything for their students. I will forever recommend Loka Yoga School to anyone interested in taking the leap to become a yoga teacher!
– Dani T (USA)


Absolutely loved this Yin Yoga teaching course!  So in-depth and so interesting. I learnt a lot, even though I had a basic knowledge already.  The body is amazing and everything was described, along with diagrams, so I could take lots of notes to refer too. The classes were awesome too, so good to get some practice in and really helped relax you after all the studying, haha! Was so easy to do online with all lessons in manageable chunks so you could do some and easily come back later.  Fast feedback and great help and support via email/messenger and of course the Facebook group. The set classes, described in great detail at the end, will be invaluable as I prepare to start teaching my own classes and a brilliant reference to look back on. Thank you so much! Namaste xx
– Vaila I (UK)


This online training has exceeded my expectations. The content is more than enough to get you started in the yin world, providing relevant information about anatomy and history, first theoretically and towards the second half of the training, practically. A fantastic resource for new yin yoga teachers and a refreshing training for yoga teachers in general. The break-up of every pose, including anatomical cues, the meridians involved, variations for the pose… makes it a great tool for sequencing! The availability of yin classes with different themes and targeted areas is another bonus, allowing me to practice at home anytime! I definitely recommend anyone in the health industry to take this training and add such an important skill to their list of tools to help improve people’s overall wellbeing!
– David D (Spain)


What’s inside the Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training?

Complete certified Yin Yoga teacher training program (value $599)
Internationally certified and accredited with Yoga Alliance, this 50-hour Yin Yoga teacher training will set you up for success to teach Yin Yoga!

BONUS: Manual of 64 Yin Yoga poses (value $29)
Including benefits, contra-indicators, options, variations, cues/ instructions and colour photos

BONUS: Teaching toolkit (value $29)
Ready-to-teach sequences with descriptions, timing and photos to immediately inspire your teaching

BONUS: Mantras, Mudras and Bandhas (value $19)
Beautiful additions and inclusions for your yin classes to make you stand out and have your students wanting more!

BONUS: Over 6 hours of full-length Yin classes to enjoy! (value $249)
An opportunity to be a student, learn from an expert as you experience and feel the poses yourself allowing YOU to teach from a place of knowledge and understanding!

BONUS: Yin Yoga Community Support group (Priceless)
You will be invited to join a network of Yin Yoga teachers and students from around the world to share knowledge and stories, learn from one another and connect!

BONUS: Constructive feedback on your teaching (Priceless)
A rare opportunity to receive personal, written constructive feedback on your teaching from an expert Yin yoga teacher! 

Total value $925!

Receive the entire package now for only $399

Yin Yoga poses book cover

I loved this course! It was so incredibly detailed, I feel very confident now leaving with so much knowledge.
I enjoyed how the program was laid out in ‘bite-size chunks’, so each module never got boring.  I looked forward to the yin classes at the end of each module! The anatomy lectures were EXTREMELY detailed and clear; Yann is very clear and explains everything so well.  I loved how detailed & thorough Taryn was with all the poses, offering a photo in many different views and all the detailed cueing and pose explanations helped so much.  A lot of the poses I was already familiar with but Taryn managed to show me a new way to try the pose and increase or change the sensation.

– Annie N (UK)



The training was so much fun to complete and it really shows how much thought and effort have been put into it.  Before I started the course I was a bit skeptical about completing a yoga teacher training online and I wondered how this could work, but I found the online training tool very easy and intuitive to use and the content was very diversified and of such high quality!  I especially loved the online yoga classes with the explanation of all the different yin poses and variations. At the end of the course you receive a tutorial with thorough explanations of the different postures. This is so helpful and gives great guidance for creating my own yin yoga classes!  This truly is a great learning opportunity for everyone who would like to learn more about yin yoga!
– Frauke D (Germany)


Setting you up for success

Our guarantee to you…

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program within 7 days of purchase, we will offer you a full refund, Yinster’s honour!

Make your payment today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good!  Explore the materials and experience the vibe of Loka Yoga School and THEN…make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this course take to complete?
This really depends on you!  Some of our students finish it in less than a week, whilst others take over a month.  There are no restrictions, so you can take your time and move through the course as it suits you and your life.

Are there any assessments?
Yes there most definitely are!  As with any officially certified course, you will be assessed following each topic, to ensure you have absorbed what you need to know before moving on.  The good news is that you can go back and redo the quizzes as many times as you need to pass!

I have not completed a yoga teacher training course before.  Is this course suitable for me?
Not a problem at all!  We teach you what you need to know and guide you through the theory and practical components step-by-step.

