Loka Yoga School

Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour Internationally Certified Course

A deep ‘retreat style’  Yoga Teacher training program that will let you dive deep into yourself and into the ancient lore of yoga. 


Why choose Loka Yoga for your teacher training  journey:

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2021, April 4 - 30
2021, May 25 - June 19
2021, August 2 - 28
2022, March 1 - 27
2022, April 4 - 30
2022, July 4 - 30
2022, August 1 - 27
2022, November 14 - Dec 10

This course is perfect for anyone keen to explore the depths of Yoga, receive advanced teachings from expert leaders and learn more about this ancient tradition.  Be prepared to dive deep into the philosophy, history of yoga, understanding the human body and find your voice to share your love of yoga with others!

Where science meets spirituality

You have a unique opportunity to study and practice yoga in a setting that differentiates itself by offering not only yogic practices but also by providing the correct understanding, traditions, context and meaning of yogic science, asana and philosophy.

We have a strong focus on combining the ancient knowledge of the East with the latest understandings and research coming out of the West.

Our team is made up of practitioners completely committed to our fields of expertise. By dedicating our lives to our self practice and development, we have gained the ability to aid others take their next step on their journey.

The training is designed to have a completely interactive experience, giving our students the opportunity to not only study the “map” of yogic teachings, but also explore the ‘territory’ internally through deep practices that will be closely facilitated. The course has been created in this way to ensure the graduates will be teaching from a place of true experiential wisdom, rather than borrowed knowledge from books.

200-hour International Yoga teacher training

Become a yoga teacher in paradise

An internationally certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher training course, setting you up for success as a yoga teacher.
Our Bali Yoga Teacher Training courses offer the best that Bali has to offer: amazing beaches, the tastiest food, beautiful accommodation in our exclusive resort by the beach in Canggu, spectacular surf spots and the vacation of a lifetime.  Joining together with a deep ‘retreat style’ 200-hour Yoga Teacher training program that will let you dive deep into yourself and into the ancient lore of yoga. 
Our Bali courses are structured in such a way that you can attend the course fully, while having the time to explore Canguu, the beaches, the food and all the other amazing things Bali has to offer.

A few words from one of our graduates...

Loka Yoga arrived in my life just as it was supposed to and throughout the entire month I had daily overwhelming reminders that this was exactly where I needed to be.  Taryn pours her soul into her teacher trainings and her genuine love, presence, and passion for yoga is undeniable. She is an incredibly compassionate woman and truly practices what she preaches, on and off the mat.  Every single morning with Taryn feels like a personal therapy session as she guides you through your asana practice.  Yann was the best fitted piece of the puzzle for Loka Yoga.  His career as a nurse took him around the world, gifting him with plenty of knowledge and diverse experience and his information on different physical conditions is priceless.  His lessons in anatomy have the perfect balance of education and entertainment to keep everyone engaged.  Time stands still while Sharada speaks. She is a deep and powerful human being, whose vulnerability speaks straight to your heart and allows you to relate to her remarkable life experiences.  With her sweet nature and light-hearted humour, she has this seemingly effortless ability to take you on a journey as she delivers simple yet profound insights that are emotional, thought-provoking, and mind-blowing.
– Cindy G (Canada)

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What do we do during our Yoga Teacher Training?

You will learn;

  • How to increase your physical strength and flexibility through asana
  • Fundamentals of Meditation
  • Fundamentals of Pranayama Breathwork
  • Fundamentals of Yoga Philosophy
  • Fundamentals of Yoga Anatomy
  • Refresh your body and mind to increase your physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Help you to develop awareness of your body and mind
  • Expand your knowledge of Anatomy so you can truly help yourself and others in the physical practice
  • Increase your confidence for teaching others
  • Provide inspiration for your to become a better yoga teacher
  • Teach you techniques to cleanse your body with traditional yogic practices and nutrition
  • Elevate your energy and motivation
  • Create a safe, supportive environment for you to explore your heart and mind
  • Improve your concentration and deepen your meditation practice 
  • We will assist you in your desire to uncover your true self

What will you gain from our course?

