Online Yoga Training: 7 Courses to Improve Your Teaching Skills

Do you know that there are 300 million yoga teachers worldwide?  Approximately 100,000 yoga teachers are registered in the US alone.  There are more people seeking yoga for stress relief than ever before.

This is great news for any yoga teacher.  But how do you differentiate yourself?  What makes you unique?  And how can you grow your practice?

Have you ever considered enhancing your teaching skills by taking an online training?  Adding a new modality to your skill set may be the best way to stand out.  Read on to find out 7 yoga teacher courses that can make you the sought-after teacher you always wanted to be!

1. Yin Yoga Teacher Training

In addition to learning a new style of yoga, you will gain an in-depth understanding of human anatomy and body. You will learn how to differentiate between tension and compression, pain and discomfort, and stressing and stretching.

You will become a better teacher by understating how students can avoid physical harm or injury during a class. This skill will assist you with developing classes to cater to all, no matter their flexibility level.

This online yoga training will teach you how to use yoga safely to relieve tension and stress from the body and how to increase recovery.

You will learn how to adjust poses and create sequences that you can teach not only in the traditional yoga studios but in various settings. You will be able to teach anyone from senior citizens to office employees. Furthermore, Yin Yoga is commonly practiced by athletes, so this can be yet another teaching opportunity for you to explore.

An ideal Yin Yoga Teacher Training will be a 50 hour, self-paced training that is internationally certified.

2. Children and Teens Yoga Training

This online yoga teacher training is perfect for you if you want to teach yoga to kids between the ages of 3-17 years. CTYT helps with children’s development, and you will support kids in their growth. You will learn how to build creative yet effective Yoga sequences for various classroom settings by using the Howard Garners Learning Styles.

CTYT will show you how to teach yoga safely. You will understand the fundamentals of teaching kids, catering to different age groups, and keeping your students engaged.

You will have the skills and knowledge to teach yoga and mindfulness to children who have disabilities and mobility restrictions. You will also learn mindfulness strategies to assist kids with special needs, such as ADHD, anxiety, autism, down syndrome, or primitive reflexes.

In addition, this course will teach you how to help kids to manage emotions and navigate through the challenges they face from a young age, such as fear of acceptance, lack of confidence, or bullying. If you always dreamed of working with children, this course is a great way of teaching the next generation and creating a better world.

The Children and Teens Yoga Training is an 80-hour self-paced training that is internationally recognized.

3. Breathwork Teacher Training

Breathwork Teacher Training is an excellent course to add to your repertoire to help your students to manage stress and anxiety. This online breathwork training will teach you 24 breathwork techniques, patterns and methods.

You will learn not only the ancient Pranayama techniques but also modern methods such as Circular Breathing, Holotropic Breathing, and Rebirthing. You will learn breathwork techniques to assist to:

  • Experience calmness and relaxation
  • Stimulate and energize
  • Regulate body temperature by heating and cooling the body
  • Balance the yin and yang energies
  • Release ‘stuck’ energy

You will learn the fundamentals of the breath and the respiratory system. This will help you to understand how to avoid common respiratory issues and how to modify your breath accordingly.

Breathwork is used to enhance healing as well as to accommodate transformation. Truth be told, anyone can benefit from learning the correct breathing techniques. So, this resourceful practice can be applied in many environments.

This Breathwork Teacher Training is a 20-hour self-paced training that is internationally certified.

4. Meditation Training

You can get a yoga training certification in Meditation to enhance your practice and teaching skills.  Many people complain that they can’t meditate because they don’t know how to.  Or they haven’t found the meditation technique that suits them best.

A Meditation teacher training teaches various different meditation techniques (look for a course that teaches at least 20 techniques!).  You will learn the most popular meditation styles as well as the less known ones and meditation techniques that you might not have realized are actually meditation!  This will give you a wider range of techniques you can teach to your students, helping them to develop their own practice.

This online teacher training will help you to gain a deeper knowledge of meditation. It will provide you with a useful step-by-step guide to assist your student to break unhealthy habits and addictions. And will give you a collection of guided meditations that you can use anytime.

Meditation is gaining in popularity, and this training is a great course to meet your yoga teacher continuing education requirements.

Meditation Teacher Training is a 10-hour self-paced course that is internationally accredited.

5. Yoga Mechanics Course

Yoga Mechanics focuses on the biomechanics of the biological systems. It is a great addition to any yoga teacher who wants to deepen their knowledge and experience of the physical benefits of yoga and the body’s mobility.  A course focused on Yoga Mechanics can take your practice to a higher level and show you the many healing qualities of yoga.

You will become a better teacher by spotting and being able to adjust incorrect yoga poses. And you will become confident in understanding your students’ physical concerns and guiding them through various poses without fear.

You will be shown various yoga exercises and techniques that you can teach safely yet effectively to all ages, no matter the body’s flexibility. In addition, you will learn many functional movements that can heal physical discomfort at a deeper level.

Yoga Mechanics will teach you the mechanic of the human body so that you can learn how to compose classes to teach yoga in various work settings, be it in yoga studios, fitness centers, or offices.

Yoga Mechanics is a 20-hour self-paced training that is internationally certified and accredited.

6. Yoga Philosophy Training

This online training is especially beneficial for a yoga teacher who has already completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training and above.  You will progress to the next level in your practice by gaining in-depth knowledge of yoga that so many yoga teachers miss from their practice today.  It is deeper knowledge, often not shared in a 200 hour YTT.  

You will learn the roots of yoga, the teachings, Mantras and understand the Value of Values.  You will study Tattva Bodhah and master the Sacred Vedic Shanti Prayers and the Sacred Devi Prayers.

Additionally, you will learn the language of yoga. You will study Sanskrit and how to read, write and speak it. Many teachers don’t know how to pronounce or use this ancient language correctly. So, this skill alone will set you apart!

You not only will improve your vocabulary but will become a sought-after teacher who knows how to make an impact and communicate effectively in any classroom setting.

Yoga Philosophy is a 300-hour, self-paced training. This training is a gem in your yoga teacher continuing education journey.

7. English Course for Yoga Teachers

If English is not your ‘native’ language, but you always dreamed to teach yoga in English, now you can with this course.  Teaching yoga can be intimidating. There are many poses to remember, learn the sequences, guide students, and adjust any poses.

You will gain the vocabulary for over 40 yoga poses, in addition to how to set up a class, and guided instructions for breathwork, meditation, and positions.

This course will help you to become proficient in running your own classes in English meaning that you can get bigger exposure and get more teaching opportunities. Now you can teach yoga classes anytime and anywhere with confidence.

English course for Yoga Teachers is a 10-hour self-paced training that is internationally certified and accredited.

How to Choose the Best Online Yoga Training

With over 300 million yoga teachers worldwide, you need to look for ways to stand out from the crowd. Gaining additional skills by completing online yoga training is a great way to do that.

Depending on your specific interests, you may be interested in Yin Yoga, Yoga Mechanics, Yoga Philosophy, Breathwork, or Meditation training.  And if you want to work with kids, Children and Teens Yoga Training can be just what you have been looking for!

So, are you ready to improve your teaching skills and take your practice to the next level? Contact us today so we can help you choose the best yoga training course.

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