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Taryn Weggelaar

“To do what you love, and feel that it matters, how can anything be more fun?”

Growing up by the pristine coastline in Western Australia, with loving parents who also enjoyed frequent camping adventures in the outback, Taryn was constantly surrounded by nature.  She believes all these natural elements were her first teachers to broaden her awareness to the lasting wild beauty of life.

Taryn loves ‘all things yoga’. She embraces all yoga styles, meditation and breathwork and enjoys learning about herself through practices that offer a challenging vinyasa format, where postures are linked together, as well as a gentle or yin approach where poses are held for a longer period.  Connecting mindfulness, breathing techniques and absolute awareness.

Her teaching approach utilises a progressive format where postures are built step by step and grow in complexity towards a challenging or pinnacle posture (asana). She has an inclusive attitude and integrates the use of various yoga props including the wall, blocks, belts, straps and blankets to make the postures accessible and to invite challenge. Creative sequences and a fresh-minded view of the world lead to classes that move students towards their full potential and inspire the desire to look for the good.

Layering alignment instructions with reminders to connect and move with the currents of the breath, Taryn uses themes emphasising yogic philosophies that celebrate individual expression and encourage reverence for life.

Skillful corrections and assists, therapeutic adjustments and a vision for detail, accentuated by instructions that enhance her student’s feeling of strength and grace, are hallmarks of Taryn’s teaching style. Her strongest desire is to be of service and to remind each student to connect to the power of their own inner light.

Although she first experienced yoga when she was 16, Taryn devoted herself to the practice of yoga in 2008 and has been a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) since 2013. She completed her training in Australia and is currently an independent teacher at the E-RYT 500 level. She has specialised in teaching in various yoga studios, corporate yoga and sports teams (including working with some of the Australian Olympic teams).

Teaching in Australia, India, Indonesia and internationally for 8 years, as well as running yoga teacher training courses in India and Bali, she has logged over 10,000 hours of teaching experience with Yoga Alliance. As an avid practitioner she embraces all styles of yoga. Being an ardent student, Taryn participates in advanced Yoga studies to further her understanding and ability to serve others.

Yann Cadic

Yann is an anatomy and physiology expert who teaches students all they need to know about the human body.  His diverse and extensive medical background, complimented with a keen desire to share his knowledge and expertise, allows students to learn everything they need to know about yoga anatomy and beyond.  Yann loves to practice vinyasa and yin yoga, appreciating the variety and benefits associated to these styles.
Starting off with a Bachelor in Nursing at Caen’s University France, Yann started his career in Europe’s largest hospital, La Pitié Salpetrière in Paris.  Here he was mentored in Cardiac and Thoracic surgery by two of the best heart surgeons, Professor Christian Cabrol and Professor Iradj Gandjbaksh (together they conducted the very first European heart transplantation!).
Broadening his skills in highly technical units such as Medical Intensive Care Units, Yann was treating people in a life-threatening and critical state, whilst also assisting people with various cancers (including lymphoma, myeloma and leukemia) and collaborating with the French blood bank and transplanting bone marrow and stem cells in Haematology.  Yann then worked in Traumatology and Orthopedic surgery under the teaching of Professor Christophe Hulet  allowing him to deepen his knowledge and understanding about the musculoskeletal system to the next level! 
Yann has been working in Australia, New Caledonia and several countries in Africa (including South Africa, Gabon, Angola, Chad and Mali) where he was working independently as an Intensive/ Advanced Care Paramedic in extremely remote locations.
During the West African Ebola outbreak in 2014, Yann was based in West Mali at the border with Guinea and Senegal.  He was heavily involved in the medical management of the refugees (fleeing the Ebola infected areas) and collaborating and reporting to the World Health Organisation, the Red Cross, Doctors without borders and International SOS.

Since his early years, Yann was very drawn to sports. He turned to track & field when he was a teenager and won several regional and national titles in various disciplines such as Decathlon, 110m hurdles and long jump. Achieving title as a high level athlete, he was very quickly involved in the training and coaching of others.