  • A new perspective and worldview
  • The knowledge to teach various styles of yoga to a variety of populations
  • A body nourished with healthy food
  • The knowledge of how to maintain your health through natural methods
  • The confidence to share the joy of yoga with others
  • The discipline to conduct yourself in a manner that is consistent with the Yamas and Niyamas 
  • An internationally certified and recognised Yoga Teacher Certification
  • A priceless experience and a lifetime of memories! 
Yoga Teacher Training in Bali is like none other in the world.  Participating in a yoga course in Bali presents the opportunity for you to study yoga abroad in a welcoming environment where you can grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. 
Our affordable yoga teacher training provides Yoga Alliance certification, inspirational lectures, a comfortable living space, nutritious meals, and much more.  We pride ourselves on offering residential yoga courses that permit the student to focus 100% on their yoga training. 
In our yoga school in Bali, we are able to offer 200-hour yoga teacher training, Yin Yoga teacher training and 100-hour Refresher teacher training courses.
Loka Yoga is amongst the best yoga schools in Bali for hatha yoga training, Yoga Alliance teacher training, vinyasa flow yoga teacher training, ashtanga yoga teacher training, and yoga retreats.  We are fully legal and licensed with a team of professional expert teachers who LIVE and BREATHE yoga and have over 30,000 hours combined experience teaching!


What a day during the program will look like...

. 06:30 Morning Meditation
· 07:00 Yoga Asana and Pranayama
· 08:30 Delicious, wholesome breakfast
· 09:30 Yoga Anatomy workshop
· 11:00 Yoga Asana Posture Lab workshop
· 12:30 Lunch break and free time
· 14:30 Alignment workshop – building confidence in your own personal practice and teaching
· 16:00 Yoga Philosophy
· 18:00 Dinner break and free time
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For a limited time only... you can join our Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training course for only $299 when you book today!

$3199 USD

200-hour training,
accommodation and
all materials included!​​​

Course only option: $2899
Private room option: $3799

The Yoga Teacher training course includes:
  • International certification to teach Yoga
  • Daily 2-hour morning asana practice:
    hatha/ vinyasa, restorative/ yin, power yoga,
    Yin & Yang, Yoga Nidra
  • Daily meditation, pranayama and mantra chanting classes​
  • Accommodation at our exclusive beachside yoga retreat centre in Canggu
  • Buffet breakfast each day (Monday – Saturday)
  • Comprehensive TTC Manual
  • Course materials
  • All course activities, workshops and classes
  • Various additional activities outside of the course (Such as surfing, trekking and more)
  • ​2 practicums where you will practice teaching your peers and get valuable feedback to immediately have the confidence to teach!

Upcoming trainings

2021, April 4 - 30
2021, May 25 - June 19
2021, August 2 - 28

There are a seemingly infinite number of ways to relax the mind, body and spirit on Bali.  For many, merely stepping foot on the island is enough to lower stress levels.  In the paradise that is Bali, the body and heart open easily, the mind relaxes and our meditation becomes more profound.

Book now and reserve your spot to train with us in 2022!

March 1 – 27
April 4 – 30
July 4 – 30
August 1 – 27
November 14 – December 10

The Venue

Our venue is an elegant seven bedroom retreat with villa-style accommodation harmoniously placed within extensive landscaped gardens right by the famous beach in Canggu. Surrounded by emerald green rice paddies in a quiet and peaceful location, this is the ultimate hideaway to kick back and relax. Canggu still maintains the true essence of Bali… un-spoilt vistas, the natural beauty of its ancient temples and the friendly local inhabitants not to forget the best surfing spot from the West Coast on Echo Beach, located just down the road.

On site, enjoy the beautiful swimming pool, garden areas, exquisite yoga shala and gazebo with the most incredible views and blissful areas for meditation. We will have the venue to ourselves to allow a safe space to dive deeper into self-knowledge.

The breakfast buffet meals will all be prepared on-site by our qualified chefs (specialising in the finest quality vegan and vegetarian cuisine) and are highly nutritious. We have spent a lot of time designing a meal program that will give you everything you need to nourish and nurture your body and soul, to start each day with energy and vitality!

Dive deeper into your yoga practice as you enhance your skills and recharge in a supportive environment. Enjoy the food, tranquility, town and beaches in Canggu.

Join us on our next 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Bali, Indonesia. Take time to enjoy the nature and surf of this paradise as you journey into your practice and the study of yoga.

A few words from a few of our graduates...