I have already completed a Level 1 teacher training.  Will this benefit me?
Absolutely!  Upon completion of our training you will have a solid understanding of Yin Yoga, how to teach this amazing style of yoga and you will have a collection of sequences, poses and ideas ready to go!  You will also be able to log an additional 50 hours Continued Education with Yoga Alliance!

Will I be certified to teach Yin Yoga upon completion of this course?
Upon successful completion of our training you will receive a certificate, accredited with international Yoga Alliance.  You will have the knowledge and tools to teach Yin Yoga.  However, depending on certain requirements and restrictions in your country, you may require a 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate to obtain insurance and work professionally in yoga studios, fitness centers and workplaces.  We recommend you check on the laws in your hometown!

What if I do not have a computer; will I still be able to complete this course?
We use a professional learning management system which is recommended to be accessed via a laptop or computer for best results and ease of access.  However, we have had graduates complete the entire course on their phones or tablets without issues!

Will you be releasing more online courses in the future?
Yes!  Stay tuned for updates on Meditation, Pranayama/ Breathwork and Advanced Yoga courses!

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?
Upon joining the online Yin Yoga teacher training, you will receive the direct contact details for both Taryn and Yann, who will be happy to assist or support you along the way!

Is there a community with this course?
Most definitely!  You will be able to join our beautiful community of Yin Yoga teachers around the world to share your stories, ideas and knowledge!

Is everything available immediately?
Yes!  Everything is ready to go.  As soon as you complete the registration process, you will have instant access!

Do I need to use a special program to access the materials?
No, just a standard internet browser is fine (Safari is not recommended).  Our online training portal is simply accessed through the internet.

How long will I have access for?
As long as the course is available online!  We guarantee a minimum of 6-months, but we have no intention of bringing it down for the next few years!

Can this be accessed without the Internet?
No.  Internet is required.

How much can I save?
The total value of this training is currently US$925,  We maintain updated information, will keep adding new classes and content to keep it exciting!!!

Do you have students who have graduated this course and taught Yin Yoga with success?
We are absolutely delighted to confirm that we most certainly have!  Please see a few testimonials we have received from some of our graduates around the world, copied here on this page!

Thank you for this course. I really enjoyed the content, especially as it was self-paced and we have access to it even after completion.
Having a repertoire of so many poses now and example classes makes it so easy to just start teaching.
I highly recommend this course, if you want to deepen your practice and learn more about Yin Yoga. Thank you very much Taryn and Yann!

– Seline S (All Yoga Training – Australia)


I have thoroughly enjoyed this course.  I spent some time looking into yin courses and I’m very pleased that I came across this one it was a very good find.  Taryn and Yann are very experienced and knowledgeable and pass on such a passion for Yin and all the anatomy information you need to know to be a confident yin teacher.  I love that this course is entirely self paced.  As a busy mum to 2 this enabled me to work around family time and other commitments which for me was a massive bonus to this course.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.
– Caroline C (UK)


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Are you ready to understand the depths of Yin?

Time is of the essence to get Yin deep and share the healing benefits and qualities of Yin yoga with others!  Join us now during the celebration of International Yoga Week and score the entire package at less than half price!

Understanding and knowledge of the human body and the ability to create a truly transformational experience in your yoga class can literally be the difference between a successful career as a yoga teacher and a dream that never becomes a reality. 

All experienced yoga teachers continue to focus on their education, self-study and grow!

More than ever, various industries and businesses are calling out to yoga teachers to assist with lowering stress levels, tension, improving mental health and providing an opportunity to health, wellbeing and wellness activities in the workplace.  It’s not too late to make a HUGE difference.

Let’s get started!

Taryn & Yann
Directors, Loka Yoga School

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More words from our graduates...​

I am so happy to have completed this course; it is definitely worth it! Each module contains the care and details you need to become a better Yin teacher.  I have discovered many new things and relearnt others.
The anatomy component was outstanding! Great job Yann! The practical component with all the poses and sequences was delightful!! Taryn, you are making the life of new teachers so simple.
I am pleased that i have enrolled in this extra 50hrs around Yin and I will strongly encourage all teachers that do not have much experience in Yin & Restorative to do the same.
I was asked to rate it between 1-5… I would give it a 6 if it was possible!
Thank you so much!!
– Daniele A (Italy)


The teacher training course is comprehensive and clearly guided.
I enjoyed learning more about the practical implications of anatomy to Yin Yoga and the classes with Taryn are always amazing! 
Taryn and Yann are both so passionate in what they do and deliver their very best.
The course is well designed and sets you up for a great teaching foundation!

– May K (Singapore)

Yin Yoga poses book cover

More about what we do during our Yin Yoga Teacher Training... ​

To really understand Yin Yoga, or any form of yoga, one must experience it.