Yann’s extremely diverse professional experience, personal interests and advanced medical trainings, have allowed him to broaden his skills and knowledge in many different fields of medical expertise. He thoroughly enjoys sharing his knowledge, experience and stories with his students.  Speaking from real life experience, this enriches his overall teachings and lectures and allows his classes to be easily understood, absorbed and relateable!
With a keen desire to share his knowledge and expertise, to help others to learn everything they need to learn about the body and how to save lives too, Yann has joined the American Heart Association ‘Instructors Team’ to facilitate International First Aid Training courses and educate others on correct CPR and First Aid knowledge and skills.  He is excited to be able to present his graduates with this globally-recognised qualification, suitable for all yoga teachers, and any other teacher, parent or professional who wishes to benefit from life-saving skills.

Alka Martine

“One of the greatest gifts I have received from Yoga and Meditation is the connection with the divine that lies within me.  This connection allowed me to begin the long journey of discovering the true essence of who I am and what my purpose here on earth is.”

Alka is a seeker, forever a student and someone who is incredibly passionate about her mission in life. Empowering human beings to become extraordinary and life a life that makes them feel like their best version of themselves.  She believes that in order to feel like your best version of yourself a harmonious balance between the fundamental five secrets of health should be achieved : Movement of the body, Nutrition, Spirituality, Career and Relationships.  She has a gentle approach toward nutrition, movement, love, health and wellbeing.

Alka specialises in Nutritional Therapy and Yoga for burnout, anxiety and stress. She is a qualified Hatha, Vinyassa, Kundalini, Yin, Pregnancy yoga teacher, life coach, Reiki Master and currently completing her Clinical Hypnotherapy training. She is devoted to being a student for life in self-development.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Alka has been living in Bali for 5 years where she has been spreading her love and knowledge with clients all over the world by empowering them to create a life filled with purpose.  She hosts Nurture and Nourishment Yoga Retreats, talks and workshops in beautiful Bali and internationally.

Stella Attwood

Stella Attwood is a highly skilled and vibrant movement trainer famous for her knowledge in human body movement, attention to detail, hands-on assists and warm connection.  She is our Yoga Mechanics & mobility expert!

Her extensive training worldwide began in 2010 with Pilates in Melbourne, and Hatha Yoga in Bali. Since then her passion for movement, anatomy and human physiology has drawn her to do continuing education in: FRC® Functional Range Conditioning, Pilates (full cert apparatus), Yoga therapy, The Garuda Method, Pre and post-natal exercise, Barre fitness, Aerial fitness, Personal training, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Pain science, Evidence-based movement practices and Rehabilitation. 

She strives to keep up to date with current best practices and is eager to share her knowledge to help others’ wellbeing.

Her focus is mindful intuitive movement, empowering you to move with self efficacy, to build strength, create a deeper mind/body/breath connection and experience feeling energetic and invigorated.

kids yoga teacher training

Jeanne Welsh | Kids Yoga Teacher

Jeanne created a Kids Yoga training to give children the tools she never had growing up.  Following a long time of suffering from childhood trauma, her story begins at Uzenmyethu child care facility, GuGulethu Township, Cape Town, South Africa.  Jeanne was teaching yoga to children in the most poverty-stricken area of the western cape.  It’s here where she decided that she wanted to teach children the life skills to promote health and wellness in other areas of their life.
Over the past 10 years, Jeanne has been working with children of all backgrounds, sharing the gift of yoga.  Noticing this growing need for change, she wanted to create a training not just for yoga teachers, but for parents, teachers, educators and caregivers too.  Anyone who wants to empower young minds to be in touch with their inner being and anyone who wants to empower young minds to be the best they can be! Anyone who wants to teach children to love who they are; body, mind and spirit. Anyone who wants to invest in themselves in a way that would benefit children and teens for years to come.
Jeanne’s Kids Yoga teacher training is an integrative bridge to wellness; she helps bridge the gap between science and yoga, with intuition, love and compassion.  


