Guide to Manipura chakra, the third chakra

Guide to Manipura chakra, the third chakra

Guide to Manipura chakra, the third chakra

Getting to know your full potential as a human being can mean a lot of things. Thanks to your willpower, determination and self-confidence, you can truly be aware of your capabilities and how much you can accomplish.  So, you may wonder, what could help you discover potential and drive? To put it in simple terms, getting familiar with the seven chakras and nurturing them can do wonders for your life! By doing so, you will instantly have a more positive outlook on life and establish a meaningful connection with yourself and those around you.

The seven chakras are located through your spine’s length and represent different energies. Today, we are dissecting the subject of the 3rd chakra, the Manipura chakra. We are taking you through a journey that includes its meaning and significance, including tips on nurturing it properly and restoring it to its full potential.

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What is the Manipura chakra?

The solar plexus chakra – or the 3rd chakra, is the chakra that manifests your power and your self-confidence. It is located four fingers above the navel, so it is easy to say it resides right in the body’s centre.

From Sanskrit, the word “Manipura” means a “lustrous gem” or “city of jewels”. It is connected to the fire element, and it is linked to the sense of self. When it’s in balance, a person can experience great self-confidence and a sense of purpose. Additionally, you can better understand your identity, thus ensuring growth in wondrous ways. Furthermore, combining the first, second, and third chakra creates the lower triangle of energy centres. These three are the clearest and easiest ones to understand and nurture.

What are the characteristics of the Solar Plexus Chakra?

Many characteristics describe the Manipura chakra. It is linked to the digestive system, so naturally, it is connected to the gallbladder, liver, adrenals, and pancreas. Some of the characteristics of the third chakra include:

  • Fire element

The solar plexus chakra manages to guide the fire element within you. This means it is in charge of your willpower, your ego, your inner power, your strength, and of course, your vitality and stamina. It represents the centre where you get everything done and portrays a deep sense of self.

  • Emotional element

The 3rd chakra is all about how you manage to deal with things in life. Do you stand up for yourself often? Do you manage to show love, courage, and respect for yourself? Every time that happens, you are fully in charge of your chakra. The fire element is present here, too, because it allows you to grow and develop and gives you the courage to leave behind everything that is not working for you anymore.

  • Signs of an imbalanced solar plexus chakra

It doesn’t matter which chakra we are talking about –  whenever one is a little off balance, we can all feel it. When it comes to this particular chakra, the imbalance can happen because of many things, but the most important one includes stress. Stress can present itself in many forms. Whether it’s physical, emotional, mental, or energetic, it can make the body and mind go into overdrive.

One thing’s for sure – we’ve all been under pressure in one way or another, and it manifests differently for everyone. The tricky part here is that sometimes the body does not recognise that it’s under stress; once it does, it can certainly take a toll on your health. This can be the cause of us feeling overwhelmed or generally unpleasant – for that reason, certain actions need to be taken in order for us to relax and get back on track.

  • Physical signs of an imbalanced solar plexus chakra

Some physical signs are easily noticed and manifest on the body, and you can immediately spot them. When it comes to this chakra, once the flow of energy is disrupted, some of the following things may occur within the body:

  •   Constipation
  • Ulcers
  • Liver diseases
  • Colon diseases
  • Eating disorders
  • Inability to process nutrients
  • Diabetes
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Psychological and emotional signs of an imbalanced solar plexus chakra

There is a certain extent of willingness to understand your own power, identity, and who you are as an individual. If this is something you don’t have the answers to, it means that this energy centre is blocked. So, when it comes to the emotional aspect of it, you may experience the following:

  • Neediness
  • Difficulty when it comes to expression
  • Lacking courage and constantly feeling afraid
  • Having a feeling of stagnation and inertia
  • Having the mentality of a victim
  • Being aggressive, controlling, or rigid
  • Quick to anger
  • No sense of direction
  • Very poor self-esteem
  • How to open the Manipura chakra?

The symptoms we have just described are only a handful of what you might experience. However, as soon as they happen, there are always some things you can do to improve your well-being. One of the first things that should be on your list is acknowledging that something is wrong and that you need to work on a certain aspect of yourself.

After you have done that part, it is time to unblock the Solar Plexus chakra. Connect with yourself deeper so you can understand the attributes that lead to prosperity in your life. There are many ways to do it, but two have proven extremely helpful:

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  • Positive mantra for Manipura chakra

Having a positive mantra in life has always proven to be beneficial. In this case, you can repeat some positive affirmations if you want to increase your power. If you feel uncomfortable saying them out loud, you can write them down or just repeat them in your head. You will see that after a certain period, they will work.

  • Meditation for Manipura chakra

You can always turn to the power of meditation to set you free and help you restore the energy flow in the body. The prayer pose and the cobra pose have been incredible in restoring power. In addition, you can practise deep inhalation through the nose, which expands your belly, followed by a strong exhale through the mouth.

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Make your fire strong again and support the Manipura chakra! If you want to live in alignment with who you are and fulfil your dreams, focusing on this energy point is the way to go!

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