This professional comprehensive online training is guided by Taryn Weggelaar and Yann Cadic; 2 expert teachers who have worked professionally in their specialised fields for over 20 years (including teaching Yin Yoga to Olympic athletes, circus performers, corporate employees, senior citizens, pregnant ladies and working alongside physiotherapists, chiropractors and podiatrists, helping those with injuries and in yoga studios in various countries around the world.

Our online Yin Yoga Teacher training course includes;

  • Learn 64 Yin Yoga poses to start your journey as a successful teacher, with step-by-step instructions detailing each pose.  Complete with colour photos, information on the meridian lines worked, options and variations, benefits, contra-indications and props

  • Full length Yin Yoga classes for you to experience the poses

  • You will receive exclusive access to Loka Yoga School’s online Yin Yoga teacher training portal, with accessibility to all modules, workbooks, photos, videos and tutorials

  • Collection of entire Yin Yoga sequences ready for YOU to teach!

  • History of Yin Yoga

  • The science of Yin Yoga

  • Mantras, Mudras and Bandhas

  • The 4 Principles of Teaching

  •  Alignment

  • Sequencing

  • Adjustments & Corrections

  • The 3 Laws of Yin

  •  Student Teacher Relationship

  • Business of Yoga

  • Yoga Anatomy
    Connective tissues |  Ligaments |  Tendons | Fasciae | Cartilage | Bone tissue | Muscle tissue
    Skeleton | Upper limb & shoulder girdle | Lower limb & pelvic girdle | Muscles | Major skeletal muscle functions
    Contraction | Muscle fiber type | Major skeletal muscles | Head | Vertebral column | Trunk | Shoulder muscles
    Forearm movers | Hand & finger movers | Hip muscles | Thigh muscles | Leg muscles

  • Theory of Yin Yoga
    Tension & compression | Yin and Yang | Plasticity & elasticity | Pain vs discomfort | Principles of Yin Yoga
    The Importance of stress

  • No previous yoga teaching certifications are required

  • Eligible for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance


Yoga Alliance certified Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Complete, internationally certified Yin Yoga teacher training program (value $599)
BONUS: Manual of 64 Yin Yoga poses (value $29)
Mantras, Mudras and Bandhas (value $19)
Teaching toolkit including ready-to-teach sequences (value $29)
BONUS: Over 6 hours of full-length Yin classes to enjoy! (value $249)
Yin Yoga Community Support group (Priceless)
Constructive feedback on your teaching (Priceless)
Total value ($925)

Receive the entire package now for only $399

Student Testimonials

I loved the Yin Yoga Training with Taryn and Yann! It was a perfect balance between theory and practical. The integration of the online platform is very intuitive and easy to navigate. You can see from the wealth of information presented though-out the training, the Facebook support page and the personal check ins that both Taryn and Yann have put a lot of time and thought into  the construction of this training to suit an online environment. Perfect given the restrictions on travel at the moment, this training removes the barrier of feeling unable to access great training in COVID times. Hopefully one day, I will be able to attend an in person training! Thank you!!
– Sarah Ann M (Australia)

Fantastic training course, clear and informative.  Amazing study of anatomy and the practical side of things are so helpful; Taryn and Yann have an amazing way of explaining things and holding your interest. Taryn goes deeep into so many asanas.   I learnt so much from this course and has changed my style of teaching forever. Totally recommend this course.
– Claire D (UK)

I decided to invest the lockdown for COVID19 in my yoga education, giving myself the chance to take advantage of the situation and turning it into my favor.  That’s how I happened to found this course of yin yoga training online!  I went through it quite intensively and I found it really useful that you could do it at your own pace and without having any issues with the time difference. The content is really well created and arranged. Everything is clear and if you are having any issue, the response is really prompt – making sure you’re having the best experience!  You leave the course with a huge amount of information and knowledge, which really makes it worth the time and the investment.  You can tell these guys are working hard to give the best educational product they can.  Thank you Yann & Taryn for sharing this with me!
– Federica C (Italy)


A friend shared a link to this course during lockdown when I wasn’t teaching so I decided this was the perfect time to continue with my yoga training for myself and students when we come out of lockdown.  I love the fact you can progress at your own pace, I enjoyed it so much I was always ready to do the next session rather than taking a break. The explanation of every posture, along with modifications, meridians and benefits means it is extremely informative and helpful. The yin classes online are there to refer to as well as use at home whenever you need to.  The course is well set out and clear, there is email support if you have a query and replies are very prompt. There is also a closed Facebook group too for peer support if needed.
I will definitely be bringing more Yin into my own classes, thank you Taryn and Yann for all your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.
– Leigh J (UK)