Originally from Scotland, Deva has been practicing yoga for over 2 decades, is an Ashtanga yogi and teacher and has facilitated Ecstatic Dance in Cape Town and, in recent years, throughout various parts of Bali.  She has been an Ecstatic Shamanic Dancer since 1999 when Ecstatic Dance ‘dropped’ into her being.  She experienced an energetic freedom and expansiveness of consciousness and received the gift of ecstasy through dance!

Deva began to DJ and facilitate this transformational practice in 2012, hosting Ecstatic Dance Facilitator & DJ Training in Bali.

She feels truly blessed to have been guided by the Shaman’s of Peru, the Yogi’s in India and international Ecstatic & Shamanic Dance communities. Over the last 20 years she has also been a full-time yoga teacher and been the lead teacher for several yoga teacher training courses.

Deva shares; “Accessing our inner truth and remembering our connection with source energy are at the heart of everything I share.”

Sharada Felicidario

Almost 16 years ago Sharada’s spiritual journey started with the love for Yoga and Ayur Veda, followed by an Indian Classical Dance called Odissi.

Sharada studied Odissi Indian classical dance and learned about the different archetypes of Hindu mythology, their meanings and stories in India.  This devotional dance is a puja, a prayer, in itself.  In 2009 she created a group of seven students from Bali and Lombok called ‘The Yoga Dance Dakini’.

Together they danced all over Bali for two months in temples and sacred festivals, as well as at the popular Bali Spirit Festival.  Today she still shares the jewels of this ancient practice in a prayerful authentic way during ceremonies, classes and women’s devi circles.

10 years ago she met her revered teacher, Shree Swami Vagishananda Saraswati with whom she has been living and studying the teachings of Advaita Vedanta, Yoga, Vedic mantra chanting, Puja and Sanskrit language.  He introduced her to Shree Radhaji, Dr. Carol Whitfield Ph.D.   Radha has been Sharada’s teacher of Vedanta, as well as mentor. She guided her personally in psychology, inner child work and meditation.

With the blessings of her teachers she had the privilege and honor to live and study with Shree Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati during the last three-and- half year course of Vedanta, Yoga, Sanskrit and Vedic Tradition at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam in Anaikatti, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.  Sharada was asked to teach along with her teachers on many different occasions, guiding and introducing Vedanta, chanting, puja, meditation and Sanskrit language.

Sharada continues to teach in Bali and teaches on different occasions at well known yoga teacher training schools.   

Her love for Vedic chanting and prayers have inspired her to record and teach mantras and prayers for students to learn and chant along. 

The secret of Devi, ‘the way of the sacred feminine,’ has been a deep discovery for her. Learning many Devi chants brought her closer to understanding more about Goddess, how to honor and worship her.  Sharada’s passion and love for the sacred feminine brought her to lead women’s circles & retreats, sacred gatherings, offering a safe non-judgmental space to heal, find self-acceptance and courage.  Sharada loves to offer her students support to overcome fears, insecurities and the sense of unworthiness through knowledge, sharing and devotional practices.    

Chiara Janssen

Chiara is a very passionate yoga instructor with teaching experience in different settings
around the world. Her key strengths lie in her adaptability, personal attention, passion and
patience to mentor others. Her story starts in the Netherlands where she grew up
surrounded by loving family and friends, but also an adventurous heart.  Her adventurous
nature and craving to explore the world, led her to many continents and countries, to finally
settle in Bali.

After completing her 200 hour YTT, Chiara was immediately teaching yoga in the Netherlands.
She taught in both Dutch and English, slowly getting used to an international audience, and understanding the importance of the English language to teach Yoga internationally as well as online.

Working on YTTs here in Bali, she understood the necessity of a broad English vocabulary in teaching yoga, in order to provide students with clear, safe and simple cuing.  She also realised that many YTT graduates are not native in English and often lack the confidence to teach and adjust their students in English.  These observations inspired Chiara to combine with Loka Yoga School and offer an English Course specifically for Yoga Teachers.  She created a comprehensive yoga vocabulary in English, as well as extensive and specific video content, to help international teachers find their voice in English, build safe and strong sequences, and gain confidence teaching in a language that is not their own!

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