My 30 days with the Loka Yoga team, and of course my fellow yogis, were the most intense and beautiful journey I have had in my life!
I’ve learned not only about asanas and the human body but also I’ve learnt the many various ways yoga can be be implemented in our routine and the whole process has changed me completely. 
I am so glad I went through such a transformational experience and especially with all the emotional support I needed.
Thank you so much Taryn, Sharada and Yann!  I am looking forward to seeing you all again in Bali soon!
– Carina M (Brazil)
The month at Loka Yoga in Canggu was in one word: AMAZING!  The location was wonderful and the food was delicious.
The program was built in a way that made teaching a full yoga class very natural.  Taryn takes the whole group step by step through all facets of teaching, using guidelines and personal experiences. Her classes, sequences and peak poses are spot on and her themes are absolutely beautiful!
The anatomy classes by Yann are very interesting and easy to follow.  He makes easy connections with yoga and the presentation materials make the classes dynamic and fun.
Sharada is a true goddess! The way she teaches yoga philosophy is very inspiring and her knowledge is remarkable. 
I now feel so much wiser and ready to teach.
– Sander B (Netherlands)

This yoga teacher training is an amazing experience and so much more than just learning how to teach yoga.  With the combination of studying asanas, the anatomy of the body and philosophy you get a well-chosen and perfectly structured program that prepares you to embrace the yoga lifestyle.  The school took really good care of us so that I had everything I needed at the venue.  They created such a safe space and I felt comfortable with the group from the very first moment.  It is a time where you can just be yourself.  No judgement at all.  I am super grateful for this journey with these amazing teachers and can highly recommend the program to everyone who loves yoga.
– Jessica S (Germany)

Evaluation & Certification

  • Assessments will be based on written as well as practical evaluation.  
  • Student conduct will be a part of the assessment criterion.  
  • Evaluation will be carried out only for those students who have a minimum of 90% attendance.

Yoga Alliance Certifications in Bali - RYT 200

The yoga certificate courses offered by Loka Yoga include 200-hour fully residential hatha yoga teacher training programs. Whether you have knowledge of this ancient practice or you are just a beginner; here at Loka Yoga you will be able to develop your understanding of yoga to such an extent that you will in turn be able to teach yoga professionally. Our graduates can register with Yoga Alliance as registered yoga teachers RYT 200 as per their qualification.

Yoga Teacher Training - Code of Conduct

  • The Loka Yoga Teacher Training program is rooted in the ancient wisdom of yoga. We make the greatest effort to uphold a code of conduct dictated by the heart. and request our students to do the same.
  • Maharishi Patanjali, the originator of the Yoga Sutras described certain modes of behaviour supportive of the spiritual practice, put into modern terms we can say that your time with us should be guided by the following values: Non-violence (physical, mental and emotional), Honesty, Self-Responsibilty, Compassion, dedication to the practice.
  • In order to successfully complete our course and be cerified as a Loka Yoga Teacher, you must particiapte in 90% of classes, though we do allow absences due to valid reasons such as illness Please be prepared to immerse yourself in the studies.

Refund Policy for International Pre-Registered Teacher Training YTT 200

All applicants are advised to carefully consider the time and resources required for the course before forwarding the application for the teacher training course.  Upon registering for a yoga teacher training course or workshop, payment is required to secure your place.  The deposit submitted with the application is not refundable.  Once payment has been made, exchange may occur up until 90 days prior to the yoga teacher training course, with a 20 percent administration fee deducted.  In the event a refund is agreed to be issued, payment will be made following the scheduled commencement date of the course.  No refunds are given 90 days prior to the course start date.  We will not refund or give credit for any missed sessions within a training or workshop.  We are not responsible for any missed classes whether it be health related due to sickness or accidents.  Cancellation requests must be submitted by email, from the student registered to attend the course. 

We therefore recommend that all applicants carefully examine their upcoming obligations so that they may be able to devote their full attention to the teacher training program.

Course cancellation will only occur if there is a disaster deemed dangerous for the health and safety of the students.  If the training is cancelled, without a rescheduled course or future scheduled trainings offered, tuition will be reimbursed.  

Deposit for Teacher Training Programs and Courses

Minimum deposit of $500.00 is non-refundable and the deposit will be required to secure your spot.  Once your deposit is made, we will issue a receipt and arrange enrollment for the course.  Flights and transportation are not included in the course tuition.

Cancellation of the course

In case of a cancellation performed by Loka Yoga School, due to any unavoidable circumstances, the student may reschedule to a future training without penalty.  In the event there is no reschedule of the training, and/or no future scheduled trainings are confirmed, tuition fees or booking amount will be refunded to the student.  It does not apply to cancellations done due to misconduct or unlawful activity performed by a student during a course.

We hold all rights to refuse or cancel admission without explanation in case of a serious misconduct or unlawful activity by any student on or off the premises of the course location.