Thank you for this amazing course! This is my 2nd training with Loka Yoga. The fist being in Bali. They have bought the same exceptionally high standard of teaching onto the online platform.
The course is extremely thorough and I will state again,  of an extremely high standard I have come to expect from Loka Yoga. Yann’s anatomy lectures are detailed,  well explained + linked in so well to both the science and the practice. Taryn’ classes were not only beautiful  ( as always) but also a great learning experience. This may be an online course but I felt totally supported during this training – any questions , problems, suggestions etc were always dealt with promptly and efficiently. I look forward to more trainings with Loka Yoga.
– Heather B (Wales)

This is no doubt, one of the most beautiful courses I have ever done!  I now feel very confident in teaching Yin yoga, thanks to the thorough preparation of the teachers of this course and the many things I learned through it.  Each section of this course is clearly explained and divided into sub-sections.   It is a very balanced course, the teachers are of high standard of preparation and their passion shines through the videos.
I am really happy to have had the opportunity to take this beautiful course. 
Thank you!

– Sirio M (Italy)

Your  training is AMAZING! I feel blessed to be able to find Loka Yoga. This training makes me want to know more and more. It is very detailed and well crafted.  I enjoyed every part of it!!!
Much love for Taryn & Yann.
– Ashri Annisa P (Indonesia)

I was a little concerned that I would not gain a thorough understanding through online training, however both Taryn and Yann present a great energy that makes the learning experience enjoyable and clear, great content in terms of the anatomy, theory of Yin and fantastic classes and descriptions of a great range of poses, plus the sequence suggestions and additional classes have given me a great understanding to base my own future classes on.  I would highly recommend the training to any teacher wishing to add to their education and teaching practice and am grateful for the experience.
– Vicki W (Australia)

This training has given me a true insight and a comprehensive understanding of the world of Yin. Whilst I know its only the start of my studying of this style of Yoga, I feel equipped with the knowledge on how to explore my practice as a yogi but also as a yoga teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed this training, and would urge anyone who is thinking to dabble in Yin Yoga or wants to deepen their understanding to attend this training. Thank you so much, I’m feeling refreshed and excited to offer this as part of my schedule.
– Zoe M (UK)
Thank you Yann and Taryn – you are a true power couple!  I absolutely loved this training and would recommend it to anyone who wants to teach Yin yoga from a place of understanding and anyone who wants to understand anatomy from the perspective of Yoga AND enjoy amazing Yin Classes!  I would almost recommend this course to anyone who would like to have a refresher on anatomy AND enjoy amazing yoga classes.  Yann’s teaching of anatomy and Yin Yoga Theory compliments Taryn’s clearly instructed Yin Classes and vice versa. They are both incredibly knowledgeable and approachable even though this is an online course. I had so many a-ha moments over the course of each lesson and feel like I will not just be a better Yin Yoga teacher for it but a Yoga teacher in general. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!  P.S. Please make more online courses 🙂
– Milla T (UK)

Taryn and Yann are both exceptional teachers, with great energy, and knowledge.
I love anatomy and physiology, so, naturally, the anatomy lessons were quite enjoyable, and went into detail that I have not gone in to since I completed my Diploma of Fitness quite some years ago; it was a wonderful refresher, and I am certain my anatomy knowledge is far greater now, than it was prior to this training.  Yann, your anatomy knowledge is awesome, I am in awe, and realise I need to delve deeper into my anatomy knowledge (which, being a rehab based personal trainer for the last 15 years, I thought was quite knowledgeable enough, but your presentations remind me that we never stop learning!).
The course content is very easy to follow and understand, the platform is lovely to use, and all information provided is set out in way that makes learning a joy.
Taryn was wonderful in ensuring all questions were answered before I enrolled, and she ensured that she was available to answer any questions I encountered during the course.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course, especially the Yin Yoga classes with Taryn.
I highly recommend Loka Yoga to anyone looking for an online teacher training option.
– Sandra H (Australia)


Evaluation & Certification

Assessments – in short quiz format – will be provided at the end of each module.

Upon successful completion of each section and module, you will have an opportunity to record your teaching and submit for feedback if you wish.  This is completely optional and not a requirement to complete the training.

YACEP - Yoga Alliance Certification

The Yin yoga certificate course offered by Loka Yoga School includes 50 hours Continued Education with Yoga Alliance.  Whether you have knowledge of the Yin practice or you are just a beginner; here at Loka Yoga you will be able to develop your understanding of yoga to such an extent that you will in turn be able to teach yoga professionally. Our graduates can log additional hours with Yoga Alliance if required.

Refund Policy for Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Please see our Guarantee!  If we do not hear from you within 7 days of purchase, the purchase of this course is non-refundable.  Full payment is required to provide you with access to our online portal.  Once your payment is made, you will have access to all modules, tools, videos and course content. 

Share your passion with the world.
Aid others to release tension and stress.