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50-hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance accredited

To really understand Yin Yoga, or any form of yoga, one must experience it.

This professional in-depth online training comes complete with Yin Yoga classes for you to enjoy, online modules for each topic, describing the history and benefits of Yin Yoga, the science of Yin, how to do the practice, in-depth and thorough explanations of over 60 Yin postures, full length sequences ready for you to practice and teach, Functional Anatomy and Physiology presentations and lectures with our Yoga Anatomy teacher and medical professional, providing you with resources that offer you the knowledge, tools AND a deeper understanding of the
science of Yin Yoga.

The purpose of this training is to set you up for success as a Yin Yoga teacher.  Also providing additional resources to the many who are already deep into the practice and teaching other styles!

With our comprehensive modules, videos, online workshops and photos, graduates will be setting themselves up for SUCCESS as a Yin Yoga teacher.

This course is accredited by Yoga Alliance.  Loka Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider (YACEP). 
Upon successful completion of this course, you may log 50 hours continued education.

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Discounted rate valid until 31 May 2020.
US$399 from 1st June 2020

What do we do during our Yin Yoga Teacher Training?

Our online Yin Yoga Teacher training course is guided by Taryn Weggelaar and Yann Cadic, 2 expert teachers who have worked professionally in their specialised fields for over 20 years (including teaching Yin Yoga to Olympic athletes, circus performers, corporate employees, senior citizens, pregnant ladies and working alongside physiotherapists, chiropractors and podiatrists, helping those with injuries and in yoga studios in various countries around the world. 
  • Learn over 60 Yin Yoga poses to start your journey as a successful teacher, with step-by-step instructions detailing each pose.  Complete with colour photos, information on the meridian lines worked, options and variations, benefits, contra-indications and props

  • Full length Yin Yoga classes

  • You will receive exclusive access to Loka Yoga School’s online Yin Yoga teacher training portal, with accessibility to all modules, workbooks, photos, videos and tutorials

  • Collection of entire Yin Yoga sequences ready for YOU to teach!

  • History of Yin Yoga

  • The science of Yin Yoga

  • Mantras, Mudras and Bandhas

  • The 4 Principles of Teaching

  •  Alignment

  • Sequencing

  • Adjustments & Corrections

  • The 3 Laws of Yin

  •  Student Teacher Relationship

  • Business of Yoga

  • Yoga Anatomy
    Connective tissues |  Ligaments |  Tendons | Fasciae | Cartilage | Bone tissue | Muscle tissue
    Skeleton | Upper limb & shoulder girdle | Lower limb & pelvic girdle | Muscles | Major skeletal muscle functions
    Contraction | Muscle fiber type | Major skeletal muscles | Head | Vertebral column | Trunk | Shoulder muscles
    Forearm movers | Hand & finger movers | Hip muscles | Thigh muscles | Leg muscles

  • Theory of Yin Yoga
    Tension & compression | Yin and Yang | Plasticity & elasticity | Pain vs discomfort | Principles of Yin Yoga
    The Importance of stress

  • No previous yoga teaching certifications are required

  • Eligible for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance

What will you gain from our course?

  • A new perspective and understanding of this style of yoga
  • The knowledge to teach Yin Yoga to a variety of populations
  • A deep understanding of the Human Anatomy and Science of Yin Yoga
  • The knowledge of how to sequence a practice to suit various groups, themes and muscle groups
  • The confidence to share the joy of yoga with others
  • 50-hours to log with Yoga Alliance Continued Education

Evaluation & Certification

  • Assessments – in short quiz format – will be provided at the end of each module
  • Upon successful completion of each section and module, you will have an opportunity to record your teaching and submit for feedback

YACEP - Yoga Alliance Certification

The Yin yoga certificate course offered by Loka Yoga School includes 50 hours Continued Education with Yoga Alliance.  Whether you have knowledge of the Yin practice or you are just a beginner; here at Loka Yoga you will be able to develop your understanding of yoga to such an extent that you will in turn be able to teach yoga professionally. Our graduates can log additional hours with Yoga Alliance if required.

Yoga Teacher Training - Code of Conduct

  • In order to successfully complete our course and be certified as a Loka Yoga Teacher, you must complete all modules.  Please be prepared to immerse yourself in the studies.

Refund Policy for Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

The purchase of this course is non-refundable and full payment is required to provide you with access to our online portal.  Once your payment is made, you will have access to all modules, tools, videos and course content. 

Cancellation of the course

Students are guaranteed a minimum 6 months access to the online training.  In case of a cancellation of the online portal and discontinuation performed by Loka Yoga School within 6 months of the date of purchase, due to any unavoidable circumstances, tuition fees or booking amount will be refunded to the student.

Share your passion with the world.
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Yin Yoga Teacher Training