What is kundalini yoga?

What is kundalini yoga?

What is kundalini yoga?

If you have ever wondered what kundalini yoga is, then let us explain a bit more on the subject. Kundalini yoga is a form that involves many repetitive poses, breathing exercises, singing, chanting, and more. There is a reason for all this – the kundalini yoga is developed so that whoever is doing it would activate the kundalini energy – “Kundali Shakti” also known as “Serpent Power”. The reason behind the name is that it symbolises a coiled serpent which can be found at the base of your spine.

If you are searching for ways to awaken that powerful energy, and get an incredible energetic upgrade, then you can do it with the help of the kundalini asanas. This is the type of yoga that can help you step a little further from your ego and make you fully aware of yourself. Today, we are looking at the benefits and uses of kundalini yoga, and how it can improve your life.

Kundalini yoga explained

There is not much to say about the origins of this practice since nothing is known about it. It seems that the concept of this type of yoga has been around for a very long time because the first information about it dates about a thousand years BC. However, in the modern world, it was reintroduced in the 1960s.

The term kundal means circular, but it also means coiled snake. So, whenever we are trying to define it, we connect it to a coiled snake that resides at the base of the spine, sleeping. When practising kundalini yoga, you awaken the energy and let the chakras move through the spine.

There are seven chakras in the body that you can awaken with the help of this yoga. They are:

Kundalini energy means that once you start practising it, you can enjoy a spiritual awakening and move the chakras. With the help of kundalini yoga, you will be able to enjoy a so-called spiritual awakening.

Is there a difference between kundalini and other types of yoga?

If we decide to compare it with other yoga practices, we will notice that kundalini yoga is more of a spiritual practice. You can see how it contains plenty of repetitive movements, and even though it is physical, it does not revolve around it (unlike hatha yoga).

Once you start practising kundalini yoga, you will see that it is a precise practice. You do not focus on your breathing as much, but you focus on singing, moving, chanting, and in some cases, breathing in particular patterns.

Are there any benefits from kundalini yoga?

As with every type of yoga there is, it comes with plenty of benefits. Today we help you take a closer look at them.

  • Acts as a stress relief

Any type of yoga, including kundalini yoga, can help you get rid of negative energy, stress, and anxiety. You may even start experiencing this right after you finish a yoga class. For those who want more permanent relief, it is advised to practise yoga for at least a few months. This effective treatment can help you deal with the stress of everyday life in a much better and healthier way.

  • An improved cognitive function

Many studies have proven how continuous use of kundalini yoga as a part of your daily activities means improving your cognitive function. When it comes to the long-term benefits of kundalini practice, they include improvements regarding solving problems, reasoning, being more flexible, and being quick on your toes. You will enjoy a limber and happier mind.

The energy that comes from practising kundalini can even keep depression at bay.

  • Increase your self-perception

If you have been struggling with self-acceptance and have issues with body image, then the kundalini energy may fit you very well. Once you start practising it, you will notice how your energy will shift, and you will get a more positive view of how you look and feel. You will start enjoying a more positive outlook on your body, and your self-confidence will boost to a satisfactory level.

  • Elevated sense of self

When it comes to spirituality, kundalini yoga is just the practice you should incorporate into your daily lifestyle. Through practising kundalini, you can become more connected to yourself and others around you. People have conducted many studies over the years proving the benefit of practising kundalini yoga.

  1. You will start experiencing the following:

              You will become more empathic to yourself and others around you

              Your charisma will light up a room

              You will enjoy higher energy levels

              Your creativity will be off the charts

              You will start enjoying inner peace

Practice safe

We must put an accent on this – kundalini yoga should be practiced with a dash of safety in your mind. One of the things you should be aware of is that if you are suffering from shortness of breath or you have been dealing with some joint pain and injuries, you should be extra safe while you practice. Also, if you are pregnant, have some balance issues, or have had a recent injury, it might be better to refrain from practicing kundalini yoga. Talk to a professional to see if this is a good option for you. If not, there are some safer ways of being active, so take all the precautions you need.

If you are looking for a more spiritual way to connect with yourself, kundalini yoga is most likely your best option to do it. You will feel the energy flow rushing through your body while you do the poses, chanting, and singing. It is the type of spiritual enlightenment you need, so don’t hesitate to try it and enjoy its benefits starting today! It is a healthy and safe way to help yourself float through the day, and we can only hope that you will do it with ease.

We hope we’ve answered your questions regarding kundalini yoga and that now you feel confident to start practising. If you liked this subject and want to read more similar articles, feel free to check out our blog here.

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