4 things you didn’t know about Yoga!

4 Things you DID NOT KNOW about Yoga

Yoga’s benefits affect each person in a different way.  Many find that it helps them to relax; others find themselves feeling healthier and more energetic.   Here we list our top 4 reasons to unroll your mat and get down (dog)!

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1. Sex and sexy

On the outside, yogis look amazing!  This is probably from improvements on the inside!  Since yoga balances the metabolism and provides exercise, many find yoga brings their body into balance.  Physical yoga strengthens and tones the muscles while improving balance and posture.

Alongside this, yoga improves stamina and endurance so you can take pleasure more frequently and enjoy both a higher quality and quantity of sex with your lover.

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2.Yoga benefits ALL systems in your body

Yes, you heard us correctly; from the lymphatic to the digestive to the cardiovascular system, every single one will benefit from your yoga practice.

3. Work hard, relax harder

Yoga benefits every aspect of our bodies, inside and out.  On the inside, yoga enables relaxation.  Many practitioners find that yoga helps them to focus and feel relaxed in both work and play.

In 2003, scientists studied both long-time yogis and beginners; they found that the stress hormone cortisol had decreased, even after just one session of yoga. Yoga has also been found to increase alpha and theta waves in the brain, meaning that yoga can relax the brain and increase access to the subconscious and emotions. And by simply increasing the feel-good brain chemicals like endorphins, enkephalins, and serotonin, yoga practitioners just feel better.

4.  Recovery time: Yoga compliments your other sports and activities! 

Yoga is a great way to cross-train for other sports; it can ease strains from injuries and increase strength and flexibility.  Along with preventing injury, yoga also promotes recovery.  Elite athletes around the world (including our top Olympians) are incorporating yoga in to their training programs.

5.  Healthy living becomes easy

When all the body’s systems are balanced, yoga practitioners feel healthier and find they naturally just want to make other healthy choices in their life.  Suddenly there isn’t a fight over the last French fries and those junk food binges diminish